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  1. For me, the Morello question is a tough one to answer without coming across too negative. I love guitarists, I love solos, I loved 'metal' 25 years ago and still occasionally put done my stereo. I still put on RATM now and then. But .... Morello adds a sound to the ESB that I don't like. I don't want Bruce and the band to sound like some hair metal band from the late 80s early nineties. Ironically every Bruce gig I go to I really hope for Youngstown, Because The Night or Prove It All Night to get Nils doing his thing. He's just different than Tom though, less high pitched, less squeally, a sound that to my ears, fits the ESB. As for High Hopes on that listening, the song does nothing for me but as has been said, maybe the studio version will be different. Just my two bobs worth.
  2. I'll get 2 when they're ready please. Great idea
  3. Great show. Some gems in there. 4 gigs in 2 weeks has been hectic but so enjoyable. Highlights TPYP in Cork, Thunder Road Cork, Drive All Night last night, This Hard Land Tonight It's been emotional but looking forward to the next dance
  4. Lots of drunk people round town :-( having the match at 2 pm was a bad idea. Could be very messy later :-(
  5. Standard enough setlist by my goodness as great gig. Johnny 99, Sweet Soul Music, Long Time Coming all brilliant. Duet with Hansard will be talked about for many many years to come. Fair play to Glen for holding it together - they really nailed it.
  6. Was at that gig and thought they did a good job. Have the bootleg on vinyl
  7. Feeling the excitement here from Ireland :-) Enjoy!!!
  8. As I know the feeling of crying within a crowd of 45000 because of witnessing Incident being played ... I am crossing fingers for you! Thanks. This will be my 13th and 14th shot at it
  9. Different but great setlist. Still leaves me a little hope of hearing Incident for the first time ever at the Kilkenny gigs :-)
  10. Can't copy on this damn phone. Getting Nebraska - oh my God!