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  1. Great thread! I have always been a big fan of Bruce's storytelling. In my twenties I was inspired enough to make a picture of the werewolf story. I even made it into a T-shirt for myself back then. Slightly clumsy fan art, I know, but I'm not too embarrassed to include it here.
  2. This seems to be a deliberate wink rather than just recycled imagery: This Hard Land - "We're ridin' in the whirlwind searchin' for lost treasure" Western Stars - "Here's to the cowboys, and the riders in the whirlwind"
  3. It was announced earlier that the song will be Dancing in the Dark.
  4. What about 4k transfers of the official music videos? Most of them were on film, no? Would be a nice addition to a Born in the U.S.A box set campaign, although I'd especially like to see Brilliant Disguise in 4k.
  5. "Up Around the Bend" is an excellent choice. Each time Bruce played Finland and Michael Monroe was backstage or in the audience, I kept expecting it to happen. Note: Michael Monroe is a friend of Steve's and had a huge hit with Up Around the Bend in Hanoi Rocks. I have heard that Michael is not that into guest appearances, but I'm sure he would have made an exception. The audience would have loved it!
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