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  1. It was the opening show of the Born In the USA tour. I'm from Minnesota so he was playing 20 minutes from my house. I was a senior in high school so my parents let me stay out all night to get tickets and I was 4th in line and got 1st row seats. I remember Dancing in the Dark being played twice for the video and the girl who we didn't know was Courtney Cox going up to dance with Bruce. He opened with Thunder Road which I didn't really appreciate at the time. I remember being so into it that I felt sick after the 1st set. He closed it with Badlands and Born In the Usa but the order could be reversed. I also thought the synth version of I'm A rocker was weird, and he played Street Fighting Man by the Stones. It was kind of disorganized compared to the other times I've seen him. Patti wasn't on stage when she was introduced and Bruce had to go look up the words to Jungleland.
  2. I'll be there on time and I'll pay the cost For wanting things that can only be found In the darkness on the edge of town
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