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  1. Well yeah, that's where they get all their "inside info"
  2. Bossman isn't "in trouble" at all. Just clearing up the mess and making sure peeps know why. I know Bossman on other forums, amd didn't believe a single word of what was said.....hence the deletion
  3. Please keep your personal animosity off the board. If you want to pursue that discussion, trade email addresses and have at it, then we all dont have to watch Thanks
  4. Gotcha, that wasn't clear The story is bad enough, without assuming there was an accident or injuries
  5. Report doesn't mention any accidents, injuries or really anything beyond basic facts "Springsteen received citations for driving while under the influence, reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area."
  6. Well, it is certainly disappointing if true - there really isn't an excuse for DWI as people drinking too much and driving kill too many people every year. But also, we have no facts - was it twice the legal limit, and he was in jail overnight? Or maybe barely over the limit, the "had one too many" and a case of bad judgement when he decided to drive. Not making excuses, because context matters - but this is not being reported as "drunk out of his mind" and "police detained him" type of situation. The fact that he was "issued citations" seems to indicate he wasn't detained, finger
  7. Sure, we dont allow abusive speech directed to our fellow members. We are here as friends and expect Members to show respect to one another. Let me know if you cant control yourself, I know how to do it for you
  8. Damn 2020 It Got MaryAnn - Dawn Wells today too
  9. For any of you feeling like "my small amount won't matter" that is actually the opposite of what is true. There are a couple hundred of us that log in every day, and certainly 1000 different folks check in at least once in a week. Even a $5 donation makes an impact when hundreds of people do the same. It isn't generally people donating hundreds that cover this cost.
  10. Well, hello Hero - our kids have all grown up and are making babies of their own! The next generation is safe in hands like yours, she is adorable and look at those happy eyes Congrats my friend
  11. Sad news, one of our early members Prayers for the family and those who loved him
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