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  1. ESPN Virtue Signals Itself Into Oblivion

    Well I hope you are seeing the game anyways. Its an excellant park. Not a huge fan of sports bars per se but Penn Quarter Sports Tavern is pretty good. They will have the right, the grub is good and has a fine beer list. Public Bar DuPont is another good option. Both are metro accessible and not a horribly expensive Lyft from the stadium. Yes I'm saying don't drive. There is probably the usual chain sports bars in stadium area but you can do better. Buffalo Wild Wings has shit wings and a mediociore beer list IMO.
  2. ESPN Virtue Signals Itself Into Oblivion

    Well they still suck - or thats the way is bet. I can't be assed to watch in any event. But thanks for making my point. Politics in sport is a bit like doping. Its there, it's going to be there and you decide on how much of it you can stand. If you like it or not is completly immaterial.
  3. ESPN Virtue Signals Itself Into Oblivion

    Maybe... or maybe I'm using acceotrd shirt hand for baseball, football, basketball... you know the big money spinners for ESPN. I also notice you aren't arguing with my point. This weekend people who never been to Alabama or Oklahoma and will be glued to their TVs the same as it ever was.
  4. ESPN Virtue Signals Itself Into Oblivion

    Nice sentiment... but sports always has an element of politics in it. Its too big and too symbolic for it not to.
  5. de Blasio

    Stupid or illiterate... you decide.
  6. ESPN Virtue Signals Itself Into Oblivion

    Lots of Trump voters out there who can't live without their ball sports so I'm sure ESPN will survive. If this is a good thing or not I suppose depends on on how you feel about the price of your cable bundle.
  7. de Blasio

    Little known fact that Columbus and Franklin were long time drinking buddies.
  8. I think it was George Clemenceau who said "war is too important to be left to generals".
  9. Trump "rallies"

    On the bright side his supporters left the tiki torches at home this time.
  10. Maintaining the status quo is about all that is achievable. The only viable strategy IMO is to maintain control of the major urban centers and keep the bad actors off balance by denying them the ability to concentrate while attriting them. One the one hand it keeps Afghanistan from becoming a failed state (again). OTOH it's essentially an open ended commitment. I honestly don't see how an extra 4K changes this dynamic. At best it's gives the commander on the ground a bit more breathing room. And OF COURSE the generals want more troops. Who doesn't want more resources to do their job? As natural as the sun rising in the east.
  11. And Here I Thought It Was Just Civil War Statues.....

    Probably the New World would have never been discovered...
  12. Status qou. Plusing up the force pool by a brigade equivialnt won't make much if difference considering peak strength was 100K and this would raise the American presence to apx. 13K. His vow to make Pakistan a good actor is.... well, good luck. Heard this story before and it ignores the realities of Pakistani internal politics and security force capabilities. No new military or diplomatic initiatives - just doing what we are doing now (somewhat) more vigorously. To mix memes - not entirely a nothing burger but where's the beef?
  13. And Here I Thought It Was Just Civil War Statues.....

    Beting he's antofacist too
  14. White House Chaos

    I guess he can add the Secret Service to his list of bankruptcies.
  15. Bannon's War

    Well we shall see. Even if he goes done this road we'll see how much reach he really has or if he's just suc.... well, you know. But if he goes for it there is a high potential amusement factor in play so best of luck to him I guess.