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  1. Hearing NYCS again takes me right back to Philly 2 ..... when I was openly sobbing. Someone posted a short video on Brucebook on Facebook.
  2. I agree.....Central Jersey is real. However I must add my entire life in South Jersey, 90% of the concerts I've seen have been in Philly. I've been to shows in East Rutherford, Asbury and Atlantic City but have to stick with the Philly crowd. There's something about Bruce in Philly. Hard to explain. I'm not a great Philly fan otherwise. Just give me certain parts of Center City and the sports complex in South Philly. I do like concerts, Phillies games and years ago....Eagles games! I could NEVER root for the NY (or is it NJ??!!) Giants?! The Flyers of years ago, sure but now.....yeah, go Devils! Maybe it stems back to the late great Ed Sciaky playing Bruce back when radio still mattered.
  3. Thanks for bringing us back! Long Walk Home.....another one not heard for a while.
  4. Incident into Rosie..... pass that box of tissues.
  5. It was Loose Ends which did it! And the tears flowing during NYCS! Ahhhh Phil, wasn't Backstreets just breathtaking the other night??? And what a rip roaring She's the One....though I did miss seeing Clarence travel across the stage with his maracas. Actually I wrote 2 weeks ago when I was trying to get up to Met Life. Then I wrote again with suggestions on where the non-locals could enjoy time in Southern NJ and Philly. Where were you guys then, hmmmmmm?
  6. And Bruce loves Phily! This Jersey Girl hopes the record stands!! The other night, after Philly Night 2, he yelled "I'm gonna go get a cheesesteak"!!! I would have personally offered to take him to Tony Luke's but with the leg immobilizer, and waiting for Uber, it would have just been a hot mess.
  7. I agree, Phil! I almost had my trifecta (still holding out for full band Incident someday!). I was blown away by both NYCS and Loose Ends! Sandy came out to play too! And after not hearing Backstreets at either show back in 2012, I was crying my eyes out last night. My daughter finally got to hear Backstreets and Sherry Darling. We left as very happy, and hot & sweaty, campers last night!
  8. Philly: Art Museum is totally great, Mutter Museum (medical oddities....lots of fun), Morris Arboretum is GORGEOUS, Academy of Natural Sciences, The Barnes Foundation (so great!). Plus you can easily hit the southern Jersey shore as well. Cape May is the best imo. Lots of wineries to tour. Wildwood NJ has the best boardwalk. Lots to do in the Garden State! Don't do cheesesteaks at Gino's or Pat's.....they're nothing but tourist traps!
  9. Another awesome setlist. Haven't heard Backstreets live in a while. Two shows (yeah I know, lightweight!) in 2012 but no Backstreets. Holding hope for Philly Night 2....
  10. It is hard to believe that it's been SEVEN YEARS already! When we all first heard Wrecking Ball....
  11. Giants Stadium

    Thanks, BillyB!! I will be at the 9/9 Philly show! Hope you enjoy your MetLife (Giants Stadium!) shows!
  12. Today in Asbury Park

    Silverball Pinball Museum for great old pinball machines. Pop's Garage for awesome Mexican food! Plus all the usual attractions where people flock to! Enjoy!!
  13. Giants Stadium

    Hey everyone! Due to glaucoma I can no longer drive at night and have been gifted with a 8/23 ticket from an awesome Bruce friend who I would love to see (coming from opposite direction!) Anyone traveling up the Turnpike from South Jersey (Philly metro area)? Will do tolls! Please let me know. Would love to go back to Giants Stadium.....I mean Met Life, Met Life! Yeah, that's it! Thank you!
  14. That would be the best part of the night for me...all the different, unexpected songs and not many of the ones I"ve heard too many times... Exactly! That's a great setlist.....short but sweet. Just woke after a 12-hr nap and immediately came to check this. All I can say is WOW!!!!!
  15. Yes I'm in Collingswood...right off Haddon Ave. Where are you??? Thanks! Laura