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  1. I got verified for the presale and ended up with nice seats, about 14 rows above the floor, the section next to the left side of the stage - almost perfect Anyone else hitting the Denver show?
  2. I am wondering if the Mets have heard from MLB that this was going to include Beltran, or if they just felt that washing their hands of him now would be the right PR move. In the Astros report that mentioned his name, it didn't indicate that they would be dealing with him later, like was said about Cora. Maybe the Mets just don't want any of the splatter landing on them, now or in the future.
  3. I doubt it - he was a player at the time, not one of the managers. So far, the commissioner hasn't gone after ANY of the players. At this point, the league has only sanctioned 2 administration (coach and GM) members and haven't even mentioned any of the players and their involvement. The issue of the players is problematic, first you gotta face the players union, second it will punish other teams beyond the one that was cheating, thirdly some players got immunity for their testimony and how do you punish all the involved players commensurate to their culpability - I don't think you can, so I think they won't
  4. There is always the random possibility that I fixed it myself, without help Just sayin, it's possible
  5. That version of Pink Cadillac was one of the highlights for me. Having heard about Bruce's "Stories" in magazine and newspaper articles (yes, that's all we had back in 1984) I finally got to hear one myself, and for a song I really liked!
  6. 35 years today - seems like a couple of years ago, still remember how this night felt Thanks to Jim for his recording which helps me relive the memory every year
  7. 35 years burning down that road - Where did the time go, when did we get old too? Thanks Jim, for helping me relive one of my best Springsteen memories with your recording
  8. I had flipped through it at a bookstore when it was released, but the cost just seemed too much. On Amazon, sometimes you can find it closer to $55 or so. It is a very cool book, but I can understand the market is limited, simply because not many people will be that interested in hundreds of pictures of bass guitars, no matter well done. Having one now, I do appreciate the quality and effort put into the project, but probably wouldn't have bought it for full retail Getting one signed and getting to meet and get photos taken while we talked with him made it worth the extra cost to me - we did get one extra just signed and had one made out to Mike and Kelley that we will be keeping.
  9. Cover price on the book is $90 and the rest is convenience (ticketing) fees The book is a large coffee table sized book, amazing quality and tons of photos and details about historical guitars
  10. Saturday I will see Geddy Lee at a book signing for his book about the bass guitar. Tickets include a meet and greet and a signed book, which must be personalized. With my wife coming along, I can get a book signed for one more person. Cost is $95 plus shipping to get the book to you. Just offering if someone is interested If you're in Denver and going, would love to meet you there.
  11. There is a LOT of money in those Vegas deals, and not much for costs to the artist. I would prefer to think he would do it in Atlantic City and go home every night. But not touring, not supporting a hundred full time employees traveling with him, it must sound interesting. I don't see it happening this year or next, but I would bet a contract like that would be appealing to a 75 year old Bruce