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  1. Swiped this off Doug Watson on FB - Doug, if you are here, this is pure brilliance!!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm posting this with a heavy heart.. As much as I love Bruce Springsteen and collecting anything and everything related to him, it takes up too much of my time and I am struggling to keep up with the everyday basics such as cleaning and helping out around the house, so something has to give. Therefore I have decided I will be getting rid of my lifelong collection. Below is a list of what's available. Serious inquiries only, please don't insult me with undervalue offers. Thanks for reading and understanding. 1. Dustpan and brush 2. Sponges 3. Dusters 4. Mop and bucket 5. Vacuum Cleaner 6. Window cleaner 7. Dishwashing liquid 8. Laundry detergent 9. Laundry basket 10. Cleaning sprays 11. Scrubbing brushes 12. Bleach 13. Toilet brush
  2. @BrilliantDisguise we need you, chaos breaking out everywhere!
  3. That's pretty good for me then, I am usually a day or two behind the news. Getting older has really slowed me down
  4. Sorry BD, I didn't remember the Jessica assignment was yours Just because I have a restraining order, doesn't mean I am a "stalker" Sheesh
  6. Good show? Something in the Night for the first time, with my elbows on the stage made it a Great night!
  7. If people make up impossibly crazy crap and claim to have super secret inside sources for their crazy crap, maybe. Guessing about stuff is fun, claiming you are in the know when you aren't is just internet trolling
  8. Not crazy, we deleted a few unsubstantiated claims that have no support except the ramblings of a person with questionable motives. When we hear something more definitive about Tracks 2, I am sure we will discuss it endlessly. But we aren't willing to let someone wind up everyone's expectations with a post like "some guy said" and cause others to think there is even a thread of truth in it, simply because they "saw it on Greasy Lake"
  9. After much discussion and thoughtful consideration, the Admin/Mod team has made the decision to shut down the political forum. Over several years, we have tried many different “versions” of this in an attempt to have nuanced, thoughtful conversations about political events and Bruce’s opinions and how those opinions may have shaped some of our thinking. However, each attempt has met with failure, as the forum has denigrated to name calling, insults and different levels of hatred and animosity in every form we have provided. Our overriding goal for the community is to provide an inclusive place, where people can feel safe to discuss their love for Bruce and the music he has given us. While other interests on the site seem to be well supported (other artists as an example) and in these forums, differing opinions are welcomed. Friends are made in these forums, and new things are discovered as someone brings them to our attention. The political forum seemed to only create “enemies and allies” and the spirit exhibited divided Greasy Lake members more than it united them. So we have chosen to focus on what unites us, our love for all things Springsteen. The internet has an endless amount of places where politics are discussed, we have decided we don’t need to provide a place for that here. No doubt, some day in the near future, Bruce may comment on a political topic. We will allow a civilized discussion of Bruce’s thoughts or the actions he chooses to take on the main page. Other than that, no political topics will be allowed. Please don’t try anything like the topic “I wonder what Bruce thinks about __________?” in hopes of that being approved. On a personal note, I enjoyed the political forum and will miss it. However, I also miss many friends who used to post here more often, who have decided to spend time elsewhere. Many of these friends told me personally that the “Fight Club” was a big part of that decision. I hope some of them hear about the change and decide to revisit our forums and share their thoughts and ideas about topics. I am sure I am not the only one who misses their voice. In the meantime, this is a final decision so there is no need to reach out and ask if we might change our mind. We will lock the forum to replies and allow a few days for you to read/archive anything you wish to save. There are some threads there that aren't of a political nature, if you would like those moved to "Loose Ends" please ask a Mod or Admin and we will tow the thread to the forum. Please don't drag your political "enemies list" into the new forums, we will be encouraging those previous animosities to be forgotten. Our goal is for us to be united as a community of friends. Focusing our attention on what unites us and eliminating the endless debates about what divides us is hopefully a step in that direction Mikey, For the GL Admin/Mod Team