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  1. Really?! This is what "almost his entire career consists of"? I truly did not know that ...
  2. The world is turnin' I hope it don't turn away The world is turnin' I hope it don't turn away All my pictures are fallin' From the wall where I placed them yesterday The world is turnin' I hope it don't turn away
  3. Listening to possibly the greatest Bruce song of the decade:
  4. RIP to a true legend
  5. This is slightly off-topic, and probably just about everyone here knows this story... but Bruce once saw Woody Allen's (excellent) Stardust Memories... In an interview with Dave Marsh, Bruce has told of an evening he spent with a fan during his stay in St. Louis. In the interview Springsteen states that he was in Denver, but it appears that his memory was faulty. "The other night I went out, I went driving, we were in Denver [St. Louis]. Got a car and went out, drove all around. Went to the movies by myself, walked in, got my popcorn. This guy comes up to me, real nice guy. He says, "Listen, you want to sit with me and my sister?" I said, "All right." So we watch the movie (laughs). It was great, too, because it was that Woody Allen movie – [Stardust Memories, released to theatres on September 26, 1980], the guy's slammin' to his fans. And I'm sittin" there and this poor kid says, "Jesus, I don't know what to say to ya. Is this the way it is? Is that how you feel?" I said, "No, I don't feel like that so much." And he had the amazing courage to come up to me at the end of the movie, and ask if I'd go home and meet his mother and father. I said, "What time is it?" It was 11 o'clock, so I said, "Well OK. So I go home with him; he lives out in some suburb. So we get over to the house and here's his mother and father, laying out on the couch, watching TV and reading the paper. He brings me in and he says, "Hey I got Bruce Springsteen here." And they don't believe him. So he pulls me over, and he says, "This is Bruce Springsteen." "Aw, g'wan," they say. So he runs in his room and brings out an album and he holds it up to my face. And his mother [the infamous "Sophie", who Bruce dedicated "Twist And Shout" to several times, at the top of his lungs, at the August 23, 2008 St. Louis show] says (breathlessly) "Ohhh yeah!" She starts yelling "Yeah," she starts screaming. And for two hours I was in this kid's house, talking with these people, they were really nice, they cooked me up all this food, watermelon, and the guy gave me a ride home a few hours later. I felt so good that night. Because here are these strange people I didn't know, they take you in their house, treat you fantastic and this kid was real nice, they were real nice. That is something that can happen to me that can't happen to most people And when it does happen, it's fantastic. You get somebody's whole life in three hours. You get their parents, you get their sister, you get their family life, in three hours. And I went back to that hotel and felt really good because I thought, "Wow (almost whispering), what a thing to be able to do. What an experience to be able to have, to be able to step into some stranger's life."
  6. It certainly couldn't have helped that Crosby said Neil left his wife for a "purely poisonous predator" (i.e. Daryl Hannah)...