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  1. There are 3 known recorders, as far as i know. I believe the johnos transfers are the most common, recorder 1 (GI). Recorder 2 is the PM recorder. Recorder 3 is in limited circulation.
  2. 2009-07-19 Paolo Barisone Master (Earlmv) ---> https://mega.nz/folder/SNtCnBqC#RGv-FwxV8CoQm9abHxo9Xw 1 week
  3. Sorry, my tired eyes. Yes you are correct with the recorder numbers, and MJK5510 hasn't released the recorder 04 yet. I don't know if the Flynn transfer is the recorder 04, another recorder (05?) or one of recorders 01 - 03 as i forgot i had it and need to listen/check and even then i couldn't clarify if it was recorder 04 or 05 as i haven't got 04....Hope all that makes sense
  4. BB mentions 2 Recorders only (at the moment). Didn't you save it or have you lost it??? - http://jungleland.dnsalias.com/torrents-details.php?id=39664
  5. Already been requested After work I'll pass on both
  6. They're the SiriusXM ones Mick. Did you check them for official content The BBC ones contain mostly official content with little dialogue from bruce. On top of the official stuff you'll need to check the requester has a TV licence and is resident in the UK
  7. lol, you know the answer as you've read Eddy's site , but refer to my comment re Recorder 03. It's in limited circulation and not for trade.
  8. 2002-11-16 (George Wang Masters) --> https://mega.nz/folder/HVFkGRIJ#N_nHzMJ-wc-XUxdOw1MT8Q 1 week
  9. Not heard of that version. As far as I know there are just the two recorders that circulate. Recorder 01 - George Wang Recorder 02 - Tapewyrm
  10. Do you mean different recorders? If so i believe 3. If memory serves me: Recorder 01 - Crow/Doberman Recorder 02 - Ivan Transfer (Tapes from Bickles tape collection) Recorder 03 - Tape transfer in limited circulation and not for trade as far as i'm aware. [all info from my notes]
  11. It's the 19th. It's how they came, and i don't change them
  12. 2004-12-19 Early Show - Start --> https://mega.nz/folder/yZUUjToI#T-PyVcusZsmRmq1st-0Rug 1 week
  13. No sweat, i say the mega post so i grabbed it to check. Sounds like the 'Start' version with the volume increased
  14. The 'Jockel' is a cdr rip from one of the other uploads. I deleted it as it was the same. Can't remember which. Email me the Len file and i'll have a look
  15. Oooo, just when we were starting to get along
  16. That'll be illegal in most countries and [probably] not permissible to comment on here
  17. I had that this morning. English porridge though
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