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  1. I have been fortunate enough to meet Bruce and get autographs and pictures over the years. As Shark has mentioned, it does seem to depend on timing, etc.  My luck has come from pure determination.  Each and every show since the reunion tour, I have arrived early and at the band entrance/exit.  My first picture and autographs were in 1999 and a member of greasylake told me to head over to the hotel where they were staying for Penn State Show.  I wish I could remember her name.  Fast forward 13 years and the luck has come at the venue, however, so has the disappointment of just getting the wave. 

    For your upcoming show, may I suggest you write a short note and include a picture of Bruce giving your son the harmonica if you have one.  Make a couple copies, put in separate envelopes, and wait, wait, wait, outside the venue.  If he stops, tell him your story, if no time, give him the note and get your picture and autograph.  Also, give that second copy of your note to one of Bruce's security outside the venue band entrance.  Bruce's people will be wearing black and have an earpiece or radio thingie.  Venue security is a waist of your time, you be seeing them enter the same way and they will usually have a colored shirt on, etc. 

    If Bruce doesn't stop going in, get out there again after the show.  He has stopped and greeted the fans after the show as well.  It is hit and miss but like they say in the power ball, you won't win if you don't play.

    I am sending this in personal message because, from my experience, if there are a ton of people waiting,  chances are less likely unless Bruce has a lot of time and in the mood. 

    I wish you the best of luck and if your successful please share your experience.  I am on facebook, Laurie Sherman (Norton) from Conklin, NY. Send me a friend request because I can't figure out how to post my Bruce pictures here.

    1. bruceharmonicaowner


      Hi Laurie,

      Thank you so much for your kind message ! I think that we are gonna try to follow your suggestions.

      Do you know what is the best address to write to Bruce these days , so that maybe we can send him this short note also in advance ?

      Thanks. I am contacting you through Facebook next. My name is Frank Lafond.

    2. JCGIRL


      They live in Colts Neck, NJ. You can probably find address via google





  4. Meeting Bruce and getting my 1981 Rolling Stone signed
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