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  1. Just tried to rejoin Stone Pony London after many years, apparently you cannot join or even request to join. It says new registrations by invite only. Kind of sad but wow! Glad I made it on here!
  2. Any chance of an audience recording of 7/13 Broadway?
  3. The recycled hits just keep coming this fall!
  4. This Rolling Stone article makes it sound like a documentary which features the performances. While i'm disappointed in this as i'm not a video person (in other words won't watch more than once if at all), won't buy audio since i'm not an audiofile and already have nugs, and would have much preferred a box with new music, i'm curious to see how this is actually organized in terms of presentation. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/bruce-springsteen-e-street-band-no-nukes-film-1199515/
  5. If a no nukes blu Ray is the fall archive release, that will be extremely disappointing. It’s an excited release, but not tracks 2 or USA/Nebraska boxes.
  6. I would suggest you would need a time machine to take you back to 2002, but i've been here since then and other than a great sounding boot, I have never been able to figure this out. Also if you use the time machine you may have to live through 2020 again, so maybe not worth the risk!
  7. I would think that the Nugs cd burning center would be separate from Sony/Columbia.
  8. I think VFC is probably lost along with the rising. Rather than then guest aspect
  9. So were getting Bridge 95? And who says that would be better than the Ovens show!
  10. I would guess that the difference there is that they only used part of the shows for LINYC. Whereas Barcelona was the full show. But if they have the masters accessible, could do a better mix and are able to get another rising show out, i'm certainly willing to buy it!
  11. The question with Barcelona is whether or not the files are saved off of the storage system. There is no reason to think that the masters (which they presumably had no issue accessing in 2002/2003) were kept in some other format. If they were not, then it would be the same issue - inability to access. Assuming that is the case (they are only on the storage system), the question then becomes can they extract the audio only from the DVD, and if so, would they be both happy with that mix and legally able to release the exact same mix through nugs.
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