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  1. Between COVID and half the teams in Serie A and LaLiga being broke it's been one weird transfer market; if the rumored $30M price for Ronaldo is even close to true MC will have paid 100M for Grealish and 30M for Ronaldo. It's going to take some time for me to wrap my head around that. As to how Ronaldo would fit into the City squad. Lars Sivertsen quoted somebody yesterday saying that at this point Ronaldo is like a piece of siege equipment; still effective but you have to wheel him into position first. No doubt he is deadly in and on the edges of the box but can you see him pressing and doing much work off the ball which a typical Pep side demands? I don't. OTOH Guardiola demonstrated last season he is less ideological then people thought he was; certainly he's a fine manager and may have some ideas. Certainly KDB feeding Ronaldo as he loiters around the opponents goal is intriguing. If I had to guess perhaps Guardiola drops a midfielder back for a bit more defensive solidarity. Maybe... this morning anyways it certainly looks like we'll see. I had MC to come in 2nd in the league behind Chelsea this year FWIW (which is very little) so if this experiment comes to pass I'll just relax and see how it plays out.
  2. Yeah, I pay little attention to the transfer market for just that reason; mostly hot air. Far more useful to wait until it closes and the see who actually did what.
  3. Totally agree with the small sample size problem here. RE: the Champion's League - there are some who might argue the missing piece is between Pep's ears not in the players he doesn't have . But that is an entirely different conversation. If as your report has it that MC offered 75M with an upside of another 25M and didn't budge from that I find that interesting. Now clearly Spurs could assign some value to Kane and that's fine if its in the ball park. What I would find intriguing however is if MC offered so much less. Now perhaps they don't think he would be as economically valuable to them as he is to Tottenham and perhaps that's true; its certainly plausible. In which case the bid was doomed from the outset. Or perhaps MC had a "hard" budget cap for this window and 100M was what was left - in which case. etc., etc.. Now I see reports this morning linking Ronaldo to MC. Well I suppose from the perspective of morbid curiosity stuffing a player who doesn't track back much and doesn't press into a Guardiola team would be... interesting, I'm having trouble seeing how it would be edifying.
  4. As you say Kane passes the All Blacks "no dickheads rule" which is yet another "intangible". But I wasn't speaking of Kane in particular here - I was puzzling a bit over how one values any particular player through the prism of age. I mean everybody talks generally about a "young" player vs an "older player". With respect to Kane, on the one hand he is a bit injury prone but OTOH (as you say) he does seem to take care of himself. Now you could do some sort of crude analysis based on "talent quotient" (talented players have longer careers obviously) vs "injury history" and toss in a coefficient for age but no way is it that simple. If nothing that "talent quotient" would have to be derived from another piece of complex analysis. Now the fact that this would be a very complicated piece of work and have errors bars the size of an I-beam does not mean somebody hasn't tried to do it. And I'd at least mildly interested in taking a look at the results.
  5. I've seen a lot of takes that suggest that if MC would pay 100M for Grealish then 150M for Kane was reasonable. Which seems understandable at first glance but... given that both players have an "expected career length" and Grealish is apx. two years younger I wonder how that fits into the equation? I genuinely don't know; I expect some labor economist has analyzed career length and valuation. The first challenge being what would be expected for any given player and the second is assigning a annual value to any given player. I'd actually be tempted to wade through a paper on the subject.
  6. Perhaps the UN High Commissioner for Refugees can help with resettling them.
  7. Hmmm... I really don't think City has any obligation to bail Kane out of a dumb contract nor do they have any obligation to send a boat load of cash to a league rival. So no, City didn't hang Sir Harry out to dry. I've been pretty clear that, IMO, 150M for an aging, injury prone striker who hasn't won anything was too much. And so I'm pleased MC didn't meet the price. What MC's interest did do was 1) "freeze" the market for Kane when Daniel Levy slapped that price tag on him so he didn't end up at a team like Leicester City, 2) it left Levy sitting on a rapidly depreciating asset, 3) probably made Kane a bit sour (imagine Levy reneging on a gentleman's agreement! I'm shocked I tell you!!") and 4) perhaps stirred up a bit of discontent in Spur's locker room. From my perspective this hasn't been a bad bit of business.
  8. I hear Wiggin Athletic is looking for more squad depth.
  9. Fair enough; seven years (if he makes it) is a long run and he probably will need a rest. I expect that rustling sound I heard today was all the "big name" coaches out there eyeing their contracts and picking them up to go through the fine print.
  10. Does this mean Kane's value just dropped 10M - 20M?
  11. What is a burrito than a spicy meat pie?
  12. Interesting. Maybe they are seriously interested, maybe a way to turn the screws on Daniel Levy, maybe both. He's young and certainly puts a lot of balls in the net for Fiorentina.
  13. They won the EPL w/o him last season no? And I have them in second this year and I don't think Kane would change that. My view is he's injury prone, probably on the wrong side of this career arc, and hasn't shown he can carry a team and win anything. The last may be a touch harsh but it makes me wary. All in all I think he is just too expensive for what he might bring. My view is that they should skip signing him and look in the winter window or next summer for a younger player.
  14. I hear they signed some guy from Spain who did a bit better in the assists column last season.
  15. I see Pogba has his good performance for the season under his belt.
  16. Another blow to Pep's plan to revolutionize football by realizing his dream of fielding a team with ten midfielders.
  17. I'll be watching at my local bar frantically using google maps to figure just where in the hell Brentford is.
  18. Hopefully not MC; I'd pass on Kane and throw big money around to try and get Haaland. Lukaku is a slightly different kettle of fish; I think if Chelsea can get him they should. They have a window right now and they should go "all in" IMO. In different news... I almost hope PSG bets the house on Messi. I don't think it will help them as much as they think it will and PSG might well be on their way to "Barcelonaing" themselves financially.
  19. I'm kind of hoping MC don't sign Kane personally. I don't think they really need him and I also think 100M+ for Kane isn't good business. Kane does have a habit of not turning up for big games and I have the sneaking suspicion he doesn't have long before he hits the downward side of his career. And TBH the devil in me kind of likes Spurs lining up with an elephant in the room. I also wouldn't mind seeing Levy overplay his hand and ending up with considerably less for Kane than he hoped for. So with due consideration for the above, I'm fine if MC stands pat.
  20. The thing that sort of puzzles me about the Grealish signing is that Pep normally likes his players to do a fair amount of work off the ball as part of his system and Grealish hasn't really been expected to do that historically. Not saying he can't of course; he's a good player and a smart one. Maybe he intends to use him as a "super sub" when MC has gone a bit flat and needs a straw to stir the drink or wants to put the kill shot in to close out a game. It will be interesting to watch how Pep uses him.
  21. Shock transfer to Inter Miami.
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