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  1. Well good for Arsenal I guess and who doesn't enjoy another performance of "Anonymous Man Waiting for a Train Out of Town" by Ozil?
  2. Tuned in just in time for the half... that was a really embarrassing goal and a pretty soft red card. Looks like it isn't Watford's day which doesn't upset me much as that would Arsenal up to fourth place on the table and that would make a friend of mine pretty happy.
  3. Well that was a stupid foul. Obvious and unnecessary.
  4. This game should be 3 - 0 and put away. If Zaha pulled a goal out of thin air MC would deserve it.
  5. Brilliant pass by De Bruyne - couldn't have been better placed. Sterling owes him a slap up dinner for that one.
  6. Terrible miss by Sterling there - that is the kind of poor play that can cost a team.
  7. That would be an intriguing lineup. While MU is at it... if they can deal Pogba I think they should. Given his price and his production and his squishy commitment to the team I think I'd seek as much value as I could get from him and see who else might be available. It's not that he's a bad player or he's locker room cancer; I'm just saying I think there are better ways to spend $20M/year.
  8. If memory serves hes already done a spell in the clink for violence. Judges tend not to be fond of people who have been in court multiple times for the same offense.
  9. I can't see him staying, he looks absolutely joyless out there. A fine player but it's just not his team.
  10. In truth... I think West Ham deserved a point at the very least and get a beer into me and I'd be prepared to argue they deserved three.
  11. It seems a universal thing in sports that certain athletes and certain teams seem to get the benefit of the doubt with calls. By coincidence, they always seem to be big teams and the big stars.
  12. West Ham has reason to feel a bit aggreived with the officials in this game.