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  1. Looks like Dave Marsh now has an official successor when it comes to Springsteen-related music journalism. Good show though.
  2. 1) "Thunder Road" (it was this particular version/recording that turned me into a passionate fan within less than six minutes when I first dropped the needle on Disc One of "Live/1975-85", which I had borrowed from my sister-in-law back in January 1987) 2) "Backstreets" (my all-time favorite performance of that song, despite the missing "Sad Eyes" interlude) 3) "Independence Day" / "Racing In The Street" (tie)
  3. "You treated me hard and made my heart ache I know you're only human, and men, they make me steaks..."
  4. "For the ones who had an ocean, an ocean deep inside..."
  5. "She remembers how the world was the day he left And now how that world is dead Benny Goodman is so hard to find..."
  6. "Oh, someday girl, I don't know when We're gonna get to that place where we really wanna go: Milwaukee, in the sun..."
  7. Don't waste your time in here, friend. This place is dead, I'm sorry to say.
  8. Good one. Since I already own the official Nugs release of what I personally consider the ultimate show from that tour (Stockholm, July 3) I'll give it a pass, but still...good one.
  9. There are virtually DOZENS of misspellings found across international Springsteen vinyl releases from down the years. Portugal is the one country that must hold some kind of record in that respect though. The labels on their 7" singles include names such as "Lon Landau", "Chuck Plorkin", "Chuck Plokin", "Bruce Springsten", "Bod Clearmountain", and "Tobi Scott". Oh yeah, and "John Landau" too of course.
  10. I don't think there's any way to tell if/that both posters came from the same printers, unless you worked those printers yourself back in 1982. The graphics obviously are the same because they were, you know, the "Nebraska" album cover graphics. Those graphics also were used for the very rare Japanese "Nebraska" promo poster which, I can assure you, came from a different printer and had different distribution as well. That being said, I highly doubt that CBS U.K. would have issued a second poster for the album in addition to the large and elaborately printed two-sided one, which certainly had been expensive enough to produce.
  11. I wish he'd kept it there. But that's just me of course.
  12. That's a completely different item, so I fail to see how the price for the U.K. double-sided poster could be "a good guide to the value" of estband's poster -- not to mention that seller's prices are not equal to actual "value". No offense meant of course; just sayin'.
  13. It's a thing of beauty, and absolutely deserves to be framed. That "hallway shot" of Bruce should have been the album's front cover BTW.
  14. While I'm not an expert on Springsteen posters, this one appears to be fairly rare. In fact, I don't remember seeing it before. Very nice!
  15. You're very welcome, mate. Glad to hear that the site was of some use for you.