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  1. No shame at all. I don't think he's a bad guy and I don't think he's a bad manager. I think he was promoted to a job to big for him way too fast. I hope he lands on his feet someplace in a nice mid-table team where he can get some experience. You are absolutely spot on RE: your comments about Ronaldo; totally agree. I just don't think he fits this MU team and it was a mistake to sign him. There was a lot of crowing by some MU fans about stealing a march on MC but this MC fan breathed a sigh of relief when United got him. It has proven to be a poisoned chalice. And hasn't Ronaldo turned into a manager killer? There is no plan B b/c, IMO, they waited too long to bring in a replacement. So now we are looking at an "interim interim" while they scramble around for an interim manager. Frankly it's embarrassing.
  2. Hmmm... I'd have to say Pochettino is the form horse; high enough profile, timing is right. Maybe David Moyes comes back?
  3. With energy like that you can bet he isn't indulging in brown sauce or fizzy drinks.
  4. It was always too big a job for him and signing Ronaldo doomed him; it would take a better and more experienced manager than Solskjaer to solve that particular puzzle.
  5. Should have banned sauce in the lunch room.
  6. The possibility Portugal will be out and Wales will be in makes me giddy.
  7. I so want a pro team to get sponsored by a weed business.
  8. So you think Levy's best strategy is to go for a big infusion of cash from a problematic ownership? ;-)
  9. Bush league stuff... a pro would have taken the other players knees out in practice.
  10. Good game this. West Ham are no shit good.
  11. I mean... could have been worse, should have been six.
  12. I'm kind of willing to give Conte a break here - he has hasn't had much time to work with his players.
  13. Some commentator described the second half as a MC team yoga class (or words to that effect). That made me wince a bit.
  14. The sale of Newcastle is like somebody buying a factory and finding out the previous owner had let all the equipment fall to pieces and sold off what still functioned. What the new owner actually bought was a logo and building - in this case a stadium and the badge. If were the Saudi's I'd give the trophy case a hard look to make sure Ashley didn't make off with some of the more valuable bits on his way out.
  15. Well I think the host was speaking of him now and I'd rate Messi as the better player. The later is a matter of opinion of course and reasonable people can raise reasonable arguments over it. As to the former there is not much argument he's pretty immobile at this stage of his career and basically has to park himself around the box and wait for his chances. And no question their aren't many who are better at taking advantage of those chances. OTOH you can't argue he's a defensive liability and he's a black hole on and off the field in that he distorts his entire club. He is simultaneously the problem and the solution - at least for now. My money says MU can't keep living this dangerously, that sooner or later against better opposition the whole thing will come unstuck. But if they went off and won the CL I would be surprised but not shocked (barring divine intervention no chance they win the league). It will be hugely entertaining to see how this plays out.
  16. Probably to avoid the issue surrounding judging a play an "error" as happens in baseball. It's subjective and sometimes punishes a player (and a batter) when the fielder almost makes a hell of a play. You are of course correct in that there are harsh own goals vs. "bad own goals but the current system has the virtue of a fairly clear cut standard and managers and fans are knowledgeable enough to distinguish bad luck from howlers. Admittedly the current system sometimes punishes offensive players when a strike that is going to score anyways is slightly deflected and the defender is "credited" with an own goal but no system is perfect.
  17. Sound advice and not just for football players.
  18. I think it was on the ramble someone described him as a "flat-track bully" padding his career stats which isn't too far from the truth. On paper, this team shouldn't be struggling against teams like Atalanta and Ronaldo can't, just by random chance, keep bailing MU out in these kind of games. And against better teams the current set up just doesn't cut the mustard.
  19. Maybe he sees it as a quick payday figuring if eventually gets axed by Levy it won't hurt his reputation any.
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