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  1. I'm guessing this will change nothing for those Lakers who seem to truly loathe the man (if not his music) ...
  2. “There was always something about that song, that was so simple, and an audacity to this sort of simplicity to that song. But it was so… so powerful at the same time. For me, at least. I was always ragingly envious of that song.” (Nick Cave on I Threw It All Away)
  3. The Weather Station - Ignorance An "album of the year"-contender, for sure ...
  4. Well, yes I did - and I now understand there was some kind of showdown here a while ago, during one of my many hiatues from the Lake ...
  5. Thanks - didn't know about this place, looks interesting! So, I'm not him, which means he truly is an imposter ...
  6. Well should this turn out to be "just" a minor offense, I suppose that would be a major blow for quite a few people - both here on the Lake and elsewhere. Still, to them he'll probably always be a "fucking moron" (to quote from this very thread).
  7. Bruce appears to have lost whatever principles he had back in 1985 ...
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