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  1. Also can’t stand it. Ruins the song for me.
  2. I voted for High Hopes but, to be honest, it lets you know just exactly what’s coming.
  3. I always assumed it was Bruce choking up, getting emotional. To answer your last question: yes. And what a great song it is.
  4. I don’t have a lot to say here. I was 13 when it came out, 14 when I bought it. I’ve said this here before but it really helped lay the groundwork for my political positioning. In terms of storytelling, I think it’s Bruce's best album by far. I also don’t get the criticism about the musicality of it because I think it fits perfectly the themes and words. Even the way the harmonica cuts through the rest on the title track seems to serve a purpose here. Apart from My Best... all the other songs have been my favourite at one time or another. More than 25 years later, they all stand the test of time better than probably any other Bruce record since Nebraska. That’s why I don’t understand the band treatments of TGOTJ and Youngstown. Youngstown is ok-ish, I guess when played by the E Street Band but it loses all nuance, all the subtlety and, somehow, it even loses its real anger. The band reinvention of TGOTJ is, I think an abomination of nature that should never have seen the light of day. I’m yet to see a Bruce song made better by Morello. I’m not one to convince people to like albums or songs. You like what you like and this one is very near perfect in my opinion. A better closing song would make it flawless. When I start thinking about standout songs I always end up making a list of all of them. Music is about emotion and I have a very deep emotional connection with TGOTJ. Even if I’ve never visited any of those places. I think it kick started my journey into adulthood. Turns our I did have quite a lot to say! I just feel like I’ve been saying a lot on this board lately and some others have said pretty much the same thing better than me on this thread.
  5. My 5 month old quite likes my renditions of Atlantic City and My City of Ruins. He also seems to be quite fond of Thunder Road and Born to Run. As he should. He must have heard those quite a few times while still in the womb.
  6. I see what you mean but I don’t think it’s that clear cut. The “kid” and “son” references could just be a hint of condescension.
  7. They nearly do. Same with the “sha la la la”s in Sundown. But I’m too happy about the album to be focusing on that just now.
  8. Family man gives me a ride Got his pregnant Sally at his side Yes indeed, sir, children are a gift Thank you kindly for the lift I didn’t give it a lot of thought at first but now I really like this. I can easily imagine Sally’s husband tapping away about the joy of having kids and a family. I can see the protagonist being polite because he needs the lift. But, really, what would the protagonist know about children being a gift? If he does have any, how long must it have been when he last saw them? And was that his choice as the song seems to indicate? Or is he just fooling himself? If he doesn’t have kids, how does he feel about it? We don’t get know because all he says is a very polite “yes indeed, sir, children are a gift”, forced smile and trying to sound as believable as he can.
  9. Does it bother anyone that Bruce puts out an album that doesn’t sell well? It’s not like he needs the money or the ego boost...
  10. One of my favourite things about Bruce is that he is not afraid to own cheesy. Romantic rock’n’roll ideas might have been cheesy in the 70’s in the aftermath of the big rock’n’roll wave, but he owned it triumphantly in Born to Run. He then owned cheesy synths to create perfect little pop songs in the 80’s and perfect grandiose politically charged anthems. He owned cheesy when went full-on folk singer in the 90’s long after (and long before) that was seen as cool. He, of course, owned cheesy when he took bluegrass and Dixieland jazz and folk and Celtic music and made a statement about how relevant they all still are to this day. He’s the anti-hipster. Nothing about him is ironic or less than fully engaged and honest. He doesn’t act silly onstage because it’s silly to be silly. He does it because it’s fun. Because there should be no such thing as a guilty pleasure. This album is definitely a step forward in carrying this tradition. I understand how it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. To this day, I’m embarrassed to be his fan when I hear the cheesy synth on Dancing in the Dark. But it’s honest. There’s nothing ironic about it. It claims the beauty of “uncoolness” and makes it cool. I’d take one Western Stars over a whole album full of Lucky Days. I don’t love Bruce because he does what I’d like him to do. There’s nothing exciting about art that doesn’t defy you. I like Bruce because he challenges me, he keeps me on my toes. He takes me for a ride and at the end of the road I’m different than I was before. And this album is one hell of a good ride. Thanks for this, Bruce.
  11. Am I the only one that hears Over the Rise on this one? It’s not a bad thing, I love that song.
  12. I think the SSB would do a better job with these songs than the ESB.
  13. More than change my life, Bruce shaped mine. I was learning English trying to understand The River as I was learning Portuguese. Bruce’s music informed my perceptions of adulthood, manhood, love, friendship and work. Bruce’s music was the moral foundation of my political views. Come to think of it, that’s exactly what Bruce’s music was to me: a foundation. It was also an escape without which I don’t know how I would have turned out through my adolescence. Probably wasted like everyone around me at the time.
  14. Indeed! The new album will keep me good company today as I have to drive up to Aberdeen. It’s good to have goosebumps for a Bruce song again.
  15. I’d read this earlier. Really liked it. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  16. And that’s the only review that matters, really.
  17. I’ve got no problem with bad reviews. But this guy does seem like a click-baiting troll.
  18. I bet he also uses guitar picks and effects pedals, the cheat! Actually, when it says he plays more than one instrument in one song, I suspect he doesn’t even play all of them at the same time!
  19. My favourite are, of course, the ones I also consider to be his best. I don’t even know how it is possible to make that distinction. 1. DOTEOT 2. BTR 3. Nebraska 4. TGOTJ 5. Magic Tunnel of Love is lyrically very close to perfection but some of the songs are awfully produced. The bottom 3: 15. BitUSA 16. Working on a Dream 17. Human Touch
  20. If he’d thrown away the silly fillers on The River and had included some of the brilliant songs he left out, I think the album would have reached heights that not even BTR or DOTEOT had. Of course, upon listening to it, everyone would be absolutely suicidal.
  21. An old version of Idiot's Delight. If you don't like the bullet mic, stay away from this one!