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  1. Actually I think it’s exactly this, he’s either not necessarily satisfied he has the record he wants or he has more music coming out of him and he wants to see where it takes him. If the band are going in at different times and there is no tour, there is going to be an element of just having nothing to do but wait. One point though, just because RA is posting Instagram stories doesn’t mean they have just occurred.
  2. Exactly, this was the main point everyone was discussing in another group
  3. I have heard the interview on Sirius with Steve, his comment about 2020 opening up was quite flippant and if it was linked to Bruce’s Mother I don’t think it would have been answered like that. Clearly Dave Marsh knows the reason as Jim Rotello was pushing and Dave just said “move on” I will try and figure a way of sharing the interview later today
  4. Not In the know with Bruce inc at all. I am friendly with a few people who do get to know bits and bobs from within.
  5. What has he said ? All I know is that no dates are booked anywhere this year. And band members are no longer on standby.
  6. Not happening. Not the fall. Not 2020 at this point. No tour.
  7. My point is no one in the audience would be making a stooges request, of course he could play it
  8. Planted. No. That’s ridiculous. Many things come into play. Someone may request before a show, there may be a sign at a earlier show and Bruce sees it and remembers it and it gets rehearsed. A good example would be Long Time Comin’ at Coventry, he took a sign and played it, but it was also on a sign the previous show. Then also they all have teleprompter’s and can easily play any track that may be requested within reason. Obviously only certain tracks and types of music will be on a sign. At a Bruce concert it’s very unlikely a Stooges track will be requested. They are mostly all professionals with 40 years or more behind them.
  9. Completely the right decision. It sold 40 million. It’s sequenced perfectly. Murder is a far better song though, but not in the context of that record. The whole 3 track sequence in ‘99 was perfect I agree.
  10. You’ll be seeing him live this evening if you are at LOD
  11. He’s never appeared in person at the ceremony and that won’t change this year
  12. It is from Boston night 2. The shows were recorded but it’s believed that Bruce wasn’t happy with the first night footage. The long time rumour is that he was hung over.
  13. They claim it's a different guitarist and Summers was the inspiration
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