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  1. Spurs ale: made with real tears with the salty bitterness you have come to expect!"
  2. I worry a bit about West Ham. They are a legitimately good team this season and even, yes, fun to watch. I'd hate to see them get a spot in the UCL and get their heads kicked in next season. The team and its fans deserve better than that. OTOH it would be nice bit of money for them.
  3. When Jose made the comment "same manager, different players" there were pundits who more or less agreed with him. But when I read it I mentally added "different game?". The game evolves and I wonder if the game has simply passed him by at this point.
  4. Put a cheese shop in the stadium - that will pack them in.
  5. Say what you like about Fellaini but he does have a knack for coming off the bench and shaking up a game that has gone flat. And while I doubt the rumor - what do Spurs have to lose?
  6. If there is a reason to temper your enthusiasm its that MU were playing a "late stage Mourinho" team.
  7. They have done enough to stay up IMO and that is something of a shame.
  8. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/blog/2021/apr/10/reguilon-on-for-bergwijn-how-jose-mourinho-blew-spurs-title-charge?__twitter_impression=true
  9. Meh... if you look at the stats this is just one of those games. The setup and substitutions were fine, the team played well enough to win by any reasonable measure. But when an opponent scores two goals on two shots on target and your shots just aren't dropping you get beat.
  10. That was wild and the stat sheet... I thought it was going to be a dangerous game and here we are. I'm not even that mad TBH. A wild scramble of a game and very entertaining.
  11. This is going to require some thought.
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