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  1. I didn't do the legwork on these (thanks j), but they're from a recent thread on BTX. If dreams came true...
  2. Even if we never get another archive release from 80/81 (though I really hope we do), it's been an incredible run: NO NUKES THE RIVER remastered RIVER Outtakes disc THE TIES THAT BIND album (The River: Single Album? Revisionist pap.) Tempe/Tour Rehearsal Blu-ray Box set book Tempe audio Nassau (x2) Wembley Byrne
  3. THE RIVER is the true touchstone for me. It grabbed me when I was 14 years old and never let go. While not strictly nostalgia, these songs take me back to a time and place when they found their way into my head and into my heart, when the possibilities of the art form became real and tangible. It's all there on the records: love, loss, beauty, dread, hope, isolation -- the human experience writ large through Rock & Roll. Maybe articulating that was beyond me in 1981 but I certainly felt it.
  4. Like I said in another thread, Backstreets is now just another cog in INC.'s PR machine.
  5. Backstreets has turned into just another cog in the PR machine for INC., and they love their limited "insider" status, so I'm sure this teaser pleases them to no end. Whatever NUGS puts out, my guess is it won't match the quality of the new JEMS upgrade for the 6/16/78 show in Kansas City.
  6. I had a Q&A e-mail exchange with Toby Scott a while back and here are some excerpts: *How many full shows were recorded during the RIVER Tour? I don’t know the exact number, I remember recording Phoenix in Nov, then some city in upper NE, then Nassau over New Year, later opening Meadowlands Arena (Brendan Byrne). Beyond that I don’t remember, probably a couple in LA at Sports Arena. *I can speak for the legion of die-hards who desperately want to know if the 8/20/81 Vietnam Vets Benefit was professionally recorded? It was not. *How much recording was done
  7. Here's a good interview that someone posted on BTX recently: And this podcast covers much of the same ground but is interesting nonetheless (Bruce content starts at 49 minute mark): http://pantheonpodcasts.com/deeper-digs/2019/9/24/deeper-digs-in-rock-toby-scott-on-engineering-for-the-boss?rq=toby scott
  8. The infamous shirt (for those of a certain age, at least) that Brad was styling in Fast Times at Ridgemont High: https://funtimestees.com/collections/first-collection/products/jersey-devil
  9. While there's no vocals and it's (unfortunately) only a partial cover, this is beautiful and certainly deserves to be included:
  10. The question should really be what LIVE performance do you prefer, and that's easily definitive for me:
  11. This is hilarious! Backstreets has become just another arm in the PR chain for Bruce so no one associated with the site would ever dare utter a critical word about INC. or NUGS, even if they had a mouthful.
  12. It's disgusting. Anything to get your kids on stage, right Moms?
  13. Nothing says class like over sexualizing your pre-teen daughters for an arena full of people to see.
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