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  1. lifted I assume from the iconic and important New York Times front page
  2. There is a link on the @springsteen twitter feed. Playing for me no problem.
  3. I'm late to this discussion and taken aback by it too....Meeting Across the River is a perfect penultimate song on the album. Its wonderful and so evocative.
  4. like, what’s the value of the releases if they are as boring as yet another D&D release? Don’t they have the good stuff? If not, knock it on the head.
  5. Sandy The River with intro No Surrender. I re-bought a second hand vinyl copy at the start of lockdown and I love it. My original got waylaid in the mists of time, moving from parents house, loaning out etc. Had the CD and of course streaming services, but I love having the LPs again.
  6. I take great comfort in the times we have had, for me the furthest I got was Paris, but also Manchester, London and all those Irish shows. Good times indeed.