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  1. Interesting he's in Turkey. Maybe has personal reasons but that strikes me as either someone lacking ambition or someone who's stock has really fallen.
  2. Stones is scoring goals and the Browns are in the playoffs. This is one weird timeline.
  3. I'm on bed rest after surgery and even narcotics couldn't make that match interesting.
  4. Can the Spurs go back to being Spursy? This is just tedious.
  5. I'd probably drink too if I was on that team.
  6. Willing to spend the winter in Nice on loan...
  7. There is no shame in getting beat by MC; they are deep enough that even a "patched together" starting 11 is dangerous and Pep is a very good manager. On their day they can beat just about anyone in the world. What concerned me was how baffled and listless Chelsea looked; they didn't put up much of a fight. Now maybe MC was having a good day and maybe Chelsea were having a bad day but Lampert is looking a lot like Arteta was ten days ago. Chelsea desperately need a run of decent results to right the ship.
  8. I think they have a decent shot at it; they are playing some good football and have hit a bump in the road. My comment was more an observation of the volatility of the standings. The Holidays are always produce some odd results b/c of the crowded calendar and this year is worse than most. My approach is to steer clear of predictions and "hawt takes" and just let things play out; I think doing any crystal ball work this season is a mugs game. Outside of Liverpool winning the league (and even there I wouldn't bet the mortgage money on it) and SU going down I'm out of the predictions ga
  9. To think a week ago Arsenal was in a relegation fight and Everton was a hot pick for a top four finish.
  10. If I had a roasted suckling pig in my kitchen the guest list would be small and very carefully considered.
  11. They sold on of their key players as I recall, they have had some bad luck with injuries and I think the other teams have had time to adjust what they are trying to do. My view is they probably over achieved last year and are under achieving this year. I don't think they have a prayer of staying up at this point. Shame really.
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