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  1. That would be the best part of the night for me...all the different, unexpected songs and not many of the ones I"ve heard too many times... Exactly! That's a great setlist.....short but sweet. Just woke after a 12-hr nap and immediately came to check this. All I can say is WOW!!!!!
  2. Yes I'm in Collingswood...right off Haddon Ave. Where are you??? Thanks! Laura

  3. it may not sound very nice but.....can't believe I FINALLY ended a bad in-law relationship!
  4. seats (blame my feets) coconut or peanut butter chocolate eggs??
  5. Same here, Phil. Thankful to share a magical night with my daughter during her first ESB show!
  6. my 18 y/o daughter buying all the latest nail polish colors so I don't have to
  7. same here! Have a strong desire to make snow angels!
  8. after almost 28 years, he still loves me
  9. it's mid-February and still no significant snowfall
  10. how expensive it is to see a 3D movie
  11. your sweetie giving you flowers...for no reason
  12. Grilled cheese.....less bread! the pit or seats?
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