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  1. Good morning from Pennsylvania, everyone! Looking some random shows today... 1984.07.21 MONTRÉAL, QC 1985.08.11 PITTSBURGH, PA 1996.09.25 AKRON, OH 2012.03.28 PHILADELPHIA, PA 2013.03.30 MACEDON, AUSTRALIA 2013.03.031 MACEDON, AUSTRALIA Thank you!!!
  2. Here is the rest of the '84 Spectrum stand in Philadelphia for anyone who'd like them! 1984-09-11 Philadelphia, PA - Tape Man Joe Master Vol. 8 (Tape Man Joe Master via G) https://mega.nz/folder/v5ADUQKD#hy-9mE1FuSBduMtmH-g8Zg 1984-09-12 Philadelphia, PA - Tape Man Joe Master Vol. 20 (Tape Man Joe Master via G) https://mega.nz/folder/WwRDmSAB#oxeiHnPsvMseXArDROb5iw 1984-09-14 Philadelphia, PA - Tape Man Joe Master Vol. 9 (Tape Man Joe Master via G) https://mega.nz/folder/PhRRWQpI#Z1v6liw7VT6BlmtvOVkfIg 1984-09-15 Philadelphia, PA - Tape Man Joe Master Vol. 23 (Tape Man Joe Master via G) https://mega.nz/folder/qhYTmaiR#i_BN4ynNGliKIdGPL7qrqg 1984-09-17 Philadelphia, PA - Tape Man Joe Master Vol. 4 (Tape Man Joe Master via G) https://mega.nz/folder/G9ZRWQwC#7rbmNgJXX_By-MJ0QGo1Nw
  3. Following yesterday's lead, here is most of 1977! Sorry, I was uploading these before we moved to '84. 1977-02-12 Ottawa, ON Canada (3 tracks) https://mega.nz/folder/PxRHjSQT#T_tOuil-L5sFSIsT762rUA 1977-02-13-Definitive Soul Crusaders Toronto https://mega.nz/folder/jkBBjS5B#M04Gg_xe9txbI0xkHUGWPw 1977-02-17 richfield - mrcist transfer - flac https://mega.nz/folder/ChBFmAAI#m3Yqkp0oZtDR5YOwzIjWkQ 1977-02-19 St. Paul , MN - And The Rain Came Tumblin' Down (Buckshot Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/P4AngIBR#5dmabEG0nR-MWSo7cpN10g 1977-02-26 Indianapolis, IN (2016 mjk5510 Tape Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/2pJjWIoB#0uMaNDGMW1kOtEl9ZiL-5g 1977-02-28 St. Louis (Official Aud Recording via JEMS Archive) https://mega.nz/folder/7oIjHQCB#5OfbJWM8p46bvg14hqawpw 1977-03-11 Latrobe, PA - Latrobe 1977 (Unknown Label) https://mega.nz/folder/fshW3LiT#YM4n_JoVbyEwMJH7bCSCwA 1977-03-13 Towson, MD - Nothing to Lose - The 1977 Revisited Vol. 4 (JEMS Archives - The Official Audience Tapes) https://mega.nz/folder/zgZHGSzB#0qj7fFrddNlHEHRv5uvm2g 1977-03-14 Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY (Fanatic Records - Earlmv) https://mega.nz/folder/OgAAERYY#H6jEiOLHe2nd7qd7QeajpA 1977-03-15 Binghamton (Official Aud Recording via JEMS 1977 Revisited Vol Eleven) https://mega.nz/folder/ixQSgJjC#29UJD2m4o5NNzuIRpo4glA 1977-03-19 Lewiston ME (Joe Maloney Master) https://mega.nz/folder/69RA1bKC#RqsKzicu4_U6HSuQ1U7UFA I don't have the whole Boston Music Hall stand in its entirety (and felt it disgraceful to post without having the whole thing), so hopefully, someone can post those shows? Enjoy!
  4. It's OK, @sunshine2020! Hahahaha! You missed one... 1976-04-09 Hamilton, NY https://mega.nz/folder/fgoDGY5b#ZQRJixd4-6_oxgtML6INSw It's a wonderful team effort!
