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    Love my little family, wine and dine.<br />Married my missus in 2002, got Oscar Jan 2005 and Emil in Jan 2007, attended 35 Bruce shows, first Copenhagen 88, last Bern 2009. Enjoy Born to Run and Ghost of Tom Joad equally. I miss Rod and his missus. And I love Australia. The food, the wine, the beer, the people. Check out my photos in the member files. <br /><br />Met some fantastic people around here most notably, Rod, Christa, The ghost of Con Joad, Eva, Ellie, Brian, Jack, Eva and of course big K. Thanks for all your efforts Karsten. <br /><br />P.S. Meet me at facebook
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  1. Hi my friend..hope this finds you well...


    Freezing cold here, minus 7 this morning celcius.i.e.

    Any chance u can send me those Mp3s of SS 5 outtakes...WOuld be highly appreciated :-)



    Rock on

  2. Bo

    YOu have the link to the last two ?

  3. Bo have link to the two last tracks mate ?

  4. Bo

    email me at

  5. Hi there...

    So where do I find it ? Im not an expert in all that....

    Thanks for any help...aprreciated.

  6. is alive....bought a big cat....

    1. Bo


      and it is still running...