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  1. 46 times from 1984 to 2016. From St. Louis to New Jersey and many points in between, including NYC and Philly. Quite a ride.
  2. "E" Ticket is right next to it.
  3. Thanks for all of your efforts and for protecting the treasure trove! Any hints about what other shows are to come?
  4. Taken from a post on BTX (thanks, j): It will be likely widescreen, as the original film was cropped wide. This will be one of the many benefits of this awesome release. Here's an example from Jackson Browne's great version of "Running On Empty". TOP: this is the way No Nukes looks on the home release (VHS/laserdisc/CED), where it was cropped to a 4:3 image. BOTTOM: the way it looked in the theater, and as the cameraman composed it.
  5. Because during the period in question Springsteen was an artistically conservative control freak (NEBRASKA notwithstanding).
  6. Good call, I no longer have that issue of Backstreets but I remember the interview well. I was in Lexington at the 12/17/92 show and it was quite a surprise when Garry was introduced and came out on stage. He played on "Glory Days" (and maybe one other), if memory serves. FWIW, Garry also said in another interview a couple of years later that he wasn't thrilled with the short notice he was given for the Greatest Hits sessions. He said he was called on a Thursday and was told to report to the studio the following Monday. And as we know from Carlin's BRUCE bio, Garry was so underwhelmed and offended by INC's lowball offer to join the Reunion Tour that he initially told them "no thanks". Classic.
  7. Bruce also told Backstreets in a 2007 interview that a D&D Tour DVD was done and ready to go, and that they "wanted to find a way to get it out to the fans".
  8. Those '83 "Garage demos" represent such a unique set of recordings that it would be a shame if we don't eventually see them officially documented. I addressed these songs in an e-mail exchange with Toby Scott (who served as Springsteen's engineer/chief archivist for nearly 40 years) early last year but his answer didn't reveal any specifics: Has any work been done, for TRACKS II or other projects, on Bruce's solo/garage demos in preparation for release (like "County Fair" was for the ESSENTIAL set)? I'm thinking specifically of "Sugarland", "Follow That Dream", "Unsatisfied Heart", "Don't Back Down" and the like? These are uniquely powerful and I wonder if Bruce values them as such, or simply sees them as just another batch of music he decided not to put out. When requested, Bruce will go through his catalog and pick out songs to release for some purpose (generally thought of by the record company to generate $). Work on old tracks varies from extensive to none. It depends on the state of the recording of that song. Whether they see the light of day or not, at least we're fortunate enough to have the Lost Masters versions. I put this compilation together a while back (sourced from the Lost Masters and Unsatisfied Heart, except where noted). I’m not sure the E Street Band ever played better in the studio, and the power of the solo material that Bruce cut in 1983 speaks for itself. MURDER INCORPORATED 1. Born in the U.S.A. 2. Don't Back Down 3. Murder Incorporated 4. Follow That Dream 5. This Hard Land 6. Johnny Bye Bye 7. Drop On Down and Cover Me 8. Richfield Whistle 9. Frankie 10. Sugarland 11. None But the Brave 12. Shut Out the Light (TRACKS) 13. My Love Will Not Let You Down 14. County Fair (Essential) 15. Unsatisfied Heart
  9. Yeah, I know what you mean (though I'm counting "Factory", in its reworked version, from the Reunion Tour). "Streets of Fire" at the Lexington show on 11/14/02 was the real shocker.
