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  1. That was a really good podcast. I did not know Thom was such a big fan as a young teenager in New Jersey and how much Live in the Promised Land impacted him. This was really good.
  2. Zimny gets a bum wrap. The recent criticisms of No Nukes, for example, is ridiculous.
  3. I’d like to thank absolutely fucking nobody.
  4. Love the intros to Backstreets when it was played in 1984. This upgrade of the Toronto show is impressive.
  5. Cameraman Dan Kilik, in his essay that accompanied the No Nukes DVD, apologized to Steven for not catching his Jungleland solo. Each camera could only film 9 minutes at a time before reloading. It must have been a frenzied experience trying to catch what was happening on stage. Like Kilik wrote…. There were no rehearsals, no stage marks, no choreography, no plans. It was all shot on the fly. I’m actually amazed at the quality of the filming. Yes, what they captured on film is indeed legendary.
  6. After watching the two No Nukes clips on the video anthology, I think the Thunder Road version in the original movie was better filmed. Maybe it was because Springsteen chose a different choreography. In the movie, he climbs upon Roy’s piano to play his solo, grinning ear to ear, as he looked out over the arena. Then, when Clarence comes in, Springsteen jumps from the piano at just the right time. Clarence is shown with his big solo, and then Springsteen knees slides just perfectly up to Clarence. In the film version, Springsteen goes to the riser behind Max’s drums to play his solo, and Clarence plays his solo beside Springsteen. While there is a nice moment between Bruce and Max, this version lacks the build up to the dramatic ending as seen in the original movie version. On the other hand, the new River version is superior to the movie version, where the movie version focuses almost exclusively on Springsteen’s face, to the point where the constant blinking/twitching of Springsteen’s eyes is distracting and almost disturbing. It’s just too much of a close up. Now, I will say that both videos on the anthology are in widescreen mode, and maybe that explains why Springsteen’s face dominates the screen, as it is zoomed in.
  7. I’m all confused now! I had to break out the Video Analogy. In the version of the River, Springsteen is wearing the black shirt under his jacket. In this film, Springsteen is wearing the striped shirt. The versions are from different nights, as is Thunder Road. I will say that Zimny’s editing of The River is far superior to the movie version, which has an extreme close-up on Springsteen’s face for most of the song.
  8. I thought Clarence and Danny, to Bruce’s right, we’re featured much more prominently in the film than the band to Bruce’s left. It was a pleasure seeing them so young and fit. Of course, Max shines throughout like the machine he is. Powerful drumming. I also love Garry’s prominent bass in the mix.
  9. No, it is not. It is from the same night as the No Nukes movie. Just different edits.
  10. I actually liked the way Zimny ended the film, with the people outside and the like. It was really cool. The end credits over Rave On were quite small, did not distract from the picture, and were over well before the end of the song. It was well done. You disagree. I respect that. But to trash the entire editing job due to the end is irrational. There were not times, while watching, that I thought, “This is really shitty editing and why did he use that shot?” I enjoyed the film immensely and commend all involved in the project. We’ll agree to disagree.
  11. Zimny did a phenomenal job on this project. Sorry to disappoint the Zimny haters. The No Nukes essay by cameraman Jon Kilik (contained in the physical release) is outstanding sheds a lot of light on how challenging it was to film Springsteen and band live on stage during these two nights. Maybe before criticizing the end product one should get the relevant information first.
  12. I really like Patti’s backing vocal on the TOL versions. This one from MSG is the ultimate version from that tour. Love the “Don’t want to hide no more” lines from Bruce, which, in hindsight, was an obvious reference to his affair with Patti. Powerful, personal, confessional stuff contained in song.
  13. Talk about incongruous! How can it be “really great” yet Zimny did a “decent” job? He put the damn thing together! Is the hate for the man that great that one cannot give credit when credit’s due?
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