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  1. Please Bruce, please pay Sleepy Joe's cafe. For the craic.
  2. So we have a poll in work where I along with my team get to nominate an Album of the year and we ask people to vote. It’s all good fun. Currently Bruce needs your help. If you are on twitter please have a look and vote. If The Boss wins The Boss will be happy! Many thanks
  3. I was at this, 3 nights after another incredible show in Belfast. Boy, that was a hell of a week.
  4. Lyrics for Power of Prayer clearly paying homage to Ben E King at the end. The lyric sheet says Benny King. That’s sloppy work for a professional corporation. Is Barbara Carr still about?
  5. The film has been released early, officially. So you can hear the songs the day before the album is released. Its sanctioned stealing.
  6. If you pre order CD from amazon or whomever, and it arrives a day early (Thursday), are you stealing if you listen to it?
  7. How does the second one harm the copyright holder if the downloader will be paying for the content in a few days?
  8. To everyone on this thread who says that listening to the album in advance of release is 'stealing' the album; have you ever listened to a bootleg? Bought one at a record fair (remember those?), or downloaded a bootleg? Was that stealing?
  9. Opinons opinions.....I would never regard SJC as a 'throwaway', or WOASD for that matter. There is a place in the world for sunny, bright, jaunty fun songs. Not everything has to be a morose introspective tear jerker. Bruce knows that very well, thankfully.
  10. The best line from the Times Review: To mislay not one but three masterpieces for almost 50 years does seem careless, but 1971’s loss is 2020’s gain.
  11. Fair enough Steve. A sincere apology should be taken as such. (Even if you did block me on twitter with another blast of profanities a few weeks ago)
  12. I don't really care what Nils or Amy said, honestly. If I was running this website, and there was an officially affiliated twitter feed, no way would I have that guy running it. Abusive, misogynistic....not a good look.
  13. Its a he, that much is clear. Really - applauded, telling people to go **** themselves? No way
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