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  1. The question being, if there was some fuckery, was it the player or the ref?
  2. Memorial service for his hopes and dreams?
  3. It's a bit raw watching clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool get matches canceled while West Ham and Leeds soldier on. On the bright side March and April are going to be nuts and we'll be able to catch a game virtually any day of the week. And I can't wait for the teams involved to start moaning about fixture congestion.
  4. I mean... it's not great but I can see why.
  5. EPL commentators beginning of December: "We've got a three way title race!". EPL commentators beginning of January: "Well shit...".
  6. Interesting argument but since when does Levy care about what the fans think?
  7. Fortunately LC decided to let City have a practice session.
  8. Well this is bullshit... I'm up and around early and no matches until 10.
  9. I'm not at all certain that MC will win the league this year. Chelsea aren't out of it by any stretch (though I'm a tad worried about them right now) and Liverpool look very good. An injury here, a bad call there could be the margin this year.
  10. That's... kinda gross. I know you can only play what is in front of you and I know players have to play hard but come off the gas, bring on the reserves. I don't know how anybody involved could have learned anything.
  11. Must be really cold... Dyche has his hands in his pockets.
  12. Apparently they just canceled it due to "heavy snow" or as we Americans call it "a dusting".
  13. No shame at all. I don't think he's a bad guy and I don't think he's a bad manager. I think he was promoted to a job to big for him way too fast. I hope he lands on his feet someplace in a nice mid-table team where he can get some experience. You are absolutely spot on RE: your comments about Ronaldo; totally agree. I just don't think he fits this MU team and it was a mistake to sign him. There was a lot of crowing by some MU fans about stealing a march on MC but this MC fan breathed a sigh of relief when United got him. It has proven to be a poisoned chalice. And hasn't Ronaldo turned into a manager killer? There is no plan B b/c, IMO, they waited too long to bring in a replacement. So now we are looking at an "interim interim" while they scramble around for an interim manager. Frankly it's embarrassing.
  14. Crazy pass to Sterling and a nice finish.
  15. Hmmm... I'd have to say Pochettino is the form horse; high enough profile, timing is right. Maybe David Moyes comes back?
  16. With energy like that you can bet he isn't indulging in brown sauce or fizzy drinks.
  17. Surely they have to consider Neil Warnock!
  18. It was always too big a job for him and signing Ronaldo doomed him; it would take a better and more experienced manager than Solskjaer to solve that particular puzzle.
  19. Should have banned sauce in the lunch room.
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