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  1. Thanks so much, @mickb and @sunshine2020! I'm only about a dozen short from having all of 2002, thanks to these adventures!!
  2. Hi everyone! Here's a few more 2002 shows for anyone in need! 2002-12-05 Air Canada Center, Toronto ON https://mega.nz/folder/aohSQJDC#4IEI-ubZ66PJzAdlN17L8A 2002-11-24 Tampa Florida (Skybird52-Scottneal5) Fixed https://mega.nz/folder/6pxwwBxD#2JT3ylOxzZniipirY4ECdQ 2002-11-21 Orlando, FL (CB Master DAT) 16bit-48kHz https://mega.nz/folder/vl5mTZpQ#3m2trR6Ugsy9XY7t7JnykA 2002-08-14 Cleveland OH https://mega.nz/folder/2p52VLLC#IXaC7jB0ZFNa2wKdEHD5wA 2002-08-12 New York City, NY (IEM-AUD Mix) (CDR) https://mega.nz/folder/G8xGhbrJ#97Jnnjgc6zItg1yBhzkqDQ
  3. Requested by @E Street nation: 1973-06-02 Bethesda_(Grethe_Remaster) https://mega.nz/folder/34hEwBgb#yX5XgE_hqLnDHpc5fQrlYw Enjoy!
  4. Hi @RamiroArgentina! I had no problems downloading! Thanks!
  5. That works perfectly for me!!! Thank you again!
  6. Thanks, @sunshine2020! I only need one version of each show, whichever one is easiest for you! I appreciate it!
  7. Hello, everyone! Shooting for some more 1999 shows today, if possible... 1999.09.01 WASHINGTON, DC 1999.09.03 WASHINGTON, DC 1999.09.27 CHICAGO, IL 1999.10.17 LOS ANGELES, CA 1999.10.25 OAKLAND, CA Thank you!
  8. Hi @mickb, Thank you so much for the upload! I do have a question, though...Brucebase has 1981-02-07 as Champaign, IL, and Kansas City as 1981-02-05. Do you happen to have the Champaign show? Sorry to be a pain! Thanks!
  9. Greetings, all! Requesting these today... 1981.02.07 CHAMPAIGN, IL 1984.12.02 BATON ROUGE, LA 1988.02.29 WORCESTER, MA 2005.10.24 RICHMOND, VA 2009.04.08 HOUSTON, TX Thank you!
  10. Hi @sunshine2020! Sorry for being a pain, but I was looking for June 19th, I've got June 20th.
  11. Good morning from Pennsylvania! Looking for a few more Reunion tour shows today... 1999.05.16 BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND 1999.05.25 DUBLIN, IRELAND 1999.05.30 BERLIN, GERMANY 1999.06.11 GENOA, ITALY 1999.06.19 ARNHEM, THE NETHERLANDS Many thanks!!!
  12. Here you go! 1981-02-12 Mobile (Who'll Stop Singing & Howling-Ev2 Revisited) The Girlfriend Free Version https://mega.nz/folder/L94EXIiQ#ckE9X4kbqwGcVljcb1eiWQ
  13. I thought it would be a different version, but wasn't sure! I will upload anyway, so it's out there!
  14. Hi, @sunshine2020! I have a version called "A Night Of Singing, Dancing, & Howling (Ev2 - Revisited) The Girlfriend Free Version," but I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for? I can upload, if you'd like!
  15. I knew these were posted not too long ago! Enjoy and be sure to thank @mickb!
  16. For @burgessliam22, and everyone! 1984-10-31 Halloween Confidential (Ev2) https://mega.nz/folder/z8JiBTZT#ND6W1QztiYrLf2SahiVVHg
  17. Uploading Halloween Confidential now! And here is Hollywood, CA 2005 for @E Street nation 2005-05-03 hollywood - jb version - flac https://mega.nz/folder/LwR0DLJS#UgsD7AXIxJ_mzgptjR96MA
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