  10. BORN IN THE U.S.A. is a great record where the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. And the title track is one of his all-time 10 best songs. Bootlegs made revisionists of us all, and Springsteen has fed into that with questioning his own selections. Given his ambivalence regarding the album in subsequent years, it's hard to imagine that Bruce can think of the record without mixing in all of the hysteria, outrageous commercial success, and international superstardom that followed (for better or worse). Of course, given his penchant revisionism... Backstreets issue #47 is a fascinating must-read on this very subject (which includes an alternate timeline with Tour dates/setlists and mock-ups of artwork for fictional 45s). It's sold out but certainly worth tracking down: What if BORN IN THE U.S.A. Had Never Been Released? A MURDER INCORPORATED Fantasy by Trace L. Hull First appeared in the Murder Inc. fanzine MURDER INCORPORATED: The Masterpiece That Never Was by Charles R. Cross Ten Years Burning Down the Road by Jon Phillips **The proposed track list from the first piece mentioned above** Murder, Inc. Side 1 Born in the U.S.A. State of the Nation Yellow Hearts A Gun in Every Home Our Coda Side 2 Seeds Frankie Blood on Our Hands Fields of Thunder This Hard Land Dangerous Corners Murder, Inc. B-Sides Shut Out the Light Two for a Penny Midnight Bulletin I put together the following disc using the best versions available, primarily sourced from The Lost Masters and Unsatisfied Heart: Remastered BORN IN THE U.S.A. Outtakes (except where noted): MURDER INCORPORATED 1. Born in the U.S.A. 2. Don't Back Down 3. Murder Incorporated 4. Follow That Dream 5. This Hard Land 6. Johnny Bye Bye 7. Drop On Down and Cover Me 8. Richfield Whistle 9. Frankie 10. Sugarland 11. None But the Brave 12. Shut Out the Light (TRACKS) 13. My Love Will Not Let You Down 14. County Fair (Essential) 15. The Klansman 16. Unsatisfied Heart Between the strongest BORN IN THE U.S.A. cuts and the best of the outtakes on TRACKS, the songs recorded in the spring of '82 always have been my favorite from those sessions. An incredible run in April and May, and by 1982 the E Street Band was a confident, well-oiled machine in the studio and it shows. A nice sampler: Born in the U.S.A. I'm on Fire Downbound Train Murder Incorporated A Good Man is Hard to Find (Pittsburgh) My Love Will Not Let You down Wages of Sin This Hard Land Frankie Fucking ridiculous. It's just a shame that TRACKS didn't include "Murder Incorporated" in a better mix than the version released on Greatest Hits. Electronic hand-claps everybody! Meh. Hells bells, he had enough music in the can that they should've released another record in the summer of '85, prior to start of the U.S. stadium victory lap. 1. Murder Incorporated 2. Follow That Dream 3. A Good Man is Hard to Find (Pittsburgh) 4. Don't Back Down 5. Wages of Sin 6. Frankie 7. My Love Will Not Let You Down 8. Sugarland 9. Brothers Under the Bridges 10. Unsatisfied Heart 11. None But The Brave 12. This Hard Land
  11. "Candy's Room" is the only track from Darkness that I haven't see LIVE, and most likely never will. My best chance: it was on the setlist for the 3/20/08 show in Indy but Bruce chose to audible and play the sign-requested "Prove It" instead.
  12. All old posts and Drafts fully restored.
  13. Thanks for your reply, Brad. I was a SuperSub for over 20 years and a regular subscriber for a couple more, though I no longer have a dog in this fight. But when you tell people the next issue is "weeks away" and then 3 years pass without the publication of another magazine, facts must be faced. I've benefited greatly from BTX over the last 18 years, from obtaining copies of shows to forming real friendships. But unfortunately the board, given the proliferation of trolls and click-baiters, is a mere shadow of its former self. I've corresponded a bit with Charley over the years and it felt good to thank him personally for getting it all started, and for the incredible Backstreets book from 1989 (every self-respecting Fan should own a copy). He agreed with me that's it's probably past time that Chris move BTX to a subscriber-based model to weed out some of the cretins on the board, as well as actually giving people something for their money. But alas. Print media is pretty much dead, especially for this kind of niche fanzine, but it sure would be a nice thing if a final blow-out, double or triple issue of the magazine would be published for the Fans that made it all possible over the last four decades. It'll never happen, of course, but if dreams came true...
  14. From my personal correspondence with Toby Scott: In an interview with Backstreets magazine in 2005, guitarist Shayne Fontaine mentioned a project called Waiting On the End of the World. He said the album was cut in 1994 with the core of the 92/93 touring band and that it was completed, and ready for release. He said that "at the last minute" it was called off, specifically by Landau. Does any of this ring a bell? It rings a bell and Shayne doesn’t know everything. #1, the alternate band did not play on these recordings. #2. It was a great record, amazing. Primarily all Bruce.
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