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  1. Hello! Just adding a few requests, if that's OK! 1988.01.28 TUNNEL OF LOVE REHEARSALS 2005.06.22 COPENHAGEN, DENMARK 2012.05.02 NEWARK, NJ 2012.11.19 DENVER, CO Hope everyone is doing well!
  2. If you're offering! 1996-09-24 KALAMAZOO, MI 1999-06-05 ZARAGOZA, SPAIN 2013-04-29 OSLO, NORWAY 2013-06-15 LONDON, ENGLAND 2013-06-22 NIJMEGEN, THE NETHERLANDS 2013-07-27 KILKENNY, IRELAND
  3. Early '09 shows, I believe? In the Seeds-Johnny 99-Tom Joad part of the show.
  4. Thank you so much, @lilbud and @Born To Rock! I have a question--how am I able to contribute or give back here? I have a lot of shows, but they're all MP3 and converting them to FLAC looks pretty intense to me. I don't want to be one-sided or a parasite by asking for shows without having some way to give back. If you guys, or anyone, has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks again to all here! Great community!
  5. This looks great! Anyone out there have these two shows, I'd love to have them! 2012.11.11 St. Paul, MN 2012.11.12 St. Paul, MN Thanks!
  6. Thank you, JaHoe! I've edited my list down to just two (I hope that's OK), I should have thought of that to begin with. I apologize!
  7. Hello! I am very new to this, so I'm unsure of how it works! But if I may request some shows I'd like to do so...FLAC or MP3 is fine. If I'm out of line or am breaking the rules, please let me know. Thank you all so much! 1999.08.01 EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ 2013.07.18 CORK, IRELAND
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