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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean (though I'm counting "Factory", in its reworked version, from the Reunion Tour). "Streets of Fire" at the Lexington show on 11/14/02 was the real shocker.
  2. BORN IN THE U.S.A. is a great record where the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. And the title track is one of his all-time 10 best songs. Bootlegs made revisionists of us all, and Springsteen has fed into that with questioning his own selections. Given his ambivalence regarding the album in subsequent years, it's hard to imagine that Bruce can think of the record without mixing in all of the hysteria, outrageous commercial success, and international superstardom that followed (for better or worse). Of course, given his penchant revisionism... Backstreets iss
  3. "Candy's Room" is the only track from Darkness that I haven't see LIVE, and most likely never will. My best chance: it was on the setlist for the 3/20/08 show in Indy but Bruce chose to audible and play the sign-requested "Prove It" instead.
  4. All old posts and Drafts fully restored.
  5. Thanks for your reply, Brad. I was a SuperSub for over 20 years and a regular subscriber for a couple more, though I no longer have a dog in this fight. But when you tell people the next issue is "weeks away" and then 3 years pass without the publication of another magazine, facts must be faced. I've benefited greatly from BTX over the last 18 years, from obtaining copies of shows to forming real friendships. But unfortunately the board, given the proliferation of trolls and click-baiters, is a mere shadow of its former self. I've corresponded a bit with Charley over the yea
  6. From my personal correspondence with Toby Scott: In an interview with Backstreets magazine in 2005, guitarist Shayne Fontaine mentioned a project called Waiting On the End of the World. He said the album was cut in 1994 with the core of the 92/93 touring band and that it was completed, and ready for release. He said that "at the last minute" it was called off, specifically by Landau. Does any of this ring a bell? It rings a bell and Shayne doesn’t know everything. #1, the alternate band did not play on these recordings. #2. It was a great record, amazing. Primarily all Bruce.
  7. BTX UPDATE: JUST AROUND THE CORNER… As you may already be aware (perhaps painfully aware), the Backstreets Ticket Exchange message boards have been offline for over a month now. Without warning, our host migrated the entire Backstreets.com site to a different server, which proved to be incompatible with the message board software; there's been a slew of back-and-forth with tech support ever since. The good news: the recovery process took longer than anticipated, but we finally figured out the best fix and now have updated software for the boards. We still have a few last wrinkles to
  8. That's my only issue. Well, that and the fact that I had created a draft with a bunch of miscellaneous links, musings, and music recommendations that may be lost forever. When the boards initially went down the "Manage My Draft" option was still accessible but I fear if/when BTX comes back up we'll be starting from scratch. What a bummer.
  9. As I posted in another thread... Maybe BTX shutting down is Chris Phillips' answer to criticism over him not publishing an issue of the magazine for nearly 8 years. Here's his italicized quote from a thread about the magazine a few years ago, and my reply (which indicates the timing of his "update"): "btxadmin But there will be a #92. We're talking weeks now, rather than months or years. Updates to come as it gets closer. Thanks for reading — Chris" May 24th, 2018 It's been out of commission for a month and
  10. If they were going to release another show from the Tunnel Tour then this is an ideal choice, as far as I'm concerned. It's an upgrade from 4/23 in sound, most importantly, and replaces "Backstreets" (and its cheesy late 80s keyboard) with the rarely played "Across the Borderline". The song needed to be represented as much as "Walk Like a Man", and thankfully 3/28 took care of that one, along with "Detroit Medley".
  11. Absolutely, we were in the second row and it was a hot one. BTW, the segue of "Ain't Got You" into "She's the One" made its Tour debut at the Lexington show.
  12. 33 years ago today my then-girlfriend-now-wife and I, along with my best friend and his sister, caught the Lexington stop of the Tour at Rupp Arena (still the largest arena in the country). We were lucky enough to have seats in the 2nd row thanks to my girlfriend's sister, whose buddy was working at the register of a local record store when tickets went on sale and pulled us four. Some highlights: an incredibly loud and powerful “Adam” (my wife still mentions the volume), hot work on the Esquire by Bruce during the extended outro of "Born in the U.S.A.”, the Tour premier of “Ai
  13. Here's the relevant excerpt from my correspondence with Toby Scott: How many full shows were recorded during THE RIVER Tour? I don’t know the exact number, I remember recording Phoenix in Nov, then some city in upper NE, then Nassau over new year, later opening Meadowlands arena (Brendan Byrne). Beyond that I don’t remember, probably a couple in LA at Sports arena. I can speak for the legion of die-hards who desperately want to know if the 8/20/81 Vietnam Vets Benefit was professionally recorded? It was not. How much recording was done during the BORN IN THE
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