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  1. He should. Even the guys that make his guitars have:
  2. I honestly don’t remember a whole lot about it. I remember I found it boring and very uninteresting...
  3. I’ve seen 16 of those. Some I’m not very fond of (Casino, for example), but you’ve got There Will Be Blood there and that’s probably the best movie of the 21st century. I should watch it again.
  4. Loving it. I didn’t really like the Lost Girls movie but thought her song at the end was great.
  5. Don’t know how I hadn’t seen this. My favourite actor, my favourite author, one of my favourite directors. Sadly, it’s a mess of a film.
  6. I understand the song choice. And in terms of the event itself, it made perfect sense. It’s just that, musically, I would have preferred something different...
  7. I would have loved if Bruce had played something new, or just something bold... This did nothing for me.
  8. Loved it. Natalie Wood is fantastic in it and it has quite a few layers of interpretation. Oddly, it reminded me a lot of Requiem for a Dream. There isn’t one character in the whole movie that isn’t fucked up.
  9. I usually don’t like docuseries but the Michael Jordan one, The Last Dance, has been quite good. The Taylor Swift one, Miss Americana, is also surprisingly good.
  10. Has Bruce ever mentioned The Deer Hunter in the context of this song?
  11. Now would be a great time for them to upload a bunch of unseen footage on YouTube...
  12. I’ve grown used to it but I think he’s referring to there being no instrument separation. Everything just sounds all muffled with instruments sounding on top of each other.
  13. So my wife came to me the other day and said “do you know how you can listen to a song thousands of times until one day you really hear it and it hits you how great it really is? That just happened with me and Shut Out The Light”. I was proud, of course, but it also made me think that although it’s always been one of my favourites, it’s got to be on my top 10 favourite Bruce songs. One of Bruce’s finest songwriting moments.
  14. I get the historical significance of the song, but I never understood why Bruce likes it so much. The D&D tour version was a beauty, but other than that, it’s not more than good, really.
  15. The best backing vocals on Bruce songs are usually done by Bruce. Or Stevie.
  16. What a band these guys are. And I don’t believe in God, but if there is one or multiple, may Roy Bittan be blessed. He’s got to be one of my favourite musicians ever.
  17. Award shows are nothing but marketing tools. They respond to the industry’s needs. Why would anyone still care about them?
  18. That’s fine. I wasn’t trying to have this argument with you again. I was just tell you no one needs to have the song explained to them. That comes across as quite condescending.
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