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  1. In a private group on Facebook I am a member of there was a post from someone who would know that work was going on in the background about Tracks 2 and was first posted 3 years ago.
  2. Not technically correct. It was started 6 years ago, but some recording was done last year also and the years in between. A better line would be WS was started 6 years ago.
  3. Nothing to do with the release. All to do with Bruce’s deal with Univeral Music Publishing Group.
  4. Hey. So many here are just contrary for the sake of it. 

  5. That’s because the arse has fallen out of the music business, more so in the last couple of years. Add in the fact that he hasn’t toured it or done one interview. It’s clear they didn’t expect a big seller. WS is in another league compared to HH. The video does nothing for me. The quick camera move to Patti reminded me of every Macartney video that always had a shot of Linda in it. Cringey.
  6. That’s just bizarre appearing on that show. They clearly had no idea. Look how often they were looking down at notes and questions written by producers.
  7. Why is this thread here? Why has it not been dealt with?
  8. This will help. The BOB production of Magic was heavily compressed and DR was affected.
  9. Netflix, HBO, Amazon or Youtube. Highly doubt any form of physical release, no one is buying live dvd’s anymore.
  10. Actually this is a poor analogy. The Plagent process was available when this was originally released, so the technology was available. There was lots of noise then that this was a bad mix upon release.
  11. Bruce has clearly decided he wants the music to speak for itself. Not one press interview, magazine interview, promo show like the Sirius subscriber show at the Apollo, announced tour or TV appearance on late night talk shows anywhere in the world. His name and face isn’t on the cover. There are hundreds of ways to publicise a record, Paul McCartney and Madonna were everywhere with theirs, Stern, The Eurovision, Carpool Karaoke to name a few. Come November, he’ll be about again.
  12. Do me a favour my friend, take my name out of the itk thread you posted. When I can tell you I will. Don’t want people bothering me.



  13. Morning Kev, any chance you could forward the link to the jewel box? Many thanks, Simon. 

  14. The moment I heard this, it became my favourite Bruce song in years.