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  1. can Honestly say that ive never heard this story.....Obviously he will cut this part out but I wonder why Bruce was in such a mood that day? fascinating
  2. I just about threw up when Obama ( Bruce agreed) said America is the only country that's a melting pot. Typical Americans thinking they are the greatest at everything.
  3. He sounds high pitched at normal speed. I think the surgery he had had him a soprano .
  4. Can’t get through these nauseating conversations. Bruce is very annoying to listen to in this format and i feel like I’ve heard all these stories. I could however listen to Obama 24/7. He’s amazing.
  5. Yes and this is the reason I don't want to listen to the Obama/Bruce shows. Aside from his speaking voice being hard to listen to, its also because when he speaks it still sounds like hes performing. My wife asked " does he always talk like hes on stage at BOB"? Ive never been less interested in a Steve release.
  6. No its because what does he rally have to say? Bruce will make him leave all the good shit out.
  7. Was there.... still the best Bruce show I’ve seen. I haven’t seen hundreds like some, but I find a lot of what makes a good show is the people you are with and the memories you get. This particular one has both, great memories with friends and the woman I love, great show.
  8. Yes, Rainmaker is so bad....... so so bad. I dont are what Bruce says, The production in this screams Wrecking Ball. Its so obvious. I guess they were too lazy to re cut this or re mix it.
  9. and people pre ordered have already paid for a product they dont have.
  10. Remember this ? Who actually believed this joker?
  11. You could’ve walked right up to it. Crazy
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