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  1. I think VFC is probably lost along with the rising. Rather than then guest aspect
  2. So were getting Bridge 95? And who says that would be better than the Ovens show!
  3. I would guess that the difference there is that they only used part of the shows for LINYC. Whereas Barcelona was the full show. But if they have the masters accessible, could do a better mix and are able to get another rising show out, i'm certainly willing to buy it!
  4. The question with Barcelona is whether or not the files are saved off of the storage system. There is no reason to think that the masters (which they presumably had no issue accessing in 2002/2003) were kept in some other format. If they were not, then it would be the same issue - inability to access. Assuming that is the case (they are only on the storage system), the question then becomes can they extract the audio only from the DVD, and if so, would they be both happy with that mix and legally able to release the exact same mix through nugs.
  5. So i'm going to start by saying it ain't gonna happen, but there is: 1976-03-29 Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC Doubt they have it, unless it was in that box with the 1977 shows. He did play the same venue one other time on the Joad tour, but seems too recent for that, if they even recorded it.
  6. Boston. The matamoras bank video released a year or so ago is from that show.
  7. would take that one with Glen Hansard guesting on Drive All Night in a heartbeat
  8. This is how i've included the album on my iphone music: Letter to You Janey Needs a Shooter Last Man Standing Rainmaker If I Was the Priest Ghosts Song for Orphans I'll See You in My Dreams
  9. While i'm totally down for a return to Europe 81, don't count on the anniversary being a reason to have hope!
  10. Thanks Graham! What software do you use to capture these?
  11. That i think was more about Bruce being tiered of doing the album. It was a screwed up situation, but remember Bruce's original idea was a "few shows" not a tour.
  12. I always interpreted it as once Bruce started rehearsals he realized that a good portion of the audience (the born in USA crowd) was not going to get into much of The River so he structured the post album portion to appeal to general audience.
  13. Really beautiful version of Streets of Philadelphia! https://waxahatchee.bandcamp.com/track/streets-of-philadelphia
  14. Houston no. Not sure about bridge, though I think probably yes, since there have been, I think , other releases from the show more “official” than the archive series.
  15. I think the non multitrack releases (please correct if im missing any) were: - Agora 78 - 77 Shows - Christic - Winterland 1 I'd be all for that!
  16. Yes, but they released that as a pair with the multi track Winterland 2. I'd be totally down for more like that, but I don't see them releasing a random 15IPS for some Darkness or USA or River show as a standalone, before releasing all of the multi tracks from that tour first.
  17. I think its pretty clear that the picture gets murkier from 92/93 to present, though it seems pretty well know what they do and don't have in multi-tracks from 73-88. Whether or not they have something in "good quality" that aren't multi-tracks is another discussion entirely, but since they seem disinclined to release anything that isn't multi tracks, is that a discussion worth having at this point? Or anything worth getting excited over?
  18. Listen to None But The Brave podcast. Seems pretty likely that they only have NJ 84, NJ/LA 85
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