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  1. It´s funny. The first show I ever saw with Bruce was the july 2nd 1988 show in Stockholm(day before the famous radio broadcast) and for some reason one of the songs I remember the most is I´m a coward. The horns were smoking, the lightning was just fantastic and it was a blast all around. I guess what I´m saying is although it may drag a bit on tape it worked brilliant live.
  2. Weeks? I´m thinking years considering who we´re dealing with here.
  3. 12 minutes until we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. For example: This clip does in no way tell if they have a multitrack recording of this show.
  5. They have _video_ of every show in 1985 including an accompanying audiotrack. A multitrack recording of these shows is a whole different ballgame though.
  6. There’s never been any doubt whatsoever over the ability of the Los Angeles 1985 tapes, both film and audio. The release of 9/27/85 from Nugs should be proof enough.
  7. Seriously? Left channel: Nils center: Bruce right channel: Steve not that hard really.
  8. I tell you that the last week of the 1977 tour felt waaaaaay more long ago in 1999 than the opening of the Reunion tour feels now. That´s all.
  9. But still a damn shame John Altschiller completely ignored the echo effect on the original arena mix on his vocals on this one.
  10. Of all strange decisions Bruce INC ever made over the years, the one _not_ to keep the combo of American Skin/Promised Land intact for LINYC is ridicilous. If there was ever an example of 1+1=3 that is the one.
  11. Please post this in a thread were it holds any kind of relevance.
  12. Me thinks twitter is wrong on this subject as well.
  13. I had the opportunity to see MSG #4,5 and 6 during that incredible run in june-july 2000. And although each of these shows could be considered epic to me #4 will always stand out as the best show I´ll ever saw with Bruce and the band. The opening 5 songs were just _incredible_ in intensity. And I will never ever forget when Roy hit the opening piano notes for New York City Serenade. It was pure magic.
  14. Is there an acrobat in Wild Billy? Pretty sure "acrobat" is Mary Queen of Arkansas and prisoner is Adam and back in your arms.
  15. Wow... I think Janey(as well as Orphans and Priest) is a revelation!!
  16. Bottom Line ’75 is in there and it’s _goddamn_ frustrating!!
  17. The River had 1/4 of an album with songs either recorded for Darkness och played live on the Darkness Tour. Darkness had Something in the night that was debuted live 2 yrs earlier. Born to run had songs that was played live years in advance.
  18. Really? That´s not my interpretation at all: "We never said anything about a song called The House Is On Fire. We have not mentioned any titles anywhere. Just FYI."
  19. Yes, the show is better but they were never gonna release a full show were you cant see Max until the very last song played. And although the video quality of Largo 1978 is better than the one from 1980, the camerawork on the latter is far superior.
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