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  1. It is in the DNA of these people to play, and to play - they thrive on the accolades and the love of the crowds. While Bruce is doing Broadway, Nils is touring on his own and with Neil Young, Stevie is touring, Garry has toured supporting his music, Max seems to always be playing somewhere and Jake is playing shows on his own as well. It is a draw that none of them can resist, even when they don't need the money. I expect we will see more E Street shows (but maybe not monster 18 month tours) certainly Bruce will play music on a stage for as long as he breathes, he can't stay away.
  2. CmonMrTrouble


    Belated wishes to the Boss' Boss Thanks for constantly cleaning up after me here
  3. CmonMrTrouble

    Six years ago in LA - Dump that Jumps!

    Was still crying 3 days later. Chased that song since 1984, and to finally get it while being only a few feet away....... Pardon me, I need a minute
  4. CmonMrTrouble

    Oops, sorry about that...

    I did it, Karsten fixed it
  5. All memories now, even the building is gone. 4-27-2012 - a surprise "For You" about 90 minutes before the show And the night before - "Something in the Night" with our elbows on the stage, the night we "won" the lottery draw and were among the first 20 or so in the building Saw LOTS of Laker friends that weekend, great memories
  6. CmonMrTrouble

    OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    Merrero said the First base coach was screaming at Avila, and he was trying to figure out why - he also admitted he should have been paying better attention, both players were only watching the homerun, not each other
  7. CmonMrTrouble

    OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    Ugly is not the word, little leaguers don't make that kind of mistake. Both players carry some blame
  8. CmonMrTrouble

    OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    As a Dbacks fan, I am certainly enjoying the start of the season this year. I can't expect it to continue all season, but an 11-3 start along with winning their first 5 series and already having a 5-0 record vs. the Dodgers is about as good a start as I could expect. If only we hadn't given that one game to @JudgeBrown's stupid Giants
  9. CmonMrTrouble

    OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    You would lose your place on the team in Little League for a play like that
  10. CmonMrTrouble

    OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

  11. CmonMrTrouble

    OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    Looks like Jeter's plans are working pretty well
  12. It's a pretty special place we have here, lots of good people and you look like you will be another one of them Good luck with your ticket, hope it goes well and you can get back on another date in the future. Everyone should see this show, even if sacrifices have to be made to do it.
  13. CmonMrTrouble

    OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    Diamondbacks win in the 16th inning, 5 hour 45 minute game - and the only thing that makes it sweeter They beat the stinking Dodgers
  14. CmonMrTrouble

    OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    I am not sure what makes me happier, that my DBacks started out 2-0 or that the Dodgers start out 0-2 I missed baseball
  15. CmonMrTrouble

    Go to the concert. It's good for you.

    I always thought being nearly deaf would improve my marriage, so it's a win/win