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  1. Just a couple of my own pics from Sunderland & Hyde Park for you ladies
  2. Daisey, just a bit off the Bruce track but I was wondering if there is any shops in WellingtonĀ 

    suitable for teenagers as my niece lives in Birchville and I have been stuck what to send

    them for Xmas, I was thinking of getting them gift cards from one of them, they are 17 & 13.

    I have searched online & found one called Farmers but if you know any more that will be

    more apt I would be very grateful.


  3. maybe it's an pointer to a 'special guessed' appearance with Stevie in London
  4. He's Guilty (Send That Boy To Jail)/Going Back To Georgia 18/01/1971 all 19mins 54s
  5. It's 2 weeks since the last pics, where have you been BD
  6. Are you the set list queen tonight Gina Thanks... but I can't tonight. Can you? It's midnight here so i'm off to dreamland, will check in the morning
  7. Correction, it was just the 3 Dublin shows that did not have a pit
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