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  1. Nope But it would be winning something in this disaster of a season
  2. Dodgers got Max - and I like him and hate that he's a Dodger now. Hoping he fractures his non-throwing wrist and misses 2 months and signs as a free agent with a team I can be happy about him playing with. Oh yeah - @JudgeBrown sorry about that disaster last night - I am trying to get them to "earn" the #1 draft pick and they keep screwing it up
  3. It was a huge undertaking, managed by dozens of people who coordinated transferring and sometimes shipping the banner between every show. The people who were "responsible" for it at each event also gave up their time, in order to have it available right up until show time, and many times at after show parties. Would it be impossible, no of course not - but I think it would be difficult. The other topic you mention is the nature of how much the internet has changed in 20+ years. As much as we may love it, discussion boards are dinosaurs and will eventually go extinct. In 2002-3 there weren't many other options for Bruce fans. Running a board like this back then was expensive and needed some pretty high level techie skills to keep it running. We were lucky in that we had a webmaster and a community that has always supported it financially. There wasn't the dozens of platforms available - there were just a few places for Bruce fans. Now the internet world is fractured all over the place, with just Facebook having more "Bruce Groups" then we could have ever imagined existing 20 years ago. If one of our long time members hadn't seen the original post from the nursing home employee, this story about the banner still being around could have easily been missed. Another factor is the increasing age of Bruce's fan base. The responsibilities of life change, and as we get older many have less time and interest for things, and some just fade away and check in only when they see something on the news channels related to Bruce - we got a big uptick in traffic when Bruce drank that tequila and got his traffic ticket. People wanted to talk about that, and this was a place they could do it. None of this makes me sad, things change and that's a positive thing - what would make me sad is if this forum was filled with a bunch of old folks, arguing for the 23rd straight year if it is "sways" or "waves".......oh wait
  4. Shucks, I said I couldn't remember them all - wait, you were in Sacramento in 2003? I thought I only saw you on the East coast shows
  5. I found it in 1999-ish and it was a decent group of people even then. Some of it is archived here https://www.greasylake.org/v6/the-circuit/lake_scrolls_content.php?Id=122
  6. You got here as quickly as you could It was fun last night, talking about weddings and babies that are now in college - just another reminder that we are 20+ years burning down the road since this group started
  7. Sacramento 2003! The only show I know of where the GA line wasn't at the venue, but was down and across the street and started at a Blockbuster video store! Great show if you haven't heard that one BTW - also where I met Toots, GKid, Rocco, JudgeBrown, Quaddy, Bratosser, Ricky was there too - sheesh there were lots of us at that one, can't remember them all As for signing, I think I signed in Phoenix on that tour
  8. It was a very cool thing to be a part of, even better to know it still exists (and apparently still smells bad LOL ) almost 20 years later Last night was a fun night and a reminder of the impact this little community has had on many over the years
  9. As one of the beneficiaries of your efforts - my gratitude and appreciation will remain until death. Every now and again, someone contacts me who "found this tape" and eventually another gem ends up being shared with Springsteen fans all over the world. As someone who remembers waiting weeks for setlist updates, scrounging record fairs and every new and used music store in all my travels, it is a constant reminder that we truly are living in blessed times where these tapes can be transferred, improved upon by skilled hands like Hrubesh, and then shared digitally in mere moments at the click of a mouse. Many thanks to @JimCT the many tapers, those who edit and improve these raw tapes and the unknown number of hours spent for no financial gain by many, just so we can share this music we love so much
  10. Just wait young Hero - someday very soon you will be saying something like "How can my 30th high school reunion be this year?" or "We have been married 2/3 of my life" and you STILL won't feel old yet
  11. Ah, so fantastic, more goodies from @JimCT And of course, many thanks to hrubesh and Hobbes4444 for their efforts to get this final product to us Looks like today is gonna be a great Bruce day!
  12. Thank you my friend, something to fill a rainy afternoon in Florida - already playing it now
  13. Sorry JB, we accidentally won last night - will try harder today
  14. Were the profile questions these? What was your Mom's maiden name? What was your first dog's name? What street did you grow up on? What was your first car? I signed up on another site and had to fill out a whole survey with questions like these
  15. Just an FYI - no endorsement from Greasy Lake, but as I have said before (many times it seems) we don't mind "other sites" where people want to talk about Bruce It does seem a bit strange for a new member to post here, advertising their site in their only posts - much like signing up to advertise your new merchandise or ETSY project that you would like the community to know about. That being said, we think we do a pretty decent job here, but understand that Greasy Lake isn't for everyone, and if someone wants to check out your site, all well and good. But if I could make the suggestion @tipyourkap you might also mingle here a bit and make friends before you ask them to join you - some consider it impolite to ask others to join you in your playground while you are playing at someone else's house
  16. But what we really want to know Jertucky is, "Are you Experienced?"
  17. I am now trying how to make Andrew's "Newbie" status permanent
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