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  1. The stadium is a shit hole. I was there for a Champions League game before Christmas. The facilities were woefully inadequate and don’t get me started on the police. Milan however was gorgeous with mental drivers
  2. So where are ya from DoesTheBusStop? You can’t be from the middle of a stadium. Ha ha Saw The Rolling Stones at OT last year and they were superb but not as good as Springsteen at either Old Trafford.
  3. I’ve just downloaded both concerts in FLAC-HD and they’ve a combined size of 14.9 GB’s. Getting excited to blast that in the car. Have a long car journey on New Years Day so will do a 2 concert run through that day
  4. The whole thing was delayed because Nugs was doing a 25% off all shows in my opinion. ‘Now I ply my trade in the land of king dollar’
  5. I’ll email them. I’ve bought all the archives in HD so it’s future proofing if nothing else. The cars not much but the stereo is good ha ha
  6. I've got a 1tb hard drive in the glovebox with music on and it's connected up to a pioneer SPH-DA120.
  7. Jimmy you said you were a City fan.  You a member of your local branch?  Have you ever hear of the American Noisey Neighbours Podcast?