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  1. Rate "The Ghost of Tom Joad" in preferential order.

    1. The Ghost Of Tom Joad 2. Youngstown 3. Highway 29 4. Dry Lightning 5. Sinaloa Cowboys 6. The Line 7. My Best Was Never Good Enough 8. The New Timer 9. Straight Time 10. Across The Border 11. Balboa Park 12. Galveston Bay
  2. Robbin Thompson dies

    That was definitely the most memorable, but there were a couple others; he joined for Twist And Shout in 2008 and also for Twist and Shout in Greensboro 1985.
  3. Bruce's best vocal in a live show

    What a coincidence!
  4. Incident on 57th Street piano and VIOLIN

    Many great solo piano performances since the Reunion, but as for piano and violin, it was done that way (albeit in a different arrangement than '75, with Soozie coming in at the end and some backing vocals from Soozie and Patti) at the last two Holiday Shows in 2001 (December 7 and December 8).
  5. So what's Springsteen's best country song?

    I agree with those who've mentioned Tougher Than The Rest and Factory, but I also think deserving at least a mention in this thread is the marvelous I WISH I WERE BLIND, which is really a country song posing as a soul song.
  6. All I Need

    I only collect audio, not the physical stuff, but if anyone has mp3 of any of this they could send me I'd be eternally grateful... -Gimme Shelter (live) (from Joe Grushecky's 1996 Labour Of Love single) -Sun City (I have one of the three versions, but the time, 6:58, does not correlate to any of the versions listed on, say, Wikipedia, so I'm looking for the "other" two, whichever they may be!) -Wendy (live) (Jesse Malin, from Messed Up Here Tonight) -We've Got The Love (Jersey Artists Jam for Mankind single) -4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (3:42 Rockwork edit) -Blinded By The Light (3:58 single edit) -Born To Run (3:10 Super Sound edit) -Jersey Girl (live) (single edit with spoken intro) -Lonesome Day (3:34 radio edit) -Lucky Town (Plugged) (3:34 promo edit) -Tunnel Of Love (4:13 radio edit) -Waitin’ On A Sunny Day (4:13 remix) -All I Need (Graziano Romani version) -Don't Back Down (Graziano Romani version) -Jesse (Graziano Romani version)