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  1. Presumably they have at least another seven so that they can release the Volume 2 Box Set
  2. I thought Bruce turned down the chance to duet with Clarence on ‘You’re A Friend Of Mine’, or rather Jon Landau did. Wasn’t it mentioned in that Jon Landau business guru article?
  3. Do they though, I thought they remixed three of the shows prior to broadcast on Bruce’s Sirius channel which suggests they have the tapes in a usable fashion.
  4. Having listened to this, and wonderful as it is, and having listened to Hammersmith 1 this morning, am I the only person who thinks that Hammersmith 1 is a more enjoyable listening experience?
  5. I think you are right about Newcastle City Hall, isn’t it less than 2k. Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre is a little over 2k I think.
  6. There would have been a number in the UK. I think the show you were thinking about is probably Stafford Bingley Hall which is a cattle market during the day, so not sure how many that held. Then there were shows at the Manchester Apollo, Newcastle City Hall and Edinburgh Playhouse all small venues (probably less than 5k capacity) as well as the Brighton Conference Centre which isn’t that big either. Only the Wembley Arena and NIA shows were in 10k capacity venues in the UK.
  7. 25% OFF HOLIDAY SALE Now's the time to stock up on the Bruce Springsteen recordings you've always wanted! For a limited time on nugs.net, you can get 25% Off Bruce Springsteen CDs as well as downloads, including Hi-Res formats*. nugs.net offers over 200 live Bruce Springsteen shows dating back to 1975, including Bruce’s solo work and recordings with The E Street Band. All downloads from nugs.net as well as Live Bruce Springsteen, can be streamed in the nugs.net app. The 25% Off sale ends on Wednesday 12/2. Save Here
  8. Just to update on my US store pre-order I received the customs notification for it yesterday. It should be delivered tomorrow.
  9. I pre-ordered from the UK store and it arrived within a couple of days of release. I also pre-ordered from the US store and while it has been dispatched it has not yet made it to me here in the UK.
  10. There was the turntable mat that came with some copies of the record in Spain
  11. That looks like an EU copy which I think would be pretty unlikely to be included in the Best Buy Edition given this was a US retailer and IIRC was included in the box itself rather than shrinkwrapped to the outside. Maybe some EU retailers were given copies of the Promo CD to give away with the box?
  12. I seem to remember there was at least one US retailer had it as an exclusive (Wikipedia reports it as Best Buy). Promo CD singles of Born To Run / Meeting Across The River were issued in both the US and Europe, can you tell which version you have in your box? There is a photo of it here: https://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=552698
  13. If I have read the Steve Hoffman forum correctly, this stereo version was the first version ever ‘released’ in Japan, having been released on a promotional cassette in the run up to Nebraska’s release. You can, therefore, just about claim it was the original mix As for multiple copies, yes I buy loads of things multiple times, but some of those Nebraska CDs came as part of job lots of Japan for Europe Bruce CDs on eBay where I was wanting one of the other CDs. With the exception of the Japanese version, I don’t think I have ever paid more for this version of Nebraska than I first did when I bought it from Boots, and that was after staff discount!
  14. In answer to your original question, as I posted upthread, yes I have multiple copies of this CD. I don’t have the Japan for US version but I am pretty sure I have a Japanese issue, I think it’s the first press, as well as a number of the Japan for Europe issues. Since I have had the alternate CD since it was released I have always considered it the proper version of Nebraska despite owning it on cassette before then.
  15. Just going through the Steve Hoffman thread, the Japan mix is also pitched differently so runs faster than the standard mix (I think that’s what they are saying).
  16. For further differences between this release and later pressings you might want to read this: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/springsteen-nebraska-cd-original-mix-japan.147156/ The most notable, other than the coda on My Father’s House, is that this release features a stereo mix, subsequent CD releases are mono as was the original release.
  17. And if anyone wants one, there is one here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bruce-Springsteen-Nebraska-CD-NO-BARCODE-MADE-IN-JAPAN-NEAR-MINT/362769250217?hash=item5476bb77a9:g:03EAAOSwDFJdhTmK
  18. I’ve got a few of the Japan for Europe ones. One I bought new from Boots in the Viccy Centre in Nottingham after reading of its existence. The others I have picked up from eBay from time to time for very little; I was going through a phase of buying up Bruce’s Japan for Europe CDs.
  19. Download the Nugs app and then play it from the My Stash section of the app. You will need to log in to your nugs/Bruce store account. Once you have, all your purchased shows should be there to listen to.
  20. https://brucespringsteen.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/artist?sourceCode=BSPWEBWWUSD&categoryName=Posters+%26+Prints&artistName=Bruce+Springsteen
  21. I can't verify this anywhere but there has been a suggestion that the Hammersmith Odeon live album will be issued as. 4LP box set for RSD 2017.
  22. Heads up, it looks like Chapter and Verse is being issued on red vinyl on 18 November. https://www.bol.com/nl/p/chapter-and-verse/9200000064226260/
  23. Apparently there is a sampler CD for the box set; two tracks from each album. I read this on another forum where somebody reported receiving one in the mail (in the US I believe). It wasn't clear whether it was a manufactured CD or a CD-R.
  24. Presumably this means Johnny Bye Bye won't be played tonight even though we'll have to wait until August 15th for the record to actually fall.
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