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  1. On 3/14/2020 at 7:25 PM, Jertucky said:

    What’s the issue with the production?

    I’ve grown used to it but I think he’s referring to there being no instrument separation. Everything just sounds all muffled with instruments sounding on top of each other.

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  2. 17 minutes ago, LoverInTheCold said:

    That's all good and fine when it's sang by a woman from the woman's perspective. I'm not offended, nor do I think Bruce meant anything by it, but I stand by my claim that I'd have a hard time seeing it get airplay if it were sang by a man today.

    And rightly so. There’s no “but” after “no means no”. 

    Oh, and Rizla, I don't think anyone here needs to have the song explained to them.

  3. Barcelona 2002. I ended up on a DVD. Drove for a day, slept outside and ran like crazy to be in the front.

    I remember how I felt when I first saw him, I remember how I felt when Clarence played his first solo of the night (on Prove It), I remember having a Thunder Road as a real encore after I’d lost all hope I’d get it (and sobbing like a baby), I remember the exhilaration of being there and I remember having a series of cramps in my legs for all the exercise and dehydration. 


    My other first time... Boy, what a trainwreck... Luckily, she became my wife.

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  4. 7 hours ago, Rizla said:

    No, I don't think it is.  I think there are two different women and they are just casual pick-ups. 
    It's an intriguing song in which we are free to fill in the background for ourselves.   There are all sorts of possibilities. 

    Disc 4 of Tracks has so many beautiful songs! That surely is one of them. Leavin’ Train, Seven Angela and Trouble in Paradise are pretty terrible, but all the others are, to my ears, really great. I wish Bruce had made some different choices in the first half of the 90’s...

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  5. On 2/6/2020 at 8:03 PM, Music City Mike said:

    I thought I would share this page with this group. Fire away!



    Preferences are preferences. But to put HT and LT together because they were released together is just lazy. They’re very different albums and, in my opinion, one of them vastly superior to the other.

    Also, Tom Joad is one of Bruce’s best albums and I’ll stand on a pile of BitUSA records in my cowboy boots and say that.

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