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  1. He’s never appeared in person at the ceremony and that won’t change this year
  2. It is from Boston night 2. The shows were recorded but it’s believed that Bruce wasn’t happy with the first night footage. The long time rumour is that he was hung over.
  3. They claim it's a different guitarist and Summers was the inspiration
  4. What makes it worse is in the Destiny’s Child video, Stevie Nicks appears
  5. Sting had broken ribs from fighting Copeland at one point. there is a great interview where Sting says 6 years previously they were sleeping 4 to a room, carrrying their instruments as hand luggage and now they were flying in separate helicopters to Shea stadium. At that point only The Beatles, Stones, Who and the Police had sold the place out. Sting said he then knew that was the time to break them up. The reunion tour really was poor though, nothing like a real Police show. They were a great band, easily the biggest out there in ‘83
  6. Stewart and Andy get 15% each. Andy and Sting are by all accounts very close. Have a listen to edge of seventeen by Stevie Nicks or Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child - they lifted Andy Summers and were never sued. It’s Bring on the Night from Regatta
  7. Don’t get your point? I said the blu ray is not out in the USA this year? I know it’s out here in December. There are theatrical release windows at play in the USA. There has to be an agreed period of time between it appearing in cinemas and going to on demand, blu ray etc. My point was there isn’t a tracks 2 this year now, that’s been off the table a couple months.
  8. That’s not happening. The Blu-ray isn’t available in the USA until next year. Still not happening this year.