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  1. Saw a lot of it over the weekend. The Cure were unreal. IDLES were my favourite though, their energy is fantastic. The Killers were brilliant but they are a brilliant band so expected them to be!
  2. I have listened a fair few times now. It is a stunning record. There isn’t a single track I dislike. It’s a proper album too, you can tell Bruce put a lot of thought into the sequencing. Lyrically it’s fantastic too. So many lines that hit me in the gut. I can’t remember the last time his lyrics grabbed me like the ones on this album have. Even the Wrecking Ball album, which I love, didn’t hit me like this one.
  3. Think Drive Fast is currently my favourite track. Also how majestic is the transition of Chasin’ Wild Horses into Sundown, gives me goosebumps
  4. ‘Stones’ has absolutely floored me. The repetition of ‘those were the lies that you told me’ is simple yet so effective
  5. I would kill for a pristine version of ‘The Wind And The Rain’
  6. Do you all think it would include the hip hop album from the early 90s, electric Nebraska and pre e street band material?
  7. I can’t get enough of this album. Between this and The National’s new one nothing else is getting played currently!
  8. Just got through my first listen. Overall it is very good. Some moments made the hairs on the back of neck stand up. The production is stunning
  9. Listening to it now. The opener is incredible the way it builds. This is my sort of record
  10. Hi I was known as Sals Grocery on here but I got logged out when I deleted my cookies and I forgot the email address and password I used! Luckily I had an older account here too. Anyway that clip above has got me excited for the new album. ‘Stones’ and ‘Western Stars’ both sound immense