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  1. I'll be looking carefully at the game w. Sweden. It will be the teams first real test against quality opposition. That said the team looks good, very good. Confident, smooth, focused.
  2. Make seven changes to your line up and go up 2 - 0 by the 25th minute.
  3. For Chelsea fans is it too early to say "Lampard out!"?
  4. Good for Thailand Sweden was sloppy and careless but that goal meant a lot to those players. Pure joy.
  5. I wanted to put a $20 on Guyana but my buddy wanted me to spot two goals...
  6. Please, please let Sam Allardyce be offered the job.
  7. Fascinating segment on the impact of Title IX on the women's game not in the US but globally; only three countries in the tournament don't have a player who hasn't played in the US professional or collegiate ranks. Some teams have ten or more. Dovetailed nicely with a piece on Lucy Bronze where I was a bit surprised about the way she talked about her time at UNC praising the impact of that teams mentality on her development as a player. Along with praising the teams will to win she used words like "professionalism" and "ruthless". That system will erode (indeed it already is) now Spain, France, and England (in particular) are taking the women's game more seriously and are developing their own "feeder" system. But I expect there is going to be a lot of American DNA in global women's soccer for a long time to come and I'll say that's a good thing. Our women athletes typically do a far better job of representing the best of America (and minimizing the worst) then our men.
  8. That goal by Cameron was the goal of the tournament so far. Jumped up off the couch and and applauded. Athleticism, effort and high skill all in one package; magnificent.
  9. With that set up and with Correa this on... two.
  10. Wonderful goal by England. Put that in your bus and smoke it Argentina.
  11. Jamaica must be gutted after that PK retake.
  12. Man that was a soft foul on Scotland.
  13. I really like this Liverpool team but godd*mn some of their fans make it hard.
  14. Nobody actually knows what offsides or a handball actually is. They are more concepts than something you can actually define.
  15. This Australia - Brazil match is intense. EDIT: Wow!