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  1. Listening to the greatest guitar player of all time... 50 years gone today...
  2. I dig every second I can laugh in the snow and rain I get a buzz from being cold and wet The pleasure seems to balance out the pain
  3. It's hardly a classic - but it's nice enough.
  4. Here's the original version. I always liked it - but it belongs on Tracks 2, not on a new studio album!
  5. Listening to a fantastic Giles Martin remix of this underrated Stones classic. Deluxe edition includes the Stones' best live release: Brussels Affair 1973 TRACK LISTCD1 - 2020 Stereo Mix1. Dancing With Mr D2. 100 Years Ago3. Coming Down Again4. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)5. Angie6. Silver Train7. Hide Your Love8. Winter9. Can You Hear The Music10. Star Star CD2 - Rarities & Alternative Mixes1. Scarlet2. All The Rage3. Criss Cross4. 100 Years Ago (Piano Demo)5. Dancing With Mr D (Instrumental)6. Heartbreaker (Instrumental)7. Hide Your Love (Alternative Mix)8. Dan
  6. If you're gonna listen to just one Norwegian (prog) rock album this year, it should be this one ...
  7. This is genius ... David Squires on ... Lionel Messi going full George Costanza Our cartoonist takes a look at Lionel Messi’s current predicament and suggests an alternative way out of his Barcelona stalemate https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/sep/01/david-squires-on-lionel-messi-going-full-george-costanza-barcelona
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