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  1. I’ll email them. I’ve bought all the archives in HD so it’s future proofing if nothing else. The cars not much but the stereo is good ha ha
  2. I've got a 1tb hard drive in the glovebox with music on and it's connected up to a pioneer SPH-DA120.
  3. I downloaded the Flac HD and put it on the HD that goes in my car. I then drove from Manchester to South Devon where I’m now having a whiskey reflecting on what I’ve just listened to. I won’t go into the show as we’ve all (probably) heard it a fair few times. I will however mentioned the fact that a middle aged man was punching the roof of his car numerous times and singing along as if I was there. The sound quality was perfect and you could pick out the individual instruments but more importantly the space between. it was a total immersion experience like slapping on a virtual reality headset or discovering that the time machine does work when you hit 88mph. Springsteen fans I know who left us for the Jungleland in the sky are looking down on us lucky sods and thinking ‘you jammy bastards’ ha ha Download if you can afford it. Save up over the next few weeks if you can’t. We are indeed living in extraordinary times. Special mention for Sandy... TBF special mention for all the songs. Enjoy
  4. TBF i’m On my holidays and can’t download it until I get back. I’ve downloaded them all so far so it’s very considerate to delay this one. I get back on the 20th so anytime after that would be great ha ha.
  5. Cheers for the recommendation about the album. I’ve been sat by the side of a pool in Tenerife listening on my headphones. A great morning
  6. Well I downloaded the HD Flac files today and put them on my hard drive in the car. It was a whopping 7+GB and listened to the lot on a drive up from Devon to Manchester today. WOW!!! This is sensational Bruce. It took a few songs to get in full swing but once Darkness kicked in I was transported to the gig. The highlight for me was Incident.. but thenit is my favourite Bruce song but listening in HD I could hear the space between the instruments and evey band member had their place. The mix was as good as I've heard from the series. It got me thinking in many respects that someone has been sat on this for 40 years and it's only now that we are getting this stuff. I only hope that those Bruce fans that have left us have the whole series transported up there to them so that they can enjoy what we are living through now. Other highlights for me were the slow songs near the end Stolen car, wreck on the highway & point blank. It's a trilogy that resonates from a different time and place and out loudly from my car speakers today. Sandy was spellbinding. Because the night the guitar punches you in the face. The sax solo in Jungleland should come with a safety warning that people shouldn't be driving or operating heavy machinery when listening to it. A true joy to behold and I could witter on all day about Darkness, Factory, Promised Land.... but this is one of the essential realises that will be revisted on a regular basis. Enjoy Bruce people, Joyous.
  7. Idles were humble and magnificent. Stormzy although not my type of music was iconic. He had passion and a truck load of charisma. Powerful msg delivered in a powerful way to a generation hopefully ready to lap it up. I do love Fontaine’s DC they will be huge
  8. I was listening to a Joe Pug Songwriters Podcast this week on one of my walks. If you’ve never listened to Joe Pug ‘Live at Lincoln Hall’ honestly fill yer boots it’s wonderful anyhow.... He spoke at great length about records being perfect in terms of sound, recording etc.... and that can be detrimental to the record and it got me thinking how Darkness on the Edge of Town sounds like it was recorded with thick shaggy carpets on the wall ha ha but is a masterpiece but Springsteen’s latest efforts almost sound too perfect in terms of production & sound and have lost their way on what makes Bruce, Bruce. i honestly believe that of the 3 songs I’ve heard so far they’ll all sound better on an archive release in 2045 ha ha when most of us are dead or half deaf ha ha. Clinical Bruce leaves me cold. The best example I can think of was hearing Real World on Human Touch compared to hearing it in bootlegs in 2005 acoustic on the Devils & Dust tour. Thoughts???? I’ll
  9. I’ve just drove from Manchester to Devon with this show in Flac HD blasting in the car. A few thoughts.... i wasn’t gripped at the start as 2 filler tracks off the River (imho) kicked off proceedings so my hopes weren’t high (pun intended) but after that wow.. things starting getting mixed up a live full band rendition of Cynthia, Stella Badlands and then Who’ll Stop the Rain.. Apologies I skipped through the 17 minute rendition of My City of Ruin. But.. the 2 Gary US Bond songs sound fantastic and a real treat because they’re somewhat different from the usual downloads (can’t believe I’m saying that).. but the real highlight for me was Into the fire. I forgot how moving that 1st half of the Rising was (Probably listen to it on the way back to Manchester on Sunday). Its a joyous birthday show and something I’d of probably paid £40 for back in the day on tape ha ha. We live in an age of instant gratification where Youtube is king & Twitter is the kneeJERK but to have a show like this drop is a wonderful experience if you let it be. Buy, press play and live a few hours with Bruce and drink it in. When these shows run out I think we’ll look back on these archive years as a Golden Age of Bruce.
  10. The vocals at the start are reminiscent of Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles but the train guitar and the hectic nature of the Guns & Roses song makes it one of my favourites of theirs.
  11. Just listened to the whole concert on a drive from Manchester to Devon (uk). I downloaded the HD audio and it sounds crystal clear. Bruce sounds like he’s having a home coming ball (like he’s showing off a new girlfriend to the neighbourhood). Glory days is a slog and I did forward it after 8 mins or so. You can tell why he’s kept Roy on the scene for all the ol’ school stuff but you can hear the joy in Bruce’s voice (which sounds bang on). looking at it from 2019 eyes (or ears) I appreciate the ‘other’ band more because you know it’s only a phase. I remember seeing him at Milton Keynes bowl and missing the E Street band because I thought that it could be done forever. I was constantly comparing that evening instead of just enjoying. Hearing back tonight it’s a lot better than Rome and in the grand scheme of things you understand it was just a fling but maybe the E Street band may have burnt out/split of it were not for this fling. They learnt to appreciate what they all had. A great (but different) download and one I’ll listen to again on the way home Monday for the footy. It’s like a girlfriend from the 1990’s you see pop up on Facebook as someone you might know and you check out the pictures and the posts but you know ultimately you might the right move to move on. Enjoy Bruce folk
  12. I’ve not watched it yet as I feel I’ve got to build myself up emotionally. I’m not ready to strung out just before Christmas with the kids. One step at a time. Am I too soft???
  13. Blessing in a Brilliant Disguise as he's in reality a creative midfielder. We need to sign a young quality left back to fill that back up roll
  14. I have a season ticket that costs £800 upwards but with a young family have to miss many home games and the seat stands empty. It's a football problem in the UK that needs addressing. We have to pay more than any other country in the world in these times of austerity that empty seats are inevitable. Where are you from Stretford End? Did you see the Spurs game the other night? Nearly 70,000 empty seats