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  1. I loved it when it came out - and still do. It still gets regular spin around my place :-) Lovely album, beautiful songs. It is very open, direct and relevant to me. Bo
  2. Oh yeah. Grayish shirt, same as on the cover from the bootleg.
  3. I think the photographer should look at his metadata or negatives. ;-)
  4. This is from Parken (Copenhagen) 1999. Not my photo.
  5. CPH 99 was VERY rainy. Definitely not weather for sleeveless vest. Didn’t take any photos though. Pre-iPhone. ;-) I’d say this photo is from 92/93.
  6. My girlfriend indicated that we have too much time on our hands.
  7. Would love to watch but for some reason “not available in my country”.
  8. I was a student at that time. Spent all my money on tickets for the final two shows, flight to London and a hostel in Earl’s Court. I had autographs signed and photos taken at the hotel near Hyde Park and snuck into the sound check for complete versions of My Hometown and Racing in the Street. That was a great summer! - Although strange that I haven’t aged 21 years in the 21 years you claim have passed;-) Thank you for reminding me, and Werner U., if you’re out there: thank you for selling me tickets!
  9. I have always loved the blood brothers video so thanks for sharing more from that occasion. Was great watching. cheers, Bo
  10. If everybody who has posted so far posts a couple of times in the next 24 hrs, the thread will explode and pundits will believe something has been made official. ;-)
  11. I “No, it isn’t.” ”Yes, it is.” “No, it isn’t.” ”Yes, it is.” “No, it isn’t.” ”Yes, it is.” “No, it isn’t.” ”Yes, it is.” “Look, this isn’t an argument.” ”Yes, it is.” “No, it isn’t.” ”Yes, it is.” “It’s just contradiction.” “No, it isn’t.” ”Yes, it is.” “No, it isn’t.” ”Yes, it is.”
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