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  1. He should. Even the guys that make his guitars have:
  2. This may seem disingenuous but it’s quite sincere. If one thinks that Bruce, by not putting out a specific statement, is indeed making a political statement of a different kind, can that be discussed ?
  3. There’s nothing not to be liked here. I agree. But the world is not just young people. And while I’m sure they’re not looking to Bruce for anything, it would be nice to have support. Bruce is a special artist who has been very vocal about injustice and I can’t understand his silence now. It wouldn’t even take a statement. How hard can it be to plug in the beat box and the guitar and record a version of American Skin and just put it out there?
  4. Well, I don’t think they would have opposed. In any case, Bruce can get a message out if he wants to.
  5. Regarding the Taylor Swift thing, I never thought I’d say this but she is being much braver, relevant and engaged than Bruce is. I don’t understand his silence.
  6. I didn’t address CK’s post or even posted anything after his post except to respond to JoanFontaine. And you quoted me but your whole post was about the existence of a political forum here, something I didn’t say anything about. So I truly don’t know what you’re talking about. I know that it feels good to have a sort of “I know you are but what am I?” comeback, but you’re really not making any sense here. If I never say anything about the existence of a political sub-forum and you reply to me and all you talk about is the existence of a political sub-forum, then you have completely missed my point.
  7. I believe I didn’t insult anyone. If you think I have, you can go ahead and delete the post where I did. Either way, I can do without the lecture. I will ignore who I want to ignore and I will tell people when I think they’re being passive-aggressive (it seems obvious that mods have no problem with that around here). If a mod doesn’t like that, you can ban me. Again, either way, I can do without the lecture.
  8. I find it funny that YOU don’t think HE missed MY point. I also find it funny that you don’t include yourself in the group of toxic people that make civil discussion impossible.
  9. Thanks but I think you’ve completely missed my point.
  10. I think it’s highly delusional to believe that it’s possible to speak about Bruce’s music without being political. I’ve actually seen a lot of political posts here that aren’t considered so because they’re praising someone or because they just echo a dominant idea. This is why I’ve been mostly away from this forum. But Bruce’s songs are political, the world is political and everything we say is political. So can we possibly discuss a particularly political singer without being political? More to the point, I thought yesterday’s performance was tone deaf. Honestly, a bunch of white guys rocking out and not taking the opportunity to make a statement, seems highly distasteful. And, in this case, really disappointing. The time is now.
  11. I was very disappointed that Bruce had nothing to say.