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  1. They have done enough to stay up IMO and that is something of a shame.
  2. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/blog/2021/apr/10/reguilon-on-for-bergwijn-how-jose-mourinho-blew-spurs-title-charge?__twitter_impression=true
  3. Meh... if you look at the stats this is just one of those games. The setup and substitutions were fine, the team played well enough to win by any reasonable measure. But when an opponent scores two goals on two shots on target and your shots just aren't dropping you get beat.
  4. That was wild and the stat sheet... I thought it was going to be a dangerous game and here we are. I'm not even that mad TBH. A wild scramble of a game and very entertaining.
  5. This is going to require some thought.
  6. Mason Mount continues to make his case for a place in the England squad.
  7. This is... not going the way I thought it would.
  8. This the wildest game I've seen in a long time.
  9. Live action shot of Spurs...
  10. Odds say not. Personally I'd start talking about the possibility of four once three are in case.
  11. Nice time of the season to get healthy.
  12. Aubameyang also apparently on the naughty list as well.
  13. If Fulham dodges relegation on the strength of 3 points they take from Liverpool I'll be totally gobsmacked.
  14. "Penalty roulette" is part of the game these days. Tough loss of two points for Arsenal today; that isn't good enough, not against Burnley. Terrible blunder to give up the equalizer. Arteta will not be pleased.
  15. The only chance for a decent game is an early MC goal. Otherwise it will be 90 minutes of watching City trying to pry open a stubborn oyster. I don't hold out much hope for an entertaining match.
  16. Some arse on the outside looking in who, not being satisfied with not bothering, seems upset that everybody else feels that way and feels compelled to go rain on the party. Piss off.
  17. Damn... who put gunpowder in Willian's oatmeal?
  18. Good result for MC; 12 points clear with 12 to go; baring something catastrophic that's the league won. I can see Chelsea top four, you have to think MU will be as well. Be an interesting fight for West Ham and Chelsea. I'd kind of like West Ham to stay up in the top four. They have been playing some good football and for a team pegged to struggle at the beginning of the season by a lot of commentators that would be a pleasing result.
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