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  1. Hi Maria; are all Argentinian girls as pretty as you?

    Here in The Netherlands we have a princess from Argentina; her name is Maxima Zorreguieta and she is gorgeous too!

    I think I should go to Argentina for a vacation, ha ha!

    Just wanted to say hi to you; greetings from Holland

  2. Rose !! Kisses from Buenos Aires, looking forward to the show?? Hope so !! Kisses from Ale.

  3. is stuck in Buenos Aires

  4. Hi Maria,

    I am from Albany, N.Y. 150 MILES north of NYC. I believe he will come back to NY/NJ and play several shows in a row in 1 or 2 places, like Madison Square Garden, or Continental Arena. late summer maybe. Tickets are hard to get, but with the help of Greasy Lakers and Backstreets Tix. we will be ok. Tell me when you can come. I would be happy to go with you to a show in USA, my e-mail

  5. María Alejandra