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  1. Post and PM editing?

    Stop making so many
  2. Post and PM editing?

    We did a behind the scenes software update, killing some bugs - I will look to see if I can edit the edit settings so you can edit your edits Cross your fingers
  3. Sheesh, do you have to tell EVERYONE?
  4. It looks pretty cool in person, the big sign over the street is impressive
  5. Exactly right, I was making sure that I liked the people sitting near me. Originally it was going to be Sting on my left and Troy Aikman on my right, but we moved a few people around so now It's Brian Williams and John Stewart on each side. Much better, because I couldn't bear any more stories from "Drunk Sting" about why he is better than anyone at everything
  6. We are in the city this weekend and decided to not try and find tickets to go. We actually walked right by MSG late last night, so close and yet so far
  7. Deactivating account

    Log out, don't come back. Easy enough If it is a sensitive/legal reason for this request, contact me through a PM
  8. Owned by the Danish mafia near as I can prove. Interesting question about the moderators, because I hear complaints about "unfair treatment" from people on both sides of the political spectrum, including several of you posting on this thread. Since the moderators are offending both sides, that seems pretty fair to me. A couple of you are walking a thin line for continued participation here. Moderate yourself or I will do it for you, friends of mine or not, this tone will stop one way or another. Burghfan made an observation that you could comment on without questioning his intellect, reading comprehension and education. Make it personal and the line is crossed and some of you will be reading here only from now on, as you won't be posting. Don't test me/us on this, you won't win. Fortunately, Burghfan is a big boy and doesn't need my help as he's doing fine defending himself and his position......doing so without getting personal or hateful with his replies. As for the right leaning moderator, it just might be me ,
  9. A Little Light-Heartedness

    I do believe this whole mess with Bruce started several years ago. After the success of the Broadway show made up from Billy Joel's music, people began approaching him about doing the same Somehow it morphed into "Story Teller Bruce" and a Broadway theater
  10. A Bruce Fan Of A Lesser God

    It's funny how you describe your feelings and how easily I can relate to them. I was blessed with a mother who spent most of her career working with handicapped children. When we were growing up, we spent certain periods of time with her "other kids." My Mom insisted we see them as "Special" not in a negative way as so many do, but with the realization that their disability made them better than us, who had all the advantages of healthy bodies, loving parents, ect. I befriended Billy when I was probably 8-9, he had Muscular Distrophy and was already wheelchair bound. At school, we both suffered the taunts of the other kids, me being taunted because Billy was my friend. I never felt bad about that, in fact it stiffened my back to the fact that people are often stupid/ignorant and that if I stood firm to what I believed, I could ignore the noise of those who were obviously the ones who were truly disadvantaged. The lesson I still remember from Billy (who died when I was 12) was that every freaking day he was happy. Of course he had bad days, and as his disease progressed, there were more of those than I probably remember almost 40 years later. It shamed me when I was in a bad mood, but Billy could be happy with a wheelchair, a belt holding him into it, a breathing tube and a big smile for everyone who greeted him. Well into adulthood, I would remind myself that my personal happiness was MY choice and my circumstances were never as bad as Billy's and somehow that helped me drive through the difficulties with a smile on my face and in my heart. I am glad you found your own "Billy" and I am glad you have shared him with us, we are all better for it in some way
  11. A Bruce Fan Of A Lesser God

    Yup, I think we will need weekly video updates, at the least
  12. Outtakes/Unreleased Poll - Round 1, Stage 3

    I have a few options, how do you feel about "spammers"
  13. So some small amount of "verified fans" aren't exactly our definition of fans - that's still way better than Bots grabbing 35% of available tickets And by the way, I bet more than a few "fans" would take $10K for tickets they paid $1700 to buy - you'd be an idiot to not take that. There are a LOT of tickets listed, but only when the shows actually start will we know what they are really selling for, and I bet NONE of them sell for more than 2X face value - NONE