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  1. First time I heard this I thought it was Florence.
  2. WXPN is celebrating Bruce's birthday on Monday with 70 of his greatest songs.. https://thekey.xpn.org/2019/09/19/springsteen/
  3. My grandmother had a friend affected by Parkinson's, so sad that it took her singing voice.
  4. For LR fans, there's a new Linda Ronstadt documentary, in theaters Sept. 6th.
  5. Any song is open to interpretation of course, but after listening to the lyrics a few times now, I think it's about a young couple that used to go to this motel to get away from their parents and have alone time. The whispered secret is an unplanned pregnancy, then a shotgun wedding, and then come the kids and the bills, the bills and the kids. Some have said that she is dead- she could also still be alive but possibly her mind isn't there anymore. The condition of the motel might be a reflection of her physical state- Alzheimer's disease slowly strips the mind of all memories, until it's "filled with empty". When I listen now I think of a movie called "The Notebook", one of my favorites.
  6. Thanks for sharing your story, JF. I think you would make a great ghost writer for Bruce, if you aren't already. I pray that we all get to ride down easy.
  7. I have a new appreciation for Glen Campbell's vocal chops after hearing this. RIP.