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  1. If this is it for the E Street band, then I am happy to have seen 3 amazing shows in a 1-week period 9-7-16 and 9-9-16 both in Philly 9-14-16 Foxborough in Boston Final US Shows of the River tour (we skipped Pittsburgh) and what an amazing last night New York City Serenade Prove It All Night Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street? Blinded by the Light It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City Growin' Up Spirit in the Night Lost in the Flood Kitty's Back Incident on 57th Street Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) No Surrender Boom Boom Darkness on the Edge of Town Radio Nowhere Hungry Heart Out in the Street Detroit Medley Light of Day 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) American Skin (41 Shots) The Promised Land Because the Night The Rising Badlands Long Walk Home Jungleland Born to Run Dancing in the Dark Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Shout Rockin' All Over the World Bobby Jean
  2. I too was picturing him rummaging through piles of stuff on his desk/end table "Where the hell did I put that"
  3. Thanks Peeps, not anywhere near 60 yet (unlike the original poster) but it was a different birthday for sure. I have always appreciated how the entire world drinks green beer to celebrate my birthday, here is hoping we party correctly next year and all this crap is behind us and you and your families are all alive and well
  4. I still feel that way, Miracle does nothing for me, but I do love that album's music and whatever brought him to write those songs. But I am one of the people who prefers "Acoustic Bruce" over "R&R Bruce" for my own listening pleasure. I have seen every tour since 1984 and enjoyed every minute of every show. But there is a reason why they make chocolate AND vanilla ice cream, there are people who love one or the other and some that like both just the same - tastes vary, just like opinions.
  5. Posted it here, a long long time ago - continued thanks and praise to @JimCT
  6. Stevie says all kinds of things that eventually turn out to not be "perfectly accurate" and he LOVES social media attention. He said this on Twitter
  7. I think it is definitely an attempt to change the discussions on TV, radio and water coolers everywhere. While it adds excitement of the "playoff run" to more teams, I can't imagine the playoffs running longer ( even into November ) due to extra games. One solution to that is to eliminate the day of rest that sometimes happens during playoff series. But we don't need any more baseball playoff games in my opinion, less would be fine. I do admit that I don't like the 1-game playoff that exists currently, where literally one error can effectively end a season. A mini-series of 3 games would be better to me. But adding more teams/series seems unnecessary
  8. Has been a while since someone called for that one, sorry didn't have time to search for it last night
  9. I got verified for the presale and ended up with nice seats, about 14 rows above the floor, the section next to the left side of the stage - almost perfect Anyone else hitting the Denver show?
  10. I am wondering if the Mets have heard from MLB that this was going to include Beltran, or if they just felt that washing their hands of him now would be the right PR move. In the Astros report that mentioned his name, it didn't indicate that they would be dealing with him later, like was said about Cora. Maybe the Mets just don't want any of the splatter landing on them, now or in the future.
  11. I doubt it - he was a player at the time, not one of the managers. So far, the commissioner hasn't gone after ANY of the players. At this point, the league has only sanctioned 2 administration (coach and GM) members and haven't even mentioned any of the players and their involvement. The issue of the players is problematic, first you gotta face the players union, second it will punish other teams beyond the one that was cheating, thirdly some players got immunity for their testimony and how do you punish all the involved players commensurate to their culpability - I don't think you can, so I think they won't