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  1. I'd have to think they have the rest of the material from which the stuff on Chapter & Verse was taken, no? Plus the '73 show used for Bishop Danced on Tracks...
  2. In the liner notes to American Beauty that were posted on his official website, Bruce Springsteen wrote: "'Hey Blue Eyes' rounds out the EP with one of my darkest political songs. Written during the Bush years, it's a metaphor for the house of horrors our government's actions created in the years following the invasion of Iraq. At its center is the repressed sexuality and abuse of power that characterized Abu Ghraib prison. I feel this is a shadow we as a country have yet to emerge from."
  3. Three Patti performances I absolutely love: Drift Away, 1984/08/20 Be True, on the Chimes of Freedom EP Gulf Coast Highway (1988 soundcheck)
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