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  1. "Economic equality" is a nice concept, but impossible to accomplish. We don't work equally, we don't have equal skill sets, there is no equality in different parts of the world (a child born in Manhattan has a distinct advantage over a child born in an impoverished part of the 3rd world) , we don't learn equally, we don't expend equal efforts and on and on. Culturally, this is where our world is now - we heap riches on our athletes, entertainers and business leaders. Not too many centuries ago, musicians and artists were barely above starving wages in most parts of the world, and often were only "successful" if they endeared themselves in some way to the wealthy or the ruling class. Most scientists, poets, painters and musicians died in poverty up until perhaps the 1900's, the technology age did much to enrich them as their work was able to be shared further than eyes could see or ears could hear. Today that isn't true, but that isn't their fault.
  2. 2/3 of the world would like to be any of us - 68% of the population is in the lowest wealth bracket, with less than 10,000 of wealth It isn't Bruce or entertainers that are the problem -
  3. You're going to have to try harder I guess
  4. While I might have said it more nicely, Roy isn't far off from what I am thinking. Of course, every one of us wants THE show that we want and we want it NOW. But the fact that we are getting these shows AT ALL is a significant gift as Bruce and Co have no obligation to provide them I don't kiss up to Bruce as if every decision he has made has been perfect, but the Archive Series is one of the best decisions I think he has made for us, his fans. Bitching about not getting what YOU want is pretty silly, be patient, hang around a while, the boots will come
  5. Sharks have really custom skin
  6. Zero contributions from me - you don't want me doing ANY technical stuff I'm just here to bark at the bad guys and entertain the masses
  7. I would suggest not wasting your wish on the Giants, nothing good is going to happen there this year
  8. I should have suggested "Stranded in the Park" Does this name change make the Palacer's now Loose-rs?
  9. I think that's a Danish word ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After six years with the same look, it’s finally time for something new to happen. So, here it is: the brand new and updated Greasy Lake website
  10. Miggy had the exact same issue as a Diamondback, said things he should have kept to himself. And yes, people steal on him easily and catching Arrieta only made it worse. Some of what he says is true, but it didn't need to be said Great guy, decent enough player, big mouth and the Diamondbacks gave him such a big contract that trading him is basically impossible for the Cubs
  11. What do you mean "one day" It already IS!
  12. I have that one, you signed it for me!
  13. I don't think many would have guessed the Giants would be 25 games out of first place in their division before the All Star game But I have to admit, I am enjoying it.
  14. And I am later than even PRR - Don, we have been Phoenix friends and Bruce friends for a long time, and let me just say I am happy to be in Colorado this week
  15. Sure, send me a PM and I can do it for you