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  1. I watched Fahrenheit 11/9 the othe day. Moore can be heavy handed, but he does make some very good points.
  2. Assuming people dislike a song because others like it is as silly as assuming some like it because others do also.
  3. Sure there is. It’s as cheesy as its video. It sounds soulless and sterile.
  4. I was thinking the exact same thing. He sounds like a man who knows exactly what he wants to say.
  5. Better than The River, maybe. Better than what it could have been, definitely not.
  6. If this is too political, feel free to delete it. I just thought this interview really sheds a light on Born in the USA.
  7. Exactly. Apart from Get Behind Me Satan (which also has some really great songs), it’s an amazing discography. I think that, easily, their first 3 records should be on that list.
  8. She’s working on a new album and, from her description, I’m excited! Q: What’s the vibe of the music? A: I’m glad you asked that because it’s really raw and edgy garage rock, like a Black Keys, White Stripes vibe. Just really rocky, grungy. I have some ballads, too, some slower, more sensitive songs.
  9. Never had marmite and never been to Las Vegas but I’ve smelled marmite and I’ve seen pictures of Las Vegas and I don’t think I’d want to actually try either!
  10. I’m starting to think you’re not a big fan of the show.
  11. I don’t like car racing and I love Racing in the Street. I don’t like adultery and I love One Step Up. I don’t like wrestling and I love The Wrestler (particularly, the movie). I don’t like the Mafia and I love The Sopranos. I don’t like drugs and I love The Wire. And so on...
  12. His singing sounds great from those snippets. I didn’t expect that. I’m really looking forward to it.
  13. If I have to choose, eternal damnation. Without a doubt.
  14. Now we’re talking! That and Lift me up.
  15. The years is 2024. Donald Trump’s second second term is almost over and he decides to radically escalate the trade war with China with a nuclear bomb. In the U.K., as the world unravels, a family is trying to cope with the consequences. That’s the premise of the great new series “Years and Years”. I’ve only watched 2 episodes but I’m finding it really good. It’s the kind of thing Black Mirror could be right now if it hadn’t gone so bad so quickly. For those in the U.K., it’s on BBC iplayer. For those elsewhere I believe it may be on HBO.
  16. Yes, poor baby! And poor me because his favourite thing to bite are my fingers!
  17. Hanging out with my son as my wife tries to get some sleep this morning (brutal night). Let me see what he thinks of a series of random 5... 1. Used cars - he’s more interested in getting in all fours and rocking back and forth. He’s about to crawl. 2. Hungry Heart - he’s looking at me smiling as I sing it to him. We’ve got some leg movement! 3. Santa Claus is Coming to Town - the green and blue caterpillar has now joined the listening party. She looks like she’s enjoying it even though he’a sinking his only two teeth into her head. We’ve got laughter as I sing the sax solo! 4. Froggie went a-courtin’ - Had to stop writing this as the infectious tune meant we had to get up and dance to this one. Smiles and drool all around! 5. I’m going down - (I cheated and skipped I wish I were blind) I think he’s getting sleepy. Clearly this is a subject matter that doesn’t yet mean a lot to him. He’s pressing his head against my chest so I guess it’s nap time. Hello Sunshine to wind down.
  18. I agree. I liked it better before but it’s never been a good song for me. Now, when that female chorus comes in I just have to hit stop. I can’t take it.
  19. Another round! 1. Independence Day (Live 75-85 box set) - I remember first listening to this and being too young to understand it. I eventually did. The Big Man sounds sweet and plaintful. 2. One way street - Bruce had a knack for soulful tunes back in the day. Love this and, again, love the Big Man on it. 3. Girls in their Summer Clothes (Winter Mix) - A good alternate version. A solo by the Big Man would have fit the song perfectly. 4. Living Proof (MetLife Stadium 2016) - I like the lyrics but Bruce went through a period there where he struggled with melody. This one is a melodic disaster. 5. Kitty’s Back (Hammersmith) - The band could really jam back then. It’s incredible that they can hold this song together so perfectly.