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  1. "Penalty roulette" is part of the game these days. Tough loss of two points for Arsenal today; that isn't good enough, not against Burnley. Terrible blunder to give up the equalizer. Arteta will not be pleased.
  2. The only chance for a decent game is an early MC goal. Otherwise it will be 90 minutes of watching City trying to pry open a stubborn oyster. I don't hold out much hope for an entertaining match.
  3. Some arse on the outside looking in who, not being satisfied with not bothering, seems upset that everybody else feels that way and feels compelled to go rain on the party. Piss off.
  4. Damn... who put gunpowder in Willian's oatmeal?
  5. Good result for MC; 12 points clear with 12 to go; baring something catastrophic that's the league won. I can see Chelsea top four, you have to think MU will be as well. Be an interesting fight for West Ham and Chelsea. I'd kind of like West Ham to stay up in the top four. They have been playing some good football and for a team pegged to struggle at the beginning of the season by a lot of commentators that would be a pleasing result.
  6. Arsenal needed this. They played well and some nice work on that last goal.
  7. I'll remember his run at Spurs for good reasons
  8. I hate to say it but I think Newcastle has been on the high wire without a net for several years and this time I think they are going to go down. On the one hand no owner deserves it more, on the other hand I don't there is a fan base that deserves it less.
  9. I'd love to go a bar and watch but not chancing it. And I don't fancy sitting outside today. Cold as hell.
  10. I am reliably informed that Japhet Tanganga made the penultimate sacrifice this morning in the service of his club and I am very put out that I missed it.
  11. I definitely think the squad is in need of a refresh. Not a rebuild but something to keep it fresh and interesting. Liverpool have been playing at a very high level for a fair length of time and that's difficult to sustain. Bring in some new players that want a piece of a big side and send off some players who have done everything and won everything they can possibly can with the present side. Give Klopp something new to chew on (and in the meantime give him a bit of a break - his personal circumstances are hard enough to be considered cruel). Not their year but it doesn't mean they are i
  12. Oh I know since middle of last season something was a bit off but I kind of thought they would rally after their win in Leipzig and show a bit better today.
  13. Liverpool just looked... dull. No zip, no fizz, no sizzle.
  14. That was not enjoyable. Should be a "Pay You to View".
  15. Good for him. Get a nice paycheck in a league that won't hammer him as hard physically and maybe he'll enjoy Miami.
  16. On some level I'll be sorry to see a couple of these players go.
  17. A couple of them yeah. Zero value added.
  18. I guess the good news is they didn't reschedule the game to be in Dallas...
  19. MU is funny this year. On the one hand I look at them and I just don't trust them; I just don't think they are that good. On the other hand - look at their record. Then again Tottenham have played absolute shit for a month and are only four points off a top 4 finish. I've just decided not to overthink it this season; it just doesn't pay.
  20. A well deserved "thank you" to West Brom for doing my club a service.
  21. Every game is another round of "Dodgy Penalty Decision Wheel of Fortune". At this point I've given up on the officials and just hope it all evens out by the end of the season.
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