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  1. 9000!? I barely cracked a thousand, and a lot of those are still MP3...so much work to be done!
  2. Or, are you talking about the aftermath, when Bruce came on stage "feeling loose" after spending some time at the PFFFFFFFFFFFFISTER Hotel??? On a side note, my friend and I actually stayed at the Pfister when we went the River Tour should in Milwaukee! Some lady got escorted out by security, but that was the extent of our excitement! Oh, and the heat in the room wouldn't shut off, so it was like a furnace in the room. Beautiful hotel, though!
  3. Hi everyone! Just started listening to Geneva '74, and the "Incident" alone made me want to share for those who may not have it! 1974-12-07 Geneva NY (ML 1st Generation Tape via JEMS) https://mega.nz/folder/OkxCBbAQ#sZ20So4r6ZtLauqoRKWc3A Enjoy!
  4. 1975-11-23 Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Somewhere In The Red Light Zone (Triangle Records) (Pitch Corrected) https://mega.nz/folder/vtBDQKIY#SbAXEG42MyKBycCJwk2aXw Here you go!
  5. Thanks, @sunshine2020! I actually need Spain, too, so it works out for all!!!
  6. Oooooh, I don't have this one! Would you mind sharing???
  7. Sorry for oversharing! It's hard to keep track of what's been shared, these days!
  8. Well, that's stupid! How about this... 1985-06-05 Newcastle, England (From Unknown Vinyl Boot Source) (ShadowsATT) https://mega.nz/folder/asABxYQb#Xq8Qq2U56oKxSb6OxswmTw
  9. Here is the next night's show, too, if interested! 1985-06-05 Newcastle, England (From Unknown Vinyl Boot Source) (ShadowsATT) https://mega.nz/folder/asABxYQb#Xq8Qq2U56oKxSb6OxswmTw
  10. Hi everyone! Just searching for a few more, if anyone has them: 2008.05.02 SUNRISE, FL 2012.05.15 LAS PALMAS, SPAIN 2012.05.27 COLOGNE, GERMANY 2012.05.28 LANDGRAAF, THE NETHERLANDS 2012.05.30 BERLIN, GERMANY Many thanks to all!
  11. Hello! Just throwing a random 1981 show out there for anyone who'd like it! 1981-02-13 Starkville (mjk5510 2013 tape transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/X0ITjKzS#HAQ4Bnbc-g7ZDbw-txRgxw
  12. Thank you! MP3 is OK with me, unless there are FLACs out there!
  13. Hi, everyone! Looks like I missed a fun weekend! Looking for these today... 1999.06.15 OFFENBACH, GERMANY 2008.07.15 SAN SEBASTIAN, SPAIN 2012.07.22 OSLO, NORWAY 2013.09.12 SANTIAGO, CHILE Thank you!!!
  14. Hi everyone! While we're riding the Magic tour train, I'll hop on. Does anyone have... 2008.05.22 DUBLIN, IRELAND 2008.05.23 DUBLIN, IRELAND 2008.05.25 DUBLIN, IRELAND 2008.07.04 GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN 2008.07.05 GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN Thank you!
  15. That Blinded by the Light intro is one of the greatest things I've ever had the privilege to enter my ears!
  16. Methinks you may have spoken too soon, my friend...
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