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  1. BBC Radio Ulster special from 8pm tonight. https://www.bbc.co.uk/radioulster
  2. Not sure about a Netflix album, you mean SOB soundtrack? (by the way, how much dust is that gathering on shelves?) The Blinded By The Light movie was embraced and promoted by camp Springsteen but it is not his product. The Western Stars movie is an album length video accompaniment. The only genuinely new product is the brilliant Western Stars album, which is of course 6 years old.
  3. Or...you don't. You read more and its bullshit. Anyone really think we are in line for an alternate Western Stars already? Is it called Eastern Stars and feature a retired actor who is pretty happy with his lot?
  4. I was at this show too and with the crazy rain, opted to stay in the pub until close to start time, and to give up on the pit. So we had a seat in the stand and have to say the crowd around us was pretty Bruce-d up. Loved that concert, the setlist, The Promise, Save My Love. Brilliant day / night.
  5. I have been lucky enough to see Racing quite a few times, including this Hyde Park show and also the London stop on the 2008 barnstorm tour, Dublin on one occasion and Kilkenny. Pretty lucky.
  6. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band should be banned from playing future concerts that do not include Racing in the Street. He is a genius / hero. Get on the road, we're ready.
  7. Interesting tweet from Nugs - asking fans to name their holy grail of live releases. Clear majority stating Vets '81 show. Are they testing the water? Responding to the lukewarm response to releases in last two months? Maybe they know the Vets show is the one and they are lining it up anyway. This could be a tease. Or of course it could mean SFA.
  8. It’s unique or it’s not; no such thing as ‘most unique’.