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  1. A pretty good assumption on his part - we are walking the "no politics" line pretty carefully so far, but we aren't going to argue OUR political positions here. Bruce spoke out on the campaign and allowed his music to be used and made his position clear on the candidates -
  2. Well, I can speak to what Bruce has and hasn't done regarding his music. He protects his officially released materials and as far as I know, hasn't ever prosecuted a fan or independent record store for buying/selling bootlegs. I had Bruce sign an full size LP for me, and he didn't recognize the artwork, and he actually paused and turned the record over and looked until he found the Columbia logo on the bottom of the back. He shrugged and said "Interesting, I don't think I've seen one of these" and signed the record for me. I don't doubt for a second that if it was a boot
  3. We have NEVER allowed links or posts of officially released music, at least not since 1999 when I got here. So when Bruce Inc releases music, people should buy it properly and the artist and publishing company should get their money. Almost every record Bruce has released has been "leaked" as far back as we have been using digital music. I personally have seen/received these items before the "official release day" for years. There was no "sudden decision" about Letter to You, that has long been our policy. However, the grief we received on social media platforms was discussing th
  4. This topic seems to be under a nearly constant evolution. Initially when we set "policy" about these bootlegs, the thought was simply that none of these were officially available, so sharing the music wasn't taking any $$ out of Bruce or Sony's pockets. If they had an interest in profiting, they could release the shows themselves. And at the time, they didn't - we only deleted audience recordings of the LINYC show which was officially available, albeit an incomplete and cut up show. Then Bruce Inc decided to offer the bootleg series and to sell these selected recordings. Well, ob
  5. Anniversary Bump! Eternal thanks to JimCT for recording my very first show
  6. Anniversary bump - going to find my post about this night - thanks again and forever Jim!
  7. Holly had contacted me a few times about different topics, and I found her to be a charming and interesting person, but never got to meet her in person. Her brave battle with cancer and her fortitude after setbacks was always inspirational. She knew this community well, and was a fan as well as a friend to Bruce and Patti, Steve and Maureen and Nils and Amy, among others. She will be missed, I hope the many good memories she created will comfort those who miss her most.
  8. Great new release and congrats also to long time friend Guy Aceto for shooting the image used as the cover art!
  9. Meh, there was a better one in a couple of days - see ya Sunday
  10. Easy with the politics guys - we aren't going to argue the merits of candidates here. Most of you are fine, a couple over the top posts were removed
  11. https://www.masslive.com/entertainment/2016/09/gillette_stadium_pays_22k_fine.html I had read another article that said the curfew was midnight for power down - this one says 11:30 - wondering if the difference maybe "event over at 11:30" and "lights and sound off at midnight" Either way, Bruce broke the rules and might have broken his record longest show if he started a few minutes earlier
  12. About 30 seconds into the song, you can see Bruce turn his back to the audience and he was listening to someone, and didn't sing for about 15 seconds - then came back to the front of the stage smiling
  13. I caught both Philly shows and Foxborough on our East Coast trip - what a great week. Funny thing about Foxborough, Bruce was a little later than usual getting to the stage a little before 8 PM and the venue has a hard curfew at midnight. We had heard Bruce was planning to play his "longest show ever" that night, but because he started late it ended up making it impossible. During Bobby Jean (you have to watch the video closely) someone from back stage came out and spoke to him during the song. No doubt it was someone explaining that he had to stop, so he finished that song and said go
  14. If you get it one or two days before the release date, will you wait until the "proper time?" Seriously though, to everyone, this IS an interesting discussion and as I mentioned a few pages ago, I doubt we will hear from Bruce about this topic. That being said, some folks feel passionately on both sides of the topic, and we appreciate the discussion staying civil and calm. Either way you feel, we are all BIG fans and are excited to get new music (and some really old) from our favorite singer and his band. All the other stuff is details. And for now, let's get on to bitch
  15. I think this is exactly what/where the dilemma exists. I have only spoken for Greasy Lake - we won't allow links here and don't want people to use this site to find and download unauthorized content. However, we also aren't going to stick our fingers in our ears, close our eyes and pretend it doesn't happen. That being said, who arbitrates "stealing" is subjective. Obviously, Nils and Amy think possessing it in any form is stealing and if you share it in any form is the same. We convince ourselves that "I will buy it anyway" makes it OK, but it still is getting artist's conten
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