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  1. Fair question - I stashed everything in the car during the show, then ran out and grabbed it, sneaking past security in the crowd to get back in.
  2. After one of Max's Jukebox shows, we were able to sit with him and just a few others and ask questions. He is good at telling stories and has some funny perspectives about his place in the band and his stage interactions with Bruce. I really wasn't sure what to expect, but found him to be engaging and quite the entertainer in the time we were together. Got him to sign a couple of pictures and a cymbal for me as well. I would recommend anyone who has a chance to catch his tour, a fun night of popular music and a lot of interaction with the audience.
  3. Contract riders are sometimes worthless and other times VERY important. Several of the small venue disasters including fires, pyrotechnic damages, ect are a result of details on the contracts being missed. Over taxing an insufficient electrical system, ceilings that are too low or combustible materials, things like that can kill people if details are overlooked. Obviously, big acts like Bruce deal with highly trained professional managers at large venues, but smaller venues and bars/clubs aren't always very prepared. If the band shows up at 2:00 PM to set up for a show that night, it's too late to solve many issues that are covered in the contract.
  4. I chased that song for over 25 years. Bruce finally played it for me in California at a show when we hit the lottery and had elbows on the stage
  5. If the Lake is greasy enough, no doubt the fish are screwed up I know one messed up shark from around these parts
  6. And your questions here will undoubtedly get you invites
  7. Nope, we have a pretty strict policy that we don't link to other boards to criticize, as a show of respect and in hopes that they reciprocate. We had some pretty ugly GL Vs BTX type of issues back in the day, and that policy has served us well.
  8. Well, like what we are hearing on the news, not everyone protesting has good intentions, some have different agendas. When someone posts something CLEARLY racist (which has happened today) we delete it, but sometimes it takes a while as we aren't constantly refreshing and looking at every post for something offensive. During the time lapse, people report the offensive post and we review it and decide to remove it or not. If Person #1 posts something racist and Persons #2, #3, #4 and #5 reply to it - we will likely delete all 5 posts and remove the content complete. Some stuff is borderline and usually we ask each other what we think before we moderate. We will sometimes set something invisible, discuss it and restore it back to the thread if we decide it can remain. People are pushing those limits today, some clearly are doing so with less than sincere intentions, and that is sad and pathetic, but I suppose they are having some sort of fun
  9. It's really not as complicated as one might think. Today we have deleted dozens and dozens of posts and several threads that were posted with the clear intention of exploring the edges of the boundaries. We have had several that were racist ( I was just joking they say) and some that were complaining about Moderator decisions on the board ( one of the rules that you talk to us through PM and we will look into your request) and we are working behind the scenes with dozens of you reporting posts of others, and we have to try and decide what your intent was. It is completely possible something you thought was benign was removed. It is also possible that you feel that what you posted wasn't "that political" but we got a dozen complaints about it - should we ignore the opinions of others because you think you are right? And finally - after a couple of threads where members said "You should ban people who break the rules continually" we get complaints privately and posted randomly because someone WAS banned and you didn't like it........ yet you wonder why we don't want political threads and political fights. There are plenty of places for your political posts, and I know there are several "offshoot" forums where other people from GL meet and talk about what we are doing here. Please scratch your political itch somewhere else, thanks
  10. A big day for the REAL boss of Greasy Lake, do I have to say his name? The Big A, the master of this disaster, the king of GL's World, the Danish webmaster himself, Karsten!
  11. I think we could see something to this effect - although this isn't really much different than the Broadway show, except the price point would hopefully be much less. The issue with these things is logistics of the facility. Broadway type shows run basically all the time, they don't want 2 shows a week as costs for staff and venue make only a couple of shows not profitable. "Sponsored" events like Vegas/Casino shows always have strings attached. For example, the casinos don't want the "entertainment shows" running very long, they want people back at the gambling tables where the money is made. So for an artist, they have limitations put on them by the venue that Bruce might find difficult to agree to, like 80 minute shows. Probably the best bet for him would be a "residency" of some sort, where each month he might play 10 shows, scattered over the calendar. The venue books dates, can fill other nights with different events and Bruce doesn't have to carry the entire venue's costs (like a Bway show might) and still could play without the necessity of travel and the costs included in moving everything from town to town. Billy Joel has a similar deal with MSG, but for far fewer shows. Not sure what venue in the NY/NJ area might suit Bruce's needs if he doesn't want to play an arena sized venue. Then the question follows, if he chose that avenue of "touring" how many shows per month would be the "right number" meaning they are sold out each night, but still profitable enough to support the costs. It is an interesting question - I know I would travel to see that show, but doubt I would see 6-7 shows at the same venue.
  12. I can make a list of things Bruce "did wrong" for any who are confused
  13. There are certainly more gentle ways of saying that, I agree. I also know myself and if I was worth $100 million or more, y'all wouldn't see me or know what I am doing at any point. Their ego is what drives these types of people to crave the attention, not their way of life or their bank accounts. While the average person doesn't understand it, they do believe there is something worse than being poor, being irrelevant and unnoticed. Some of the "unofficial announcements" coming out about Bruce and other artists are simply trial balloons to get attention, sometimes to promote a product or a tour - but often they are just to remain relevant and in the news somehow.