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  1. If I have read the Steve Hoffman forum correctly, this stereo version was the first version ever ‘released’ in Japan, having been released on a promotional cassette in the run up to Nebraska’s release. You can, therefore, just about claim it was the original mix As for multiple copies, yes I buy loads of things multiple times, but some of those Nebraska CDs came as part of job lots of Japan for Europe Bruce CDs on eBay where I was wanting one of the other CDs. With the exception of the Japanese version, I don’t think I have ever paid more for this version of Nebraska than I first did when I bought it from Boots, and that was after staff discount!
  2. In answer to your original question, as I posted upthread, yes I have multiple copies of this CD. I don’t have the Japan for US version but I am pretty sure I have a Japanese issue, I think it’s the first press, as well as a number of the Japan for Europe issues. Since I have had the alternate CD since it was released I have always considered it the proper version of Nebraska despite owning it on cassette before then.
  3. Just going through the Steve Hoffman thread, the Japan mix is also pitched differently so runs faster than the standard mix (I think that’s what they are saying).
  4. For further differences between this release and later pressings you might want to read this: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/springsteen-nebraska-cd-original-mix-japan.147156/ The most notable, other than the coda on My Father’s House, is that this release features a stereo mix, subsequent CD releases are mono as was the original release.
  5. And if anyone wants one, there is one here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bruce-Springsteen-Nebraska-CD-NO-BARCODE-MADE-IN-JAPAN-NEAR-MINT/362769250217?hash=item5476bb77a9:g:03EAAOSwDFJdhTmK
  6. I’ve got a few of the Japan for Europe ones. One I bought new from Boots in the Viccy Centre in Nottingham after reading of its existence. The others I have picked up from eBay from time to time for very little; I was going through a phase of buying up Bruce’s Japan for Europe CDs.
  7. Download the Nugs app and then play it from the My Stash section of the app. You will need to log in to your nugs/Bruce store account. Once you have, all your purchased shows should be there to listen to.