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  1. A few more requests, if I may? 1981.07.26 PHILADELPHIA, PA 1981.07.18 PHILADELPHIA, PA 1988.04.01 UNIONDALE, NY 1988.04.02 UNIONDALE, NY 1996.01.18 DALLAS, TX Many thanks!!!
  2. I have Nijmegen, Limerick, and Kilkenny... 2013-06-22 nijmegen - dutchmasters (incomplete) - flac https://mega.nz/folder/O4BFUQwY#vIKPFoZtykUP-6HZBzAurw 2013-07-16 Limerick (Anthony1 Master) https://mega.nz/folder/Pkoywa7R#9Qhd9fxB0fj8Inl9TXZRKg 2013-07-27 Kilkenny Ireland (Anthony1 Master) https://mega.nz/folder/b84AHAAZ#gX3EIveh60Z_hSqAI2kvOw Enjoy! Oops, I'm sorry @Born To Rock...I completely missed your post that you were uploading.
  3. Greetings all! Looking to wrap up 1984 with my last few shows, if that is OK... 1984.09.05 WORCESTER, MA 1984.11.25 DALLAS, TX 1984.11.29 HOUSTON, TX 1984.12.13 MEMPHIS, TN Thank you!!!
  4. As requested by @E Street nation: 2013-03-20 Sydney AUS Second Night https://mega.nz/folder/DhgiFCwb#nHcPV5urMBa4SpZVR5W_Jw 2013-05-04 - Stockholm Second Wrecking Ball Night (CC 1053-55) https://mega.nz/folder/S0gSFKLC#cJNsnA1WBLO3HG6_tYFBcQ Enjoy!
  5. As requested by @Estreet_19: 2009-11-10 Cleveland, OH 'Mansions Of Glory' (Godfather - Silvers) https://mega.nz/folder/S5BjzQZK#N5W4HQGnSuI9tzhw-hRgJA 2009-11-18 Nashville, TN - This Was My Young Man's Music! (Ev2) flac https://mega.nz/folder/LkIhFIpS#d_dyMYQ5wOyQUkoNbPJMUg
  6. It was just a thing that they did especially for Bruce's shows in the parking lot, I think it was called "the Meadowlands Boardwalk." They had a Ferris wheel and a few other small rides and a bunch of food stands set up. The radio stations had tents sent up and they broadcasted from there. It was a neat little set-up they had. I was there in '99, '08, '09, '12, and '16, and they didn't do again, so I don't think they ever did it again.
  7. I was there, too! And 07/21 and 08/31. Such a great run, and I loved how they had the amusement park set up in the parking lot.
  8. I've checked from Oakland (03-13) through Brooklyn (04-25), and MetLife Stadium (08-23) through Foxborough (09-14), no luck.
  9. The only thing I've found was him calling Nils' and Patti's names at the end of it on 2016-09-01. Haven't found the double Nils, though!
  10. Hi, @sunshine2020! Do you know which US leg? Arena or stadium? And when in the song did Bruce yell Nils' name? After the song ended or at the end of the solo? I have some of the US shows from both legs and I'll go through each Because the Night to see what I can find for you, I just want to narrow it down! Thanks!
  11. Greetings, all! Here's a few early USA shows from '84... 1984-06-29 St. Paul, MN - Born In The U.S.A. Tour Opening Night (Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/vgoVjKyY#pBUWOMyjYs7VD2EZ7gznRg 1984-07-01 St. Paul, MN - So Lonesome You Could Cry (Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/Chx2TZBR#VAgbxJ8mwFz1T4rrUo4PyA 1984-07-02 St. Paul, MN (Recorder 4 - 1st Generation Tape Transfer mjk5510) https://mega.nz/folder/OxoihB4B#VO_xLW_LxtPJG89bvC7b2Q 1984-07-15 Chicago (2nd Gen 2017 Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/btpUhRpR#OoXCXoeKooJIuHLuRgOdbg 1984-07-17 Rosemont, IL (JEMS Master) https://mega.nz/folder/aookgJSY#tV-YpYyBvb47xW8I-Sol3w 1984-07-18 Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL https://mega.nz/folder/LtoiTDZL#I2UpaIe0UCY3Mqx2NSBIvA If I may humbly request a few '84 shows, please? 1984.07.05 CINCINNATI, OH 1984.07.06 CINCINNATI, OH 1984.07.09 RICHFIELD, OH 1984.08.25 LANDOVER, MD 1984.12.16 ATLANTA, GA Thank you and enjoy!
  12. Love these! I was lucky enough to be at all these shows. When he played Santa Ana the second night in Philadelphia, I don't think I was ever happier!
  13. I did! Hahahaha! Whenever you have time, no rush...thank you!!!
  14. Hello, friends! Looking for some random shows (I've searched, and there's no active links)... 1981.03.04 LEXINGTON, KY 1985.03.21 SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 1985.04.03 MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA 1988.07.09 SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND 2012.07.18 DUBLIN, IRELAND Thank you all!
  15. As requested by @Marnix: 2002-09-25 Chicago(ShadowsATT) https://mega.nz/folder/z1hzAS5a#QVNgL1GDENAbCGcJOcH0cA Enjoy!
  16. I have that Chicago show, I can upload now! I think there may have been a date issue, as he played Denver on that date in 2003.
  17. "What Love Can Do" from the 10/14 show rips! Wish he would have played that one more often!
  18. @sunshine2020 @Born To Rock I'm sorry (again!)... Here are the requests from @Estreet_19: 2005-05-05 Oakland Theatre, Oakland, California (Schoeps) https://mega.nz/folder/X8BExBhA#8NDoFa2ATu1qn8lGwApBWA 2005-05-07 Convention Center Lecture Hall, Denver, CO (Omaha) https://mega.nz/folder/ahYkHRLD#XM3l6swZaRw09MVYsluKTQ 2005-10-21 Providence RI https://mega.nz/folder/bpIE3BRI#u5rcnRgvMhqvR5E-_vcbLw I'm going into the corner now...
  19. I can upload this, if this is what you need! I retract that...here it is! Requested by @skywalkerboh: 1975-11-23 Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Somewhere In The Red Light Zone (Triangle Records) (Pitch Corrected) https://mega.nz/folder/vtBDQKIY#SbAXEG42MyKBycCJwk2aXw Enjoy!
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