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  1. My fave is the title track - but both Shoot To Thrill and Hell's Bells are stone cold classics!
  2. My tracklist for the third album: Side 5 Roulette Restless Nights The Man Man Who Got Away Little White Lies The Time That Never Was Side 6 Be True Where The Bands Are Loose Ends Night Fire Stray Bullet
  3. I think The River could have been the best triple album of all time ...
  4. I wonder ... How can one song be "objectively" better than the other? What are the objective criteria? And who gets to decide which criteria to use?
  5. RIP to the greatest film composer of them all
  6. Stunningly great. Certainly his best since Time out of Mind
  7. I think mid-70s Neil is about as good as it gets ... so yeah I like it - but a bit disappointing he chose to include already released versions (Little Wing, Love is a Rose, Star of Bethlehem) while classic outtakes stil remain unreleased ..
  8. Maiden at their very best ... "Lyrics":
  9. There were also full River shows in Oslo & Gothenburg . They were excellent - if that's any comfort ...