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  1. Enjoyed reading through this old thread. Man, what a brilliant record, imho. So well realized ... the lyrics, the singing, the production. One of his best.
  2. It’s a brooding, despairing, personal ballad. What do you expect, Held Up Without a Gun tempo?
  3. Rainmaker is brilliant. My favorite song on an album of highlights.
  4. Springsteen had an anterior cervical discectomy (not throat surgery).
  5. I echo everyone’s comments. Fantastic interview. Zane Lowe did an incredible job with his thoughtful questions, eliciting equally reflective, introspective, informative, and heartfelt responses from Mr. Springsteen. In fact, I was holding on to every question just as much as I was holding on to every response. As others have mentioned, it was more like a conversation than an interview. It’s time to turn in your Springsteen Fan Card if you don’t enjoy this interview. Oh, by-the-way, the Nebraska guitar moment was chill inducing.
  6. Tell that to Van Morrison who made Astral Weeks in 48 hours and John Hiatt who recorded Bring the Family in one week. Contrast that with Human Touch in which Springsteen slaved over that record for well over a year ... then he recorded Lucky Town in just weeks. Which one is better? The length of time to make a record is not directly proportional to its quality.
  7. Western Stars is a brilliant late-career record. Enough said. Letter to You is a grower. After listening to it multiple times, it started to ring around in my head. Lyrically weak in parts, but Springsteen’s vocals are excellent, the band sounds great, and the production is top-notch. I think it’s a letter to us, his fans, and part of his lifelong “conversation” he’s had with us. It’s a good primer to pique interest for the rest of the record.
  8. I would love a re-record of Janey Needs a Shooter, with great vocals. The 2005 D&D version of Song for Orphans contains horribly twangy vocals that ruin the song, imho. Hope he did not re-record it with those type of vocals, or I will be very disappointed.

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