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  1. I really enjoyed Season 1 of that. IT went a bit downhill afterwards.
  2. I've been really enjoying S2 of Killing Eve. Not as good as S1 and not nearly as good as the perfect Fleabag, but still really good. I'm also really looking forward to the new season of Bojack Horseman which is so exceptionally good, it's hard to believe it's animated. It's just relentlessly dark and disturbing.
  3. Wrecking Ball was too, wasn’t it? Maybe not till the end, though.
  4. At first I hated it but I’ve grown to like it quite a lot. It’s got a great groove, great drumming and great lyrics.
  5. That’s some of Bruce’s best guitar playing I’ve ever seen. And I don’t just mean the solo. Not even particularly the solo.
  6. I said “usually”. How the idea of road is used to create an American identity is what makes it fascinating!
  7. A long, long time ago, when I graduated from university, I wrote a thesis about American popular music and American identity. I worked on lyrics by Robert Johnson, Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and, of course, Bruce. My focus was the uses of imagery of the road, trains and just the idea of travelling . The funny thing about this is, when one thinks about it, places like roads, railways and we can even include airports and shopping malls, are pretty special places. They’re places that usually have no identity, they have no history. They’re purpose is not to be places where one is but through which one passes. They’re lonely and impersonal. They have universal signs that will tell you where to go and from the moment you walk in until the moment you walk out, your journey is pretty much predetermined. The sense of loneliness and and disconnection felt by many who spend most of their lives living in these places instead of going through them is a reflection of this. Anyway, American popular music has been trying to turn this on its head for a long time. There is a clear sense that American identity is attached to this idea of movement, of ever expanding frontiers, of loneliness (often glorified and individual freedom) and Bruce has been a master at doing that. There’s no shortage of example where Bruce uses this kind of imagery attached to ideas of identity, communion and belonging. Wester Stars seems to be a new take on this. Of course, the romantic notions are still there (see Hitchhiking) but on songs like Hello Sunshine, there’s something different there. Bruce has been hinting at this since he started introducing the acoustic version of Born to Run saying it’s not about “running and keep on running” but it was about going out there searching “for a connection”. Now, maybe for the first time (?), Bruce speaks of the road as a siren whose call can be very alluring but no less dangerous. ”You know I always like that empty road Nowhere to be and miles to go But miles to go is miles away” ”Hello Sunshine” is full of “buts” that warm the listener of the dangers of these romantic notions. This might very well be an old man’s take on it, someone who just needs a bit of sunshine and a place he can call home. But I think there’s a lot more truth here than there is on “these two lanes will take us anywhere”. Or maybe that’s just me also growing old... TL:DR Bruce is a fucking genius!
  8. For some reason, I can’t play that on my iPhone...
  9. Yeah, it’s kind of like a Smith. Silva is another one!
  10. That’s odd...I remember Wild Billy and Thundercrack but not Spirit...
  11. That’s beyond cool. That band really had some groove in them! I hope there’s more on the way!
  12. I thought I heard the BBC commentator saying something to that effect about Evans. I doubt it makes me a better person but I really don’t have an ounce of patriotism. Particularly when it comes to sports. But Cristiano Ronaldo so it’s easy for me not to like Portuguese mega sports stars!
  13. I’m not usually one to side with someone just because they’re Portuguese. But Evans, towards the end, came across as a bit of a brat.
  14. I watched the match between the Portuguese João Sousa and Dan Evans What a match!
  15. Not at all. I didn't mean it as criticism. Just that they're completely Bruce era for me.
  16. The guy that started touring stadiums with a bandana and sleeveless shirts is definitely not the same guy that wrote New York City Serenade and went around tearing “finally London is ready for...” posters. It’s not even the same guy that wrote Nebraska. BitUSA was its own era, I think. Anyway, from Born to Run all the way to Nebraska, Bruce was a giant. Unmatched creativity and songwriting.
  17. On the topic, though, I don’t mind no promotion. The only thing f I wouldn’t mind getting would be some talk show performances of a couple of songs. But I really wouldn’t have much interest in seeing Bruce being interviewed and just repeating what was on the press kit.
  18. Slightly more off topic and hardly relevant but am I the only one who thinks it’s embarrassingly cheesy to use the names of Bruce songs like that? It makes me cringe more than the BitUSA bandana!
  19. I think Downbound Train, No surrender and My Hometown are great songs. BitUSA is infinitely better in the earlier version that ended up on Tracks. All of them put together don't come close to Shut out the Light. IMO.
  20. You could have Shut Out the Light and 40 minutes of silence and it would be a better album than BitUSA.
  21. It’s just so stiff... No groove at all. A drum machine could have done the same job.