  5. I have some April uploading as we speak! Want to do some August instead?
  6. Thanks! I believe 1980.10.07, 1980.11.15, 1980.11.24, and 1980.11.30 are still needed!
  7. Adding to the '85 run we have going here!!! 1985-08-14 - Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA (Recorder3) (mjk5510) https://mega.nz/folder/zxoUxBwZ#QwrWNNfsUI2qV91u80Wdlw 1985-08-15 Philadelphia PA (Tape Man Joe Master Volume 69 Via G) https://mega.nz/folder/m0pgmDqD#391nD12blsMklHiiwqC8CQ 1985-08-26 Toronto, Ontario https://mega.nz/folder/CspWDLAT#QQpY5IkE-oclFaQoMaElEg 1985-08-27 Toronto, Ontario https://mega.nz/folder/q4hwgLjQ#EhPkQ9W_CgnmmPm8kGRJqQ And, some 1980 to share before I request a few of them for myself... 1980-10-13 Saint Paul MN Who Needs a River When You Have 10,000 Lakes https://mega.nz/folder/Ok4VyQIS#lIvuDWZmGkvCnG6KltYfSQ 1980-11-08 Dallas, TX (Ghost Radio Station Edit) https://mega.nz/folder/WhZwiYgS#PNN97COz2iBJBEKW1gtbDQ 1980-11-27 New York City NY 'Thanksgiving Night' (Godfatherrecords) https://mega.nz/folder/flI3yQgK#XLl2L35MoLxRBYXNcMTTng 1980-11-28 MSG (Recorder 3 CB 1st Generation Tapes) https://mega.nz/folder/GxYBAQZT#sc8yXE0590xp8zFnHbQLrg May I kindly request... 1980.10.07 RICHFIELD, OH 1980.10.10 CHICAGO, IL 1980.11.15 HOUSTON, TX 1980.11.23 LANDOVER, MD 1980.11.24 LANDOVER, MD 1980.11.30 PITTSBURGH, PA Thank you and enjoy!
  8. Sorry about that. Thank you so much, @mickb!!!
  9. Good morning, friends! Looking for a few more shows today... 1980.11.03 LOS ANGELES, CA 1981.01.24 OTTAWA, ON 1985.06.18 MUNICH, WEST GERMANY 1998.07.12 FRANKFURT, WEST GERMANY 2013.06.18 GLASGOW, SCOTLAND Thanks!
  10. More '84! 1984-07-30 Detroit, MI - Fathers & Sons (MarkP-Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/O1pFFC4I#4zd6spmvoOczIORDKfW4Yw 1984-07-31 Detroit, MI - They Can't Hurt Us Now (Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/nt5hXSCT#4I9kFkVNei-aFREd5TENGQ 1984-12-06 Jefferson Civic Centre Coliseum Birmingham AL (G Tape) https://mega.nz/folder/fh5jHKCQ#jFDifg6zs0DSMevuuCmlUg 1984-12-07 Tallahassee (Master) https://mega.nz/folder/3xh1xKgA#BA-K-Ps5LPqxTLbQQYLsqQ 1984-12-09 Murfeesboro(Bickle tape) https://mega.nz/folder/nx4nWQoC#pfx1lMTODEIWllWY8HYeEw
  11. Thank you, @Estreet_19! Here is a few of my own '96s for anyone needs them... 1996-10-22 san diego cdr san diego county lines flac https://mega.nz/folder/D1x0HboB#vODXDt_-XdmPyvHlZffQHA 1996-10-23 A Price In Return https://mega.nz/folder/XxxClASJ#fyRaOeAoRfH1dUP6fxOR5w 1996-10-25 Santa Barbara, CA - Santa Barbara 96 https://mega.nz/folder/6p5iyZQQ#RKYvuz8IhLgt1xEKi4fz0Q 996-10-26 San Jose, CA - The Lonesome Vigilante (John Steinbeck Benefit) (Bruce Tree Service) https://mega.nz/folder/ntoiBD6I#4aYg_7Ps9mgqqbsNs5yT2w Enjoy!
  12. Hi everyone! Heading back into '96 for a while, as I have a ton of gaps there... 1996.02.21 PARIS, FRANCE 1996.02.22 PARIS, FRANCE 1996.03.14 OSLO, NORWAY 1996.03.16 COPENHAGEN, DENMARK 1996.04.30 STRASBOURG, FRANCE 1996.05.02 ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND Thanks!
  13. Unfortunately, the George Washington Motor Lodge is gone...replaced by a Home Depot. The Whitehall mall is still here, but not doing so hot as the Lehigh Valley Mall next door is gigantic and offers much more. I live a little less than an hour away (right off 1-81)!
