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  1. While I appreciate the sentiment, this was a bit painful to both watch and listen to.
  2. As hard as it may be for some people to accept, differing opinions and criticism are fully legitimate, and do not make anybody a "lesser" Springsteen fan just because they're not wearing pink glasses all the time.
  3. While I'm fairly certain that your post will offend quite a few people here, I must say that I fully agree with your point about re-hashing old material, which Bruce has done for a long time now for what then were promoted as "new studio albums" in spite of containing songs that had been several years old already, or even previously released elsewhere in different versions. In regards to "Springsteen On Broadway", I've never been a fan of those shows; let alone the concept itself. In fact, I had a pretty hard time sitting through the Netflix special (which my wife insisted on watching), and this comes from a guy who previously always used to embrace Bruce's solo acoustic performances (1986 Bridge Benefit, 1990 Christic shows, and the "Joad" tour in particular). I, for one, fail to see the point in a second such special too, to be honest. Whether "Nebraska" really was his "last great album" of course is open to debate, although I personally can't think of more than four of his subsequent releases ("Tunnel Of Love", "Lucky Town", "The Ghost Of Tom Joad", and "Magic") that would truly deserve to be called that.
  4. Best Springsteen-related news I've heard in quite a while, although (due to the main setlist being identical on both nights) it's going to be a fairly short one, and I highly doubt there's much extra footage for any kind of bonus feature. Still, no complaints from me. Bring it on!
  5. Sorry, I was wrong. The rank seems to go up to the next level after 30 or so posts in total. Or something.
  6. I'm a "Newbie" currently. If I get this right, it only requires 14 posts to become "Grand Master".
  7. Diet Coke it was, not Pepsi - my bad. This "Pittsburgh Quarterly" online article (from 2006) is well worth a read in its entirety, but scroll down to the "Stay loyal to the brand" section for full details on what happened in regards to that commercial: https://pittsburghquarterly.com/articles/springsteen-inc/
  8. Very true. Better this than a subsequent edit or overdub. It's still a "10" for me BTW.
  9. I listened to "The Promise" from the Berkeley show on YouTube the other day, and it's the best performance of that song I have ever heard.
  10. Agreed 100%. And the video is downright embarrassing, even for mid-1980s standards. As an aside, I seem to remember a story from around that time about Clarence wanting to appear in a Pepsi TV commercial, which Bruce didn't allow.
  11. I couldn't agree more, Paul. When I heard the drum intro I thought I'd accidentally clicked on the video for "We Take Care Of Our Own". A fairly generic and overall very bland rock tune, and those super-clich├ęd lyrics to me are his worst since "Queen Of The Supermarket". Loved the 1970s footage though.
  12. I have a Facebook friend whose cousin works at Spar in Middlesex. Apparently, he'll have some official info on the new release by September 9 at the latest. Watch this space.
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