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  1. Mourinho's father is seriously ill abroad at present, I think the pressure is catching up with him.
  2. I think Wenger realises this year is the year he really has another shot at the title. Man City will concentrate all out on the Champions League. I guess that is why Jose had that dig for no reason in a press conference at the weekend. Mind games and all that !
  3. I'm getting a little fed up of constantly having to post the same thing in Football threads. Respect each others opinion please, if you want to bicker and troll one another, please find another home.
  4. Kay - You are so correct halfway through this record and it's fantastic.
  5. Thanks for this Kay, I heard it on iTunes radio while driving and the problem with that is you don't catch the artist. A great track.
  6. A one hit wonder is classed as a band who have a hit single and then nothing charting. So many here released other tracks that did chart but just not as well known.
  7. Despite earlier warnings that carrying on abusive and trolling behaviour will be seen as a sign you wish to leave Greasylake, it's still continuing. I have dealt with one person today who decided that they would ignore previous warnings. They can go and find a new home on the web. Last request please, if there is one more trolling or abusive post in the Lion's Den, please save us the time and leave before you are removed permanently. I am sure the 99% of you that behave here are understanding of our ask of you all.
  8. Time to relax and respect one another please. There is an ignore button. I implore it to be used. Amy more posts implying anyone is a paedophile will result in an immediate ban.
  9. Rich Russo is playing the whole EP on his show tonight.
  10. The ridiculous element for me was Zoe getting pushed in front of the tube. We are meant to beleive there was no witnesses, footage or investigation?
  11. Of course, being from the UK. It was popular at the time, but had nothing like the budget spent on this version.
  12. Same here, the slaughtered family was gruesome.
  13. The Wolf of Wall street. Scorcese is the greatest living director in my opinion. Some of the shots in that film were tremendous and he sure knows his soundtracks.
  14. CN made a mistake in my opinion calling it a Tracks 2 type project.