  14. Picking up in Scandinavia (and elsewhere in Northern Europe) in 1981 where @sunshine2020 left off... 1981-04-26 Brussels BEL (mjk5510 Tape Transfer) https://mega.nz/folder/u1xXSQYJ#f3oLNxX04zsdxGLFhcBpJw 1981-04-29 Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Run Through The Jungle (Gamble Records - Silvers) hrubesh https://mega.nz/folder/LtpDkaYA#mOn_ufIkLgwMzcEeYj4lpw 1981-05-02 - Brøndby Hallen, Copenhagen, DEN (Hobbes4444&Earlmv) https://mega.nz/folder/bkojxYSR#XEU8jH8i363kSsJqBQOtWA 1981-05-05 OSLO FLAC https://mega.nz/folder/axpRgK6T#XOBahjYgFkXVqFNsSYFR5A If anyone can fill in these Europe '81 gaps, I'd greatly appreciate it! 1981.04.07 HAMBURG, WEST GERMANY 1981.04.09 WEST BERLIN, WEST GERMANY 1981.04.16 MUNICH, WEST GERMANY 1981.04.19 PARIS, FRANCE 1981.04.28 ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS 1981.05.26 BRIGHTON, ENGLAND
  15. Thank you, @mickb! And thanks to @sunshine2020, too!!!
  16. Hello again, everyone! I hate being greedy like this, but I just noticed that I only have a few 2003 shows left and I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing? I would greatly appreciate it! 2003.06.17 HELSINKI, FINLAND 2003.06.19 OSLO, NORWAY 2003.08.13 CHICAGO, IL 2003.08.16 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 2003.09.18 EAST HARTFORD, CT Thank you so much!
  17. Hi everyone! Requesting a few more 2005's, if that's OK... 2005.04.25 DETROIT, MI 2005.04.30 GLENDALE, AZ 2005.05.02 HOLLYWOOD, CA 2005.07.13 OTTAWA, ON 2005.10.15 MADISON, WI Thank you!!!
  18. And here are the three Gothenburgs! 2005-06-23 Scandinavium Gothenburg Sweden 'Gothenburg Dust Night' (Crystal Cat) https://mega.nz/folder/j9oggKYZ#f5c3rGR7LPej1DmTspcPGQ 2008-07-04 Ullevi Gothenburg First Magic Night (Crystal Cat) https://mega.nz/folder/n04AWKRR#vTvVwnLDT3AnaApFQmy6tQ 2008-07-05 Ullevi Gothenburg Second Magic Night (Crystal Cat) https://mega.nz/folder/n54mXSYD#v7xZB1aIHxOGNu-iEE5yog Enjoy! Oh, and Paramount...sorry about that! 2005-04-22 Paramount Theatre (Crystal Cat Records) https://mega.nz/folder/itAHnQDK#jAodMuFuPoXffgdFGVWBTQ
  19. Uploading Paramount Theatre, all three Gothenburgs, and Odds & Sods now...
  20. Hi all! Before requesting a few 2005 shows, I thought I'd share some... 2005-05-03 hollywood - jb version - flac https://mega.nz/folder/LwR0DLJS#UgsD7AXIxJ_mzgptjR96MA 2005-05-10 - Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN (Earlmv) https://mega.nz/folder/X851EJgZ#2b-34kUxjiGZkZiwINRWOA 2005-05-30 Brussels, Belgium (Zimmy21 Version) https://mega.nz/folder/nxgjSALY#vH2kPlszJ2JocLOl_hBJpA 2005-06-13 munich - corvonero - flac https://mega.nz/folder/GxwV2SCZ#fL8KL4h8dv6ITgrf8Pm31Q 2005-06-19 Rotterdam, Netherlands (BeTrue Version) https://mega.nz/folder/m8RwVbQZ#S3aooAz-180z2S2U3Qn73w 2005-07-14 toronto - Wild Bruce's Setlist Story - handmade records - flac https://mega.nz/folder/mh5XkYiZ#Y92d2kYeFy0bzJ6FyAhLtw Hope you like them! Does anyone happen to have... 2005.05.27 LONDON, ENGLAND 2005.05.28 LONDON, ENGLAND 2005.06.01 BARCELONA, SPAIN 2005.06.02 MADRID, SPAIN 2005.06.15 FRANKFURT, GERMANY 2005.06.28 BERLIN, GERMANY Many thanks!!!
  21. Here you go... 2002-08-07 Opening Night [CC] https://mega.nz/folder/Lt5xFahb#t0adyMjnnM5Y9kmTqE_TGg 2002-08-21 Tacoma WA Tacoma Night CC https://mega.nz/folder/elw3UIJY#z1LGBAn4ecffcF0kgxUf1Q Enjoy!
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