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  1. Sterling was the English player of the tournament for my money.
  2. All the England fans in attendance have their laser pointers handy I assume.
  3. Fun first half. Excellent goal by Damsgaard and Sterling doing yeoman work.
  4. Tough game for Spain; good team and I feel badly for them. Italy was my dark horse pick so they are holding up their end so far.
  5. Spain vs Switzerland... I need a drink after that. I don't know if that was great or horrible.
  6. That's too bad... I kind of like the guy.
  7. Maybe Spurs can get a new manager in the transfer market...
  8. A match to tell your grandchildren about... and if there is any justice they will be as bored as I was.
  9. "Own goal" for the golden boot.
  10. Look, you can have the English officials take half the time and get it wrong or take twice as long and get it wrong.
  11. It occurs to me that any candidate who accepts the job would be in a high leverage position; their agent should be able to negotiate a pretty good contract with a big pile of guaranteed money. And really, there isn't that much of a reputational risk at this point; getting fired by Spurs isn't exactly an uncommon occurrence and the club has obvious problems.
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