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  1. It has been a wasted season over here, for sure. Pitcher tosses a 1 run gem, offense gets shut out - next night, offense give you 7 runs and bullpen blows the lead in the 8th. It has almost become farcical, as the main reason to watch now is to see how they can lose differently tonight
  2. He said things like "I will let it be a surprise" "Not sure if that's been announced yet" and "I've been busy" In other words, he said a lot of things, with a million possible meanings
  3. On E Street radio, he mentions a "vault release" and also another release for "Early Next Year" Let the speculation begin! And probably some complaining too, after all we are Bruce fans, right?
  4. On a serious note, it really isn't for everyone, and it wasn't the first time he did it. I think he personally enjoyed the experience, so he extended it and extended it and extended again, simply because people kept coming and he was finding it fulfilling. I probably won't get up there to see this, but I don't really understand the anger/frustration some others (not you JustDan) have expressed. Bruce has earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants to, including never performing for anyone again. I am glad he is choosing to continue to make new music (not always the kind
  5. Maybe that new record with "songs about the West" Might be he reworks the Springsteen on Broadway show and adds some new music.....all possible So for all the prognostications, who had "another round of Springsteen on Broadway" in the betting pool?
  6. Oh yeah, and for the record - on the way home after that first show in 1984, I started the "I can't believe he didn't play Rosalita" curse which followed me for another 18 shows before I finally heard it live
  7. It's true, and I suppose that might be why I think the majority of the shows I have seen are what I consider "non-Epic" but again, that whole BIUSA tour was pretty amazing. A lot of the shows I saw over 40 years time were amazing, but after that first show in 1984, and after endless setlist obsessing, I always felt like I still hadn't seen a "OMG you had to be there" show - until 2016 that is....then I got 3 of em, as I think Bruce was trying to prove he still "had it" and could play all night, every night
  8. Frankly, that whole show was spectacular. I have seen Bruce many times over the now almost 40 years I have been able to, and never got one of those "Epic Night" shows - most were just a workman like effort, middle of the tour, just another show kind of spectacular. For this tour though, we decided to spend the vacation chasing Bruce and caught the two amazing shows in Philly, skipped the one he played in Pittsburgh but went to Boston for the last show of the tour......so glad we did - now I feel like I saw 3 "Epic Nights" and it happened during 2 magical weeks
  9. I was 10 - was a coming of age moment, the first time I was able to go to the movies without my parents. So not just a great movie that triggered the imagination of a 10 year old, but the first taste of adult freedom at the same time Now, it just makes me old
  10. It's perfect Let the pilgrimages begin to "Marsha's Place"
  11. I missed this one earlier - but have always found the conversation to be an interesting one. On identical equipment, I have some friends who can clearly hear it to be "crisper" or "Sharper" when comparing 16 bit to 24 bit. But others can't hear any difference at all. But what I have noticed is the playing equipment is consequential - regular speakers played through a computer rarely give enough quality to hear the difference, but on a higher dollar, higher tech system it becomes more noticeable to me. The real question is your level of "audiophile obsession" and if you want to
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