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  1. Thanks for posting. This is a brilliant collection and fits perfectly with the official release. I love the Bobby Jean here, actually they are all brilliant. "We made it!"
  2. They went downhill album after album post '59 Sound. Brian's solo albums are great, and his solo acoustic show last Spring was fantastic. Saw the '59 Sound reunion show summer 2018, played the album in full and tore up Vicar Street in Dublin. Definitely check out Painkillers and Sleepwalkers. Another album due early this year too.
  3. Oh ffs....wind in yer sensitive snowflake neck. This is a brilliant song from a brilliant songwriter, who fully gets Bruce and all his greatness.
  4. In 2013 the Kilkenny weekender was added very late in the day, And man it was worth it.
  5. No. I have most of the original vinyl albums. Re issue, re package, re master - its all blah blah blah, nothing new.
  6. Nothing definite, confirmed or even cooking as yet re Ireland this summer.
  7. Reckon we will get the Carousel show from 2010. Complete with Blue Christmas
  8. Many thanks! Didn’t know that was an option. That’s me sorted with access to all my downloaded shows now.
  9. I changed my phone to i phone 11 and now can't synch with i tunes.....I want my London '81 concert on my phone! Any help?
  10. No, edit has disappeared as an option. As far as I can see. Not too bothered!
  11. Yeah I can’t work out how to edit the title thread
  12. There is a moment in the film version of Western Stars, its about 3.42....Bruce's voice meets the choir, meets the string section, meets the backing vocalists, and he sings 'Tonight the riders on Sunset are smothered in the Santa Ana winds...' And it is transendental It is beautiful, and I love it.