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  1. It would be incredibly rude for MC to try and poach Klopp. But... this would never happen but purely as an exercise I think it would be fascinating for Pep and Jurgen to swap jobs or more exactly swap squads. Just see what they would do with the players the other manager has and sit back and watch the results.
  2. Patched Tube


    The problem with PSG is it's hard for manager to put much of a stamp on the club; you start with two hugely expensive players and then its a bag full of odds and bits. On some level it has to be frustrating or even boring.
  3. No questions from me; he wins and he wins a lot. You look around the PL and who would I swap with? MU? Liverpool? Maybe - but I think I want to see how he rebounds (or doesnt) next season (mind you it would be interesting). Anybody else? Not really. Pep did a remarkable job this season and he does have a habit it doing just that.
  4. Meh... it's a good season by any measure. I'm not too upset about it, disappointed a bit but not upset. The fact is there are a couple of other clubs that ended the season with big handful of air and no silver. Looking over the line up sheet, absent any other information, I'd say Pep out smarted himself again. At this point its kind of funny.
  5. I know transfer season is a spawning ground for silly rumors and you really shouldn't pay much attention to any "news" that doesn't actually involve a player putting pen to paper but I have to confess I'm not wild about this idea.
  6. Sixty quid, bad seats, a poor effort by the home team and no cheese? Lucky there wasn't a riot.
  7. Absolutely drilled it; goal keeper didn't stand a chance. ;-)
  8. I saw a story that linked him with Inter Miami which amuses me for some some reason.
  9. It's all academic now but... on form definitely. OTOH Madrid is full of pretty cagey veterans and weren't likely to feel the pressure. My take is that is extremely important that MC score the first goal; Chelsea's defense is very, very good right now. I expect a cagey, chess match style final.
  10. TBF there was probably a fair amount of that sentiment last evening.
  11. Well PSG could have finished the game with 8 players so...
  12. Pep pulled him to make sure he was eligible.
  13. That pass and then that goal! Let's see if PSG has it in them to respond.
  14. Mass exodus to the Turkish Super League.
  15. https://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/jose-mourinho-announced-as-new-as-roma-coach-for-next-season/
  16. He step on his reproductive organ cluster?
  17. I'd like to hear the play by play commentary: "that fat bloke is really getting stuck in to that goal post".
  18. I'm out and about and trying to follow this on my phone. I don't suppose NBC is televising the festivities by any chance?
  19. The only fair thing is to have both teams forfeit. What I can't figure out is if this some sort of blow back from the abortive ESL, frustration at not being able to attend matches in person or generalized drunken idiocy or some combination of some/all of the above.
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