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  1. I caught it while I was helping put up mom's Christmas tree. Which was a pretty efficient use of time really; once the first goal went in you kind of knew how the game was going to go. Still I enjoyed to the extent I saw it 8n between being tangled in lights and what not.
  2. Have I said VAR is really dumb? No? Well let me tell you... VAR is really dumb.
  3. Thank god I have Watford - Liverpool to provide some suspense this weekend...
  4. I have to admit this was a bit of dilemma for me - hard to pull for MU but on the OTOH hanging a loss on Jose in this particular game does have its charms.
  5. Seems to me a silly thing to do with one team on a roll an the other struggling. I mean if there is a big pile of money on the table I sort of get it but you'd think he'd give Leicester at least the right of first refusal.
  6. Sitting here thinking "this Norwich side is pretty decent" and then I check the league table and think "my god Arsenal is horrible".
  7. Arsenal's defense tracking back looks like a group of picnickers trying to reach their car with a cloud if yellow jackets in hot pursuit.
  8. Injuries in the back line has essentially been the story of the season IMO. MC is giving up goals are roughly 150% of the rate they were last year. I mean it's not horrible but you don't win the league that way. Losing Sane was also a factor; under rated player I think. Liverpool is on a roll and your point about belief is a good one. And maybe that's the difference. From what I've seen they aren't as potent offensively but they seem a bit more stout defensively. A lot of "bend but don't break" going on. I'd put a 20 on Leicester. Liverpool are going to drop points sooner or later, Leicester is playing well and Liverpool has a rough December schedule. And I'd add I wouldn't be shocked if MC came in 3rd behind Leicester this season; I like the way they are playing. I think city is fine long term, it's just a rough season. The team is a bit battered and little jaded/fatigued. You need a little luck to won trophies and this season they aren't getting it. What are you going to do? Shore up the back line, get healthy and look to next year. If you can go all in on what trophies are still possible come January and see to next year.
  9. Laporte being injured has been a really issue IMO.
  10. Its late IMO. My view this is done barring something catastrophic happening at Liverpool. It's also not a matter of bounces not going MCs way but it's not. The team is simply not good enough. MC has slipped significantly from last season and Liverpool has gotten better in that time.
  11. Can't for the life of me explain why Shaqiri hasn't gotten more minutes. December is going to be a tough month for Liverpool at least from the fatigue aspect. OTOH taken individually the schedule isn't so bad. If they stay healthy I think they grind it out and go into January sitting pretty.