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  1. Killing Floor has ths picture of it. So I guess you're right...
  2. Happy to see they arrived safely
  3. In today: German Sandy 7" with PS in EX+/M condition.
  4. Name: Peter Media: Itunes Spelling: n/a Length time: Running time: 5.21 Name: karma Media: Windows mediaplayer: Length time: 5.21 Media: Real Player: Length time: 5.20 Media: Winamp: Length time: 5.20 Spelling: Consideration Running time: 5.20 in all players Name: Alessandro Cattaneo Media: CD (2 pcs) Spelling: ? Length time: 5.22 Running time: 5.20 Name: Tomas T-B Media: CD (2 pcs) Spelling: right Length time: 5.20 Running time: Name: L.B. Media: CD Spelling: right Length time: 5.25 Running time:
  5. My copy of the promo clocks in at 5:21.
  6. Glad the package arrived so soon.
  7. According to your website, the box's cat nb is CBS-BNB NR-8068, but I can't see any cat nb or CBS logo anywhere on the box! Possibly/probably another error on my part. I'll check ASAP. Mine is without any number or logos. It only says BOKKLUBBEN NYE BØKER.
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