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  1. To be fair, most of them are non-speaking roles!
  2. It's started!
  3. On the Magic Tour, Roy swapped sides with Charlie on Sandy, Roy taking the accordion & Charlie on piano.
  4. But divorce is ok.
  5. To all non-americans, is it time to make a stand against the Country that elected Trump & boycott all things American? Yes, I know many Americans are against him but isn't that similar to how Springsteen & others boycotted North Carolina? And I know this means excluding ourselves from some of the best music, books, films & TV but isn't that what making a stand involves? For all the crap he came out with before the election, now he's in charge, could he actually be worse than we thought?
  6. Written by Badfinger.
  7. Have you done the Shakespeare Tour Bus?
  8. Being taken to see HMHB in February. Anybody know them? What one album would you recommend?
  9. The Decemberists Frank Turner Albany Down Holy Holy Drenge
  10. Really? I've just booked my fifth cruise, never yet had a problem.
  11. Don't climb over the rail and you'll be fine.
  12. I love cruising. It's not easy to fall overboard. It's probably safer than flying, all you have to do is not climb over the rail. There are many that are adults only.
  13. Actually, the DITD tradition started before DITD. He used to dance with a girl on the first River tour to Sherry Darling.