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  1. So glad that you had this experience, and shared a piece of your heart while telling us about it
  2. 37 Years Ago Tonight

    Yup, and Mikey stayed home because the parental units didn't like those friends and didn't think a 14 year old Mikey should be at a concert with college kids. Plus they didn't know anything about Bruce, so I only got to hear about it.
  3. 37 Years Ago Tonight

    Every time one of you guys post a Tempe 1980 video, I curse my parents one more time
  4. Down for two days

    Pretty much, yes
  5. 10 Ave-Tempe

    Ah yes, the show my parents wouldn't let teenaged Mikey attend with his friends. I still hate them for this
  6. Down for two days

    It was really strange, actually talking to the wife and real people for two days Please don't ever let that happen again
  7. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Damn Flies! Sending our love to you Abbey, stay strong!
  8. River tour 2016 concert posters

    I didn't try to save images of all of them, but here is a sample of the variety that was created
  9. Let's just say John didn't enjoy that call
  10. I'm actually glad for you Andrew - but it's just another show you are at when Bruce won't play Incident
  11. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Picking up the tab - donations needed

    Done, and I will express my appreciation for the family we have created here. Greasy Lake wouldn't be what it is without all of you good people, I think we are all lucky to have each other in this crazy world
  13. New To The Lake

    Wait, some of us are middle aged? Nice!
  14. A Bruce Fan Of A Lesser God

    Can't blame Spike for wearing the headphones . Now, if I could only unsee those dance moves