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  1. He was. I love the original and I still think it was one of Bruce’s best performances covering someone else.
  2. That's the one. I'd be fine with that, mind you. So long as she didn't sing.
  3. Is this where we request them? Dr John Jack White Bonnie Prince Billy Tom Waits Lucinda Williams Rebirth Brass Band John Prine Felice Brothers Debbie Harris I'm guessing Ryan Adams is a no-no right now.
  4. It’s incomparably better than Rocky Ground. I like Rocky Ground about as much as I like Trouble in Paradise.
  5. That one I hate with all my being. That drum intro and that “Youuuu do the crying” and it’s too late to skip.
  6. Had Bruce released the “hip hop album” (no idea why people call it that) and it would very likely go straight to my top5 Bruce records.
  7. I’m less concerned about how much it will sell and more about how it will sound.