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  1. There was no time left for red chair, I don’t think he was drinking
  2. I was at the recording, Bruce didn’t disappoint, he came on about half way through. James Blunt was very funny !
  3. Hi Ive a spare for the Saturday show 1130 odeon Leics sq. royal circle best seat in the house dead centre £17 as a bonus or not you get to sit next to me. thanks john
  4. Ive got a spare for the sat lunchtime screening, best seat in the house royal circle. thanks john
  5. Hi Looking for 2 tix, but would take a single for either show. Thanks John
  6. Yo Very generous to offer them at face value on here. May the Bruce ticket gods shine on you in the future. John
  7. Yo Apparently it made news in the US when tix went on sale that fans didn't get any. One can only hope that Bruce tries to do something by clawing tix back and dropping on the night Thanks John
  8. Yo I've never used them or any of the others and Bruce is the only thing that's tempted me, but decided if I can't get a ticket before show at face value then.........I won't be seeing sunny Leeds, lets hope Sunny makes no appearance in Leeds ! Thanks John
  9. Yo I hadn't banked on the other fees, I was thinking it was priced as advertised Viagogo won't be getting my money. John
  10. Yo I try and remain hopeful, but I think viagogo will end up getting my money John