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  1. Heartbroken. Rest easy, Chris.
  2. Loose ends/Loose end

    Glad to see that this thread is doing a lot better than my original one.
  3. With all due respect, lady...either you haven't really followed the man's career in recent years, or you have just decided to ignore the obvious facts. (I assume it's the latter though.)
  4. I would be very interested to know at what point exactly he decided to no longer be a relevant artist releasing *completely new* music.
  5. I believe they are reporting live from this very SLV thread. One of the chicks mentioned "Meet Me In The City", and then the other chick held up her emoji sign. Signing off now...looks like "Expressen" is not going to broadcast anything from the show after all.
  6. Looks like Bruce is on now, but the Swedish "Expressen" chick presenters keep blabbing away in the studio.
  7. Those two chick presenters weren't even born yet when Bruce first played Ullevi. A couple of minutes ago, they were talking about Pokemon GO. Anyhow, thanks for the link!
  8. The second page is all about the audience in the stands creating a message to Bruce and the band on stage by just using lights on their cell phones. No kidding -- I've seen it on Facebook earlier today.
  9. Here you are, mate...the one in the eBay auction has a different catalog number listed, but I'm pretty sure that's an error, and it's in fact the same release: Born In The U.S.A. / Shut Out The Light (reissue) Format: 45 rpm single Catalog number: COL 13-08410 Year of release: Circa 1995? Packaging: White die-cut paper sleeve Label info: Red Columbia paper labels; large center hole Comments: Disc carries the 1984 “Hall Of Fame” reissue catalog number, but features different, red labels with white Columbia logos. This very odd release (most likely dating from the mid-1990s) almost went unnoticed by collectors, and is rather difficult to track down as well. Most examples that have surfaced on the market in recent years apparently were copies imported to Italy, which had “SIAE” hologram stickers added to their plain white dust sleeves.
  10. Barcelona Queue

    This is just pathetic. Get a life.
  11. Mainly from Dave Marsh I suppose. Didn't he write somewhere that Bruce played much of that show with his back to the audience? Not sure if it was in "Born To Run" or elsewhere though. Great post BTW!
  12. RIP Prince

    OK. I was wrong, and I stand corrected. That cover of "Purple Rain" was totally awesome.