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  1. A Bruce Fan Of A Lesser God

    Can't blame Spike for wearing the headphones . Now, if I could only unsee those dance moves
  2. So excited for you, hoping your night is magical!
  3. Members+

    We added a setting so people who can't help themselves aren't able to even see the forum. If they don't read, they don't get angry and post stuff that gets them in trouble - see sticky post in the Underworld
  4. Ah, hearing my first show again in good quality 20 years later was truly a blessing Tape trading, what a different world that was and a different time when everything was sent in the mail and every time you got a package in the mail box you knew you had something special to listen to that night.
  5. Broadway coming to London

    OK guys, we all love to talk about rumors - but this one is obviously a wind up post, simply for chuckles 1) Tom Hanks wouldn't reveal stuff about his friend Bruce - he lives in the internet age and knows it won't last 30 seconds before the world knows it 2) Bruce may or may not do this, but I doubt he has decided at this point - see the "extends until June" rumors that have amounted to nothing so far 3) When someone starts with a nameless friend told me a secret, you can already tell what's happening 4) People who would know if this was actually true don't know - I doubt Tom Hanks has the details Wow, in a world of Fake news, this is a good one
  6. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    Pitchers and catchers report in.............. Again, as long as the Dodgers lose, I am happy - but I don't trust any lead in this WS
  7. Members+

    A setting for those who don't wish to be tempted by the FC They are smarter than the average member
  8. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    I don't care who wins this year, as long as the Dodgers lose
  9. Spotted!

    Or if you spelled color correctly
  10. Oh my God, DMR is up to 125 posts - and she is apparently going to Broadway!
  11. Nevermind

    Best thread ever
  12. Yup, Golden Globes for Streets of Philadelphia and for The Wrestler, both for Original Song
  13. I believe that is exactly why they did this. There was talk of working up a Broadway event based on Bruce's characters in his music, similar to "Movin Out" was for Billy Joel. While that never got off the ground, I think this event is an outgrowth from those discussions
  14. They have? We have always talked about bootlegs, I think I have every single one, but I haven't updated my list in a long time so I'm not sure anymore. Youtube links have always been allowed, everyone knows about Jungleland and DIME and the dozens of other trading sites We won't host or use our server for downloading shows from our site (like other Springsteen sites do) and when people post links to direct downloads, like a GoogleDrive link, we will usually delete them when we see them.