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  1. Sorry but that's just a total load of balls. Tunnel of Love, Magic, The Rising????
  2. Well, that’s demonstrably not true but no point arguing about it!
  3. We are probably nearing the end of the road. Our guy can't keep on touring with the ESB for more than max 5 more years, at a stretch. How many more albums of the standard of Western Stars or LTY does he have left in him, creatively or physically? Not many. So if you had to choose - another LP that will last forever, you will listen to for years, songs that will burn into your brain and your soul. Or another go on the rollercoaster that is a tour - multiple shows, different cities, new and old friends, beer in plastic glasses, sunsets merged with outros, pit queues and wristbands.....the memories that a tour brings even if it is just one concert in your hometown? Its your choice - one more classic Bruce Springsteen album, or one more E Street Band tour?
  4. Yes that line from Walk Like a Man….beautiful
  5. If he is doing 2 nights in Croke Park that’s approx 160,000 fans, it wouldn’t leave a lot of ground for shows in Cork or elsewhere were in Ireland (BELFAST!!!). Summer 2013 was the best Bruce run to date, effectively an Irish tour of smaller stadia in lesser played towns and cities. What an amazing few weeks that was. Croke Park in 2016 on the other hand was an amazing weekend.
  6. If it’s an April concert, no reason for tickets to onsale anytime soon. It’s still 7 months away! I’d much prefer the RDS to CP…
  7. If they describe Western Stars as his most recent album, doesn’t say much for editorial quality control
  8. The July release was the first I have bought in a while, in fact since I got a new MacBook computer. So I have the files on my laptop, but no longer synch my I phone to computer - it’s a different connection now. I air dropped the files from computer to phone but they don’t show up in i-tunes (or Apple Music, not sure if i-tunes is still a thing). I can play the show through Nugs app, but it keeps asking me to sign up for subscription which I am not going to do. I want to listen on phone while running or whatever but have to be in wi fi connection for that to work? Very frustrating. Am I missing something obvious here? And ‘my stash’ in nugs seems to have gone
  9. Listening now, really enjoying this. Maybe it’s the Irish heatwave but this is kind of a great ‘summer’ show
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