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  1. I think it does too, but I like your theory alot!
  2. Hi All, So what’s the consensus on Twist and Shout at Winterland 12/15. Brucebase is apparently conflicted on this saying both: “After much controversy about whether "Twist And Shout" was played to close the show long after the show had appeared to end, we have determined that it most likely was not performed on this night based on the available recordings and the vast majority of contemporary and subsequent evidence.” – In the show description notes And “Please note that "Twist and Shout" is missing from the Nugs-release, making the assumption that even the recording-engineer had no idea Bruce would return to the stage.” – In the recording section So can we reach an conclusion on this?
  3. The number of months since a release from that tour.
  4. Thanks! Looks like an interesting list! Hope they get these out there as the series progresses!
  5. Hi All, Really love the 3 Reunion Tour Releases - LA, Chicago and NYC - and wondering if the NJ stand are possibilities for release? Is there any indication that the 15 shows were recorded? Given past tours it would make sense, but I've never seen it discussed. Thanks!
  6. Most curious if anything else from b2r tour was recorded. Darkness seems a bit spent from what we assume was recorded. Seems safe to assume that 3 capitol theatre show will be released at some point. And it’s possible that we may get multi track agora at some point. Anything else we think was recorded from darkness. The Atlanta Radio broadcast? MSG shows? River tour seems like the other Nassau show would be a likely candidate. Maybe more from Wembley? Possible NJ shows? Although it would be natural to think LA would have been recorded, but the apparent non existent vets show seems to rule that out. USA tour mostly agree with the above, but seems like there might be some surprises? I would think a European show must have been recorded. Or maybe something from Australia or Japan? Curious to see what else they have from TOL. HT/LT I’m excited to see what else there is from this tour. Really want more of the NJ shows, but 93 tour proper stuff would be great. Joad hope they release the whole tour.
  7. Think that’s been pretty clear since this series has started despite held out hopes.
  8. This is total speculation, so might be fully off base, but to me I’m wondering if we are going to get a double release for Christmas, meaning a good quality multi tracked show like winterland and a fan demand show that they do t seem to have in multi like bottom line / vets in the best possible format they can issue.
  9. Chasing was lovely. Not a favorite of mine on the album, but really enjoyed it live.
  10. Really liked the film and totally worth seeing on the big screen. Mix on preference. Some stuff I really loved live - stones was astounding - but others like - hello sunshine - I though were a bit weaker. I’ve only heard it once live though so, not saying this is definitive. Stones was astounding, way more dynamic than the studio version and for me was the centerpiece of the film. Also Sleepy Joe’s was really good live. Light and day from the studio version. The intros definitely added to some songs, others just felt perfunctory and didn’t really add much.
  11. I'm not sure what .ffp means, but i might be able to help as I have the rest of the compilation in mp3 (just missing disk 4 for some reason). Would that be of any use?
  12. Does anyone have disk four of the river tour compilation: A Little Bit Of Heaven Here On Earth The River Compilation Thanks!