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  1. Chasing was lovely. Not a favorite of mine on the album, but really enjoyed it live.
  2. Really liked the film and totally worth seeing on the big screen. Mix on preference. Some stuff I really loved live - stones was astounding - but others like - hello sunshine - I though were a bit weaker. I’ve only heard it once live though so, not saying this is definitive. Stones was astounding, way more dynamic than the studio version and for me was the centerpiece of the film. Also Sleepy Joe’s was really good live. Light and day from the studio version. The intros definitely added to some songs, others just felt perfunctory and didn’t really add much.
  3. I'm not sure what .ffp means, but i might be able to help as I have the rest of the compilation in mp3 (just missing disk 4 for some reason). Would that be of any use?
  4. Does anyone have disk four of the river tour compilation: A Little Bit Of Heaven Here On Earth The River Compilation Thanks!
  5. I find it surprising though that they would return to the NJ stand for a second release before offering another stop.
  6. Part A) The Ghost of Tom Joad is in his top 5 albums, B) Its Better than Nebraska, C) Its his Best album since The River
  7. Have fun waiting. Report back at 5! Let us know...
  8. The tweet says 9AM pacific time. So that is noon eastern. Should be here in 20!!!