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  1. Was expecting this one to eventually make an appearance - glad to have it
  2. Once again, we want to express our thanks to each of you - the community has once again shown a generous spirit and supported the costs necessary to keep Greasy Lake on the map and a place that you recognize without banner ads, pop ups or worse. Those of you who contributed financially, many thanks from all of us. If you haven't yet, but planned to, please consider following through on your plan. Occasionally there are small costs through the year for miscellaneous things like software packages and we will draw from this account to cover these when needed. In case you wondered, these funds are kept totally separate and ONLY used for the support of this community, no one is making money for any assistance they offer. We are compiling a list of donors (and will add those who contribute right up to the gift giving) and we will enter them into a raffle with their number of entries being determined by their donation amounts ($500 donation will get more entries than a $10 donation) and we will hopefully get this all together before the Xmas holidays. So if you would like to get into the drawing for the BIUSA signed vinyl or some of the other gifts that are still on their way to us, there is still time to climb on board and support Thank you again, every year for almost 20 years now, you the members of this community, have supported it financially and we appreciate your commitment with your hard earned funds and hope to maintain Greasy Lake as your home for Bruce discussions among other topics. See you on the tour in 2022!
  3. As a DBack fan who watched TOOOO many losses last year - I would guess without research that 40+ games were lost in the 8th or 9th innings because they were running out a bunch of AA and AAA guys after they traded away the best of their bullpen. It was a bad combination of letting good players sign elsewhere and trusting in players that didn't get it done. They traded a couple of others away for prospects when the season was obviously a lost cause. If they can get a C+ or better bullpen, that's a big step toward respectability......but I also worry that the team has many needs, not just one closer, but at 7M/year he is probably a sensible choice.
  4. You read it here - Robbie will return to form and scatter wild pitches all over the backstop next season and the Mariners will regret this signing
  5. This one has always been a song I think is underrated as an opener - wish we would see this one more often
  6. I think Rachel is on her way back home, so I would expect more posts and photos from her in the next day or so. She has been there, and has photos I am sure she will share
  7. I like to have some of the shows on physical CD's and will usually wait for these sales and load up. Very disappointing it is only selected shows on Nugs - and not the complete series I bought only a couple, would have been closer to 12 if the other shows I wanted were available
  8. This is my music choice for this morning - great find Jim, thanks!
  9. If only every team had one or two players like him - he wasn't the "I'll get mine, who cares about the team" kind of guy we see a lot of these days. It seemed like every out he got was productive, moving the runner to 3rd, sacrifice fly, ect.....
  10. 7 batting titles - 19 year Career batting average of .328 - nobody will do that again in this era, even though it was much more common in the early years Almost the exact total for career SO and BB and a 9/1 hit to SO ratio - amazing 19 year career, 18 years as an All Star
  11. 2 New - Ghosts and I'll See You in My Dreams - Would love Western Stars or Moonlight Motel, but don't expect them 2 Older tunes - Shut out the Light and Trapped are always welcome 2 that need a rest - 10th Avenue and Hungry Heart - I know they are both about as obligatory as BTR, but one can wish, right?
  12. You know, I had thought he had pitched some toward the end of the year, not sure why. To me, I still think a tryout, a solid physical, along with an assessment of the healing would lead to more. But I totally understand, as baseball contracts are fully guaranteed, why a team wouldn't risk 40+ million in hopes of him being the same pitcher again.
  13. Angels is definitely better than the Dodgers - but I don't know why any pitcher would sign a 1 year deal anymore. So many of them are blowing out arms, needing surgeries, ect.....makes no sense to sign a 1 year deal unless you can't get anymore. I was expecting him to be more in the 5yr/100M range
  14. I have heard of issues with apps - try on a desktop computer, Paypal seems to be the most functional way if you are using a phone, but some don't have that. There are also options to mail a check if needed - thanks for trying and wanting to support!
  15. Absolutely, small donations are VERY acceptable and much appreciated. We will be setting up a lottery style drawing for some nice items, including the one so kindly offered above by @doesthisbusstop We are on track to getting this done, and VERY MUCH appreciate those who have helped out this year. And as I mentioned in the opening post, we know it's a tough time for many with the pandemic, work situations, inflating costs, ect effecting pretty much the entire world's economy. So if you can't help out this year, no guilt please - remember us next year, when we are hopefully talking about the tour/shows/setlists of the 2022 tour!
  16. She (and her team) have become a marketing juggernaut. And even in a circumstance where she can't change the terms of an unfavorable contract, they figure out a way to profit themselves. The "Taylor's version" idea is really genius in that her fans will buy it up, the previous record company that owns the original versions is locked out, and she can effectively sell her catalog one more time - In the autograph communities, she has signed soooooooo many CD covers that her graph is not desired anymore, her fans could buy one from her and know it's authentic as it comes from her directly. She has posted video clips of her signing with stacks of inserts, and her team includes "bonuses" in some packages which creates a lottery type of enthusiasm and drives some to buy multiples in hopes of getting something special
  17. I'm not sure it can be an authentic "setlistvision" without @AMIW doing that snazzy introduction. I am sure when we have a tour announcement, we will find out he is already stashing pictures of the cities and some local sites and stadiums
  18. Sorry to hear this Rachel, but at least it is only delayed. Hoping you feel better VERY quickly
  19. @JimCT dumbed it down because he wanted to be sure I could understand it. Death and Taxes, even Bruce can't avoid them
  20. Hello Friends, We are at that time of year again, the time we ask those of you who can, to support the things Greasy Lake provides for all of us. We run the website on a dedicated server and have been very happy the last couple of years with the stability it offers, as well as the improvement in "down time" which many of you might remember was pretty often in years past. We have been covering the costs in this way for over 15 years and never have you not taken care of this with a little extra left over, and we don't doubt that will happen again this year as well. We all see traffic is a little slower right now, but once we have a tour announcement, planning for shows, T-shirts to complain about, merchandise that makes some angry and others smile - we know you will be by more and more often to check setlists and read our member's reviews of the show they have just seen. As a reminder, we run Greasy Lake as a private site. We don't share your emails or any other information with anyone, we don't forward any details about you or your interests here to any other website or agency. We will let Facebook and Instagram and others harvest your data and sell it, that won't happen here. We also don't sell ads, you don't get pop ups or pop unders or whatever other irritating sliding advertisements you and I are subject to on other sites. If we wanted to sell ads, the revenue from those could cover these costs, but we feel strongly that we don't want THAT experience here, and think you feel the same. This isn't a "begging for money or we will shut down" post - it's a reminder that there are costs being paid, and it's your chance to show some appreciation for what you get from your visits here. Do you grab a bootleg now and then, watch the ticket sale forum, or just read posts from your friends? Is that worth a dollar or two or more per month to you? Then drop by the donation page and drop a few bucks - we really don't need thousands and thousands of dollars, so any donation no matter how small is appreciated. We know times are tough for many right now, if you can't support this time, it doesn't change how we feel about having you here. I am scrounging though my Bruce stuff, we will hold a drawing for a nice gift or two that we will send to those who have donated. When I have an item or two chosen, I will add them to this post. If you want to donate an item to be included in the drawing, let me know in a PM and we will try to include it. If you have any questions, post them here - likely others have the same question and we can answer what you might be wondering about https://www.greasylake.org/v6/donate.php As always, thanks for making this community a safe place for friends to meet and talk about the man and his music Mikey
  21. If you guys don't have this one, you need to get it. A great recording, made even better by the work of others, it is a great sample of Bruce and the band at their peak of popularity during the BIUSA era. And it's my first show On a serious note, a great Jungleland, Racing, the Pink Cadillac Garden of Eden story - this show has so many highlights, give it a spin and let @JimCT know what you think about it - as far as I know, his tape is the only recording of this night
  22. Only as I understand it, no promise I am correct, but this should be for his music catalog, meaning music he has officially released in his career. So there isn't 100% certainty that will include the recent series of bootleg releases, anything unreleased, any outtakes that are in a closet somewhere, ect..... I would guess SONY would want those things to be included and they can find a lot of value especially in the bootleg series and "unreleased" music after Bruce's death. Like most of the terms of a deal like this, the devil is in the details, which obviously are still being negotiated.
  23. Time for an anniversary bump - 37 years burning down this road - where has the time gone. This thread gives me another opportunity to thank my good friend @JimCT for taping and preserving my first show, as far as I know the only recording available. So thank you for the 100+th time, and I will still thank you every time we see each other or talk about this special day. Holy crap, I was 17 at the show, and now in my mid=50's, I still get excited about hearing it one more time as I will play it this weekend and think about how many ways Bruce and his music has shaped my life, and the many great friends it has brought me along the way. My Thanks to Jim for the recording and the many people who have ridden with me on this train all these years
  24. This is about where I stand as well, nice post @G-Man I have personal values, things I never would or wouldn't do in my life, but they are simply personal. I don't find the need to sort the rest of the world out as "my team" and "other team" based on how I view things. I have a wife of 34 years and think my marriage has been the highlight of my successes (if you have met my wife you understand) and I think marriage is a great thing. But I also understand others have had terrible experiences with marriage, multiple divorces and much heartache. There are also some who choose to live together and not marry or choose a mate of the same gender, or are certain they will never marry for any reason.....those people aren't wrong to me even though I would not do those things, they are just living their truth. If a musician lives a life with different values than I have, I can still love their music. I can despise the personal conduct of an actor but still love his movies. Bruce has disappointed me several times, certainly most of us have disagreed with some of his choices - but when the lights go down, I'm gonna be where his band is, every time I can manage it
  25. I understand your point and agree - I would guess that's why there are ongoing negotiations. I would also suspect that if SONY doesn't meet Bruce's demands, there would be other suitors standing in line for the opportunity. I also agree that the asset is/will decline in value - so maybe selling now at peak value might be the right thing? I don't know how many people will be paying money for Born to Run on whatever format is popular 40 years from now. Maybe selling before his death allows for the investors to benefit from the "post passing" run on the music that other artists have seen, but I really don't have any data on that. I would think it is absolutely true that the value of his music catalog will drop significantly 10 years after his death, selling it then would certainly bring a smaller price than he can get today
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