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  1. It's all academic now but... on form definitely. OTOH Madrid is full of pretty cagey veterans and weren't likely to feel the pressure. My take is that is extremely important that MC score the first goal; Chelsea's defense is very, very good right now. I expect a cagey, chess match style final.
  2. TBF there was probably a fair amount of that sentiment last evening.
  3. Well PSG could have finished the game with 8 players so...
  4. Pep pulled him to make sure he was eligible.
  5. That pass and then that goal! Let's see if PSG has it in them to respond.
  6. Mass exodus to the Turkish Super League.
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/jose-mourinho-announced-as-new-as-roma-coach-for-next-season/
  8. He step on his reproductive organ cluster?
  9. I'd like to hear the play by play commentary: "that fat bloke is really getting stuck in to that goal post".
  10. I'm out and about and trying to follow this on my phone. I don't suppose NBC is televising the festivities by any chance?
  11. The only fair thing is to have both teams forfeit. What I can't figure out is if this some sort of blow back from the abortive ESL, frustration at not being able to attend matches in person or generalized drunken idiocy or some combination of some/all of the above.
  12. Most of wraps I've seen so far seem to lean in the direction that MC gave PSG a real hiding in the second half once Pep had the fullbacks come up.
  13. And if my aunt had balls... This assumes LaPorte would have played the same way and gotten the second card or it assumes that he wouldn't that suddenly would have brought the Spurs to life and handed them the trophy. Rubbish. There isn't a team in England who doesn't have a squawk with the refs this season and fair enough; a lot of those squawks are legitimate (the state of officiating in the game could take two or three threads) but at the end of the day they mostly even out. Spurs played badly and deserved to get beat.
  14. Saw a heat map of possession in the first half; MC could have safely had my (deceased) grandmother in goal.
  15. And Jose Mourinho is the only manager to be fired in ESL history which I think is just marvelous.
  16. One of the things I find interesting about this whole dust up is the emphasis on the influence of the American club owners which is fair enough but what I find sort of amusing is the assumption that this super league would appeal to the North American audience. I don't know a single American fan of the EPL who thinks this is a good idea and that doesn't surprise me in the least. What a lot of English commentators seem to overlook is 1) we follow European football because we like it - so we don't have much interest in changing it and 2) and (I will suggest this is REALLY important) is people like the Glazers... well we know these people, we know them really well. And they are bastards. Greedy, grasping bastards that will bilk sports fan of every last cent; they don't give a damn about sports, all they care about is money. We know this. So when they float a proposal the first thing we assume is its some sort of money grubbing hustle (and we ain't wrong). And of course we all know why the Spanish clubs are all in - they are broke (I for one am looking forward to seeing Valencia at the top of the Spanish table in five years ;-)). Roy is correct; this isn't over and you can bet that in a couple of years when the dust is settled this idea will be back in one form or another. Keep your eyes open and your hand on your wallet.
  17. I deeply regret not being able to see this "10 on 10" football.
  18. I'd like to think so but what is clear is no way in hell were the German fans going to put up with it and they are the most powerful fans in the game. Sure didn't take long for Munich and Dortmund to pour cold water on this idea.
  19. Well that's nice and clear isn't it?
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