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  1. There have been politics wrapped in this song since it's release. However, we are a politics free zone, so please restrain your argument and avoid confrontation with your fellow Bruce fans - insults and derogatory comments about our members will be deleted.
  2. Yup, another example of lyrics not wearing well when one looks closely at them 40 years further on down the road.
  3. Cultural changes will often make musical lyrics seem "out of touch" but at the time that language was common. Bruce here is singing in the early 80's about an event happening maybe 10 years before, so this is a almost 50 year old term when we look at it today. I don't know much about Chinese culture 40 years ago, but in the US there have been major changes about many social topics, and racial terms are one example of big swings in opinion. The topic of the verse is the Vietnam war, which covered a time period from the mid-50's to the early 70's and the cultural language here was intentionally demeaning to the enemy - not something only Americans have done as it's much easier to kill your enemy after you have diminished their humanity and desire to live as they wish...... The same happens today, too many in the world hate others by category alone, oftentimes while remaining ignorant of the sort of people they are choosing to hate - as Sting famously quipped "Do Russian mothers love their children too?" Of course, in this song Bruce isn't making an argument about the validity of war - but was simply expressing how the culture of that time justified the participation in a conflict - "to go and kill the yellow man" Much like the reference to "our pa's each own one of the World Trade Centers" in Darlington County from the same album, things change and sometimes there are unintentional consequences (some wish Bruce wouldn't sing this verse again) but the art speaks for the time when it is created and I think that is as it should be
  4. Probably?????? Nothing like being 47 games out of first place in Septmber, eh?
  5. Quick snap of the TV with my crappy phone - but you get the idea
  6. We have made efforts to pull those threads out of the archives and it seems compatibility with the new board software will keep us from linking them here. If we can figure out a way to share them here (like the "Unfuckingbelieveable" thread) we will do so, but I am not optimistic at this moment.
  7. Rich was part of our family back then, checked in and let us know he was OK, but he had lost many friends that day. A few years later, he passed away while fighting a fire and left quite an impact on many of us along the way We miss you Rich - FR7 -
  8. While many of you weren't here - 2001 was a time when internet forums were the most common way people connected. This was way before Facebook and even a couple of years before MySpace was created, so forums like this were one of only a few options. The community here was much smaller, but still a world wide group of friends. We had our share on NY/NJ people for sure and as events of the day kept us glued to our televisions, we were here checking in on our friends and making sure everyone was OK. We had several "check in" threads where people from the area would let us know they were safe. Sadly, several who checked in that day had loved ones and friends they hadn't heard from yet. Some were found later in the day, some were among those lost. A few of our members were on the front line, firemen, police, ambulance and health care folks and they would drop in quickly to tell us about what they had seen and what they were doing in the hours after the attacks. Those days/weeks reminded us all that we really cared about each other, even if they were half a world away. This community bonded even closer in those days, and many who posted on that day are ones I still consider good friends 20 years later. Please no politics on this thread, those arguments have all been fought - but if you were here back then, or if you just want to add your thoughts from that day if you weren't, please do - we were all affected that day, and we all suffered - some much more than I did Prayers to those we lost on that day and since, and passing our love from both Kelley and I to your families and loved ones. Mike
  9. You mean OUR Daisey is having a big day?
  10. The Senator was lucky to meet the legendary @JimCT As always my friend, thanks for the amazing tapes - next lunch and beer is on me
  11. The Padres spent a LOT of money trying to upgrade the team - to not make the playoffs at all would be a disaster for them. And yes, another week where the DBacks bullpen is giving away games like halloween candy
  12. Counting is hard when you only have fins
  13. anniversary bump for @PattyC @DMR @AMIW @Jimmy James and others.....great show
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