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  1. That was a tough game for me. OTOH... Spurs. OTOH part of me wants to see Bruce fall on his ass if for no other reason to embarrass Ashley. Newcastle had a sensible game plan today that was both obvious and shouldn't have been enough but Spurs played like they were drugged. I wouldn't worry about the non-call - there was a couple of odd moments out there and I think they more or less evened out. It was an oddly entertaining game though. Loved the Newcastle goal but assumed at the very least Spurs would get the equalizer but then time dragged on and I started thinking "they could do this" and then it got tense. Finally looked at the clock and realized baring a miracle Newcastle was going to get a point and then it was all smiles as I saw out the last ten minutes or so.
  2. Well now... didn't see that coming.
  3. The cheese seems to have gone a bit off today.
  4. I know. I really hope its just painful but minor.
  5. They say he dislocated his knee. Ouch!!
  6. Daniels looks to have blown a knee ligament. I hate to see a player go down when there hasn't been any contact - it rarely ends well.
  7. Maybe because he wasn't even in the same zip code as the net and compounded that error by a foul so obvious a toddler would see it was a card. F*cking idiot.
  8. Silly, sloppy game by City but here they are up 1 - 0.
  9. Palace goal out of thin air. Pretty stuff by palace but what the hell MU?
  10. Norwich giving Chelsea all they can handle this morning. Not even done with my first cup and four goals in the book.
  11. God damn! That's a hell of a quote.
  12. Chelsea should count themselves lucky to come away with a point.
  13. LC having a much better second half and making a bit of a statement I think.