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  1. Fun first half. Excellent goal by Damsgaard and Sterling doing yeoman work.
  2. Tough game for Spain; good team and I feel badly for them. Italy was my dark horse pick so they are holding up their end so far.
  3. Spain vs Switzerland... I need a drink after that. I don't know if that was great or horrible.
  4. That's too bad... I kind of like the guy.
  5. Maybe Spurs can get a new manager in the transfer market...
  6. A match to tell your grandchildren about... and if there is any justice they will be as bored as I was.
  7. "Own goal" for the golden boot.
  8. Look, you can have the English officials take half the time and get it wrong or take twice as long and get it wrong.
  9. It occurs to me that any candidate who accepts the job would be in a high leverage position; their agent should be able to negotiate a pretty good contract with a big pile of guaranteed money. And really, there isn't that much of a reputational risk at this point; getting fired by Spurs isn't exactly an uncommon occurrence and the club has obvious problems.
  10. I wish to announce that talks between Spurs and my next door neighbor have broken down.
  11. In breaking news Tottenham has announced they are abandoning their search for a manager next season and will rebrand the club as the first self team in the EPL to embrace the principals of anarcho-syndicalism. Reached for comment Daniel Levy explained 'this rebranding will realize synergies across the club; not only will there be cost savings by not having to pay off dead money for the next several years to yet another manager I just fired, the catering and physio staff will now be able to contribute to drawing up team sheets before each game'.
  12. It doesn't matter a damn if Scotland goes through; they have already had a good tournament.
  13. At this point he may get it by default. https://theathletic.com/news/tottenham-next-manager-jurgen-klinsmann/6QvYW2hj4KDA
  14. Watched it in a bar with a rabidly pro Scotland crowd; when the final whistle blew the roof came off the place and half the crowd spilled out onto the sidewalk signing "Scotland the Brave" at the top of their lungs. Whiskey and beer flowed in abandon after and how the barmen kept up with the checks I have no idea. Personally I signed what ever the bill was they put in front of me and staggered out. I am, I confess, still slightly drunk but it was great fun.
  15. He had a terrific game and more than made up for his botched PK. Which means all the ribbing he's getting is done in fairly good humor. A nice tidy win being the difference here between comedy and tragedy.
  16. Eating lunch with my mom, keeping an eye on the game and burst out with WHAT THE HELL BALES!!" with a mouth full of coleslaw.
  17. I got a push message about it while I was out and assumed he had been involved in a heavy collision or something. Saw some video and there was nobody near him. Which is scary as hell. I haven't seen much in the way of good footage but to me it looked like someone going down do to dehydration and/or heat or a cardiac issue. Holy crap.
  18. That's not a lot of food for a whole Olympic team...
  19. They are definitely the form horse IMO as well but I expect this tournament is going to be a bit weird. I won't be putting down any bets.
  20. Listened to four pundits analyze the potential England line ups and it appears any combination of players will leave out a player critical to England's success in the tournament.
  21. "If" doing a lot of work there. My money would be on Munich coming roaring back.
  22. It would be incredibly rude for MC to try and poach Klopp. But... this would never happen but purely as an exercise I think it would be fascinating for Pep and Jurgen to swap jobs or more exactly swap squads. Just see what they would do with the players the other manager has and sit back and watch the results.
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