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  1. Yes, seems like this discount is gone - book is still available, but up to $595.00 now
  2. If you check EBAY, you will see listings for this book at $500-700 As for the autographs, value is a slippery topic, and the item that is signed is also a part of the value. A Bruce auto on a BTR Vinyl is worth much more than one on an index card, or like in this case a piece of paper. Legitimate Bruce graphs go for $200-400 depending on the item, with nice complete signatures on a premium item being $1000 plus and I have seen guitars go for $10,000 US Dollars. Obama "from a book autographs" aren't THAT uncommon as he has signed tons of them, but are still $100+ every time. So, if you want only the info buy a Kindle version, if you want the book to hold and save get an unsigned one for $50 or less. If you only want an autograph, be VERY careful as most of the Bruce autographs on EBAY are fakes - expect to pay $200+ and the price still doesn't mean it's good. But to get Obama and Bruce on the same item, this is your option - and at $500 (the usual price) it's not a bad value for just the autographs, given the fact that you know these are good graphs, not fake.
  3. Send up a prayer, or good thoughts to our friend Rachel. She has gotten ill and is stuck here when she was hoping to be home already. She posted this on Twitter
  4. One of my other interests is autograph collecting - people have been posting these signatures and each seems individually signed, which is proven by small differences in each autograph. This is good news as several "celebrity" books have been proven to be "stamped" signatures using auto-pens, so thousands of these books have an identical signature, which is basically impossible unless a machine signed them. No matter how many times he has signed his name, there are always small differences. When people sign hundreds at a time (like for a book) you can identify which autos were early in the day and which happened when the signer was tired or rushing. Studying handwriting is an interesting science, this signature is not "normal" as those E's are interesting - but you can see some similarities, sometimes he only adds one E in his last name, sometimes none. Here are a few for comparison
  5. The listing doesn't say - For most book collectors, the plate isn't a negative, but for many others it is
  6. No promises how long they last - but Amazon has them now in the US https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0593577922/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 I got mine at $421 - your mileage may or may not vary But if you missed out and want one, today might be your lucky day
  7. Hey There! Long time, no see! I am hoping someone will find your offer interesting - so many have gotten away from a physical collection of discs that I don't know that there is much interest, but you only need one, right? Hope you are doing well, and equally important, that we see you soon on a tour somewhere! Mikey
  8. RIP Ronnie - one more amazing voice lost Just like Ronnie said.........
  9. I am usually a fan of the idea of "reworking" a song and in most cases I enjoy the change and it makes me appreciate the original, in the same way a good cover version can do the same. However, this rework of one of my favorites (The River) is a skip for me, literally will skip it on every boot of this tour
  10. This one? (BTW - out of context, not about this tour, even though it kinda feels like it)
  11. Steve and Nils are basically the only band members that actively use Twitter to share information. So we are left with clues and "not official" posts that usually don't have much information like Steve's recent post (what tour, we didn't announce one?) and usually leave us with more questions than answers Obviously Bruce doesn't use social media himself, it is all his promotional team on those platforms. It is pretty reasonable to say "we didn't announce a tour, so we didn't cancel one" but I can agree it would be nice to hear something official about what plans are/aren't being made. Even something as simple as "we are still working on it" or "we just can't see a way to make a 2022 tour work" would be enough